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Xootr MG Review – What Makes it the Best Kick Scooter?

Looking for the best kick scooter? Xootr MG Review is here! Everything you need to know.

Who says getting older means you lose the fun? There are so many adults who choose kick scooters to get to work or have a good time in the park or on the street.

Unfortunately, today, there are many different choices on the market but picking the best scooter that works for you is a bit more challenging. But don’t worry, I am here to help you.

Here I will tell you about the kick scooter Xootr MG Review that comes with amazing features, which makes this scooter one of the best kick scooters.

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Kick Scooter Xootr MG Review

So let’s start Xootr MG Reviews


  • Wheel breadth: 7.1 in. (180 mm)
  • Handlebar: TIG-welded 4130 steel
  • Deck: Powder covered strong cast magnesium
  • Folding system: QuickClick lock
  • Anti-slip: CNC machined dabs
  • Grips: Black conformal foam
  • Frame development: Cast aluminum
  • Bearings: Shielded, self-greasing up R8ZZ orientation
  • Wheels: Ultra-low-opposition polyurethane tire on kick the bucket cast aluminum edges
  • Brakes: Front brake with BMX-style brake switch and back bumper step brake

Xootr Mg Adult Kick Scooter Check on Amazon

Features at a Glance

  • Amazon offers the Xootr Scooter MG only through Xootr, the Xootr Scooter’s sole authorized retailer.
  • Height-adjustable handlebars accommodate adults up to 6’7″. The platform is wide enough to accommodate two adults’ feet.
  • Fast fold/unfold mechanism with a patent-pending QuickClick latch.
  • Wheels made of polyurethane provide quick rolling. Front and rear brakes make for a secure, safe ride.


This model has the strongest magnesium deck of all Xootr’s models with wide decks (without a doubt).

With its smooth, modern appearance, the MG looks very nice. You can ride it with both feet on the deck, unlike some adult kick scooters. In addition, it has a wide deck that provides a comfortable ride, allowing both feet to touch the deck.


This scooter is more popular among riders because of the adjustable handlebar. There is an adjustable handlebar for different heights of riders, so no matter how tall you are and short.

The handlebar is 25 inches at its lowest point and 38 inches at its highest point.


Several were unconvinced that, on top of all, the Xootr was designed by a racing-oriented group. There are almost frictionless bearings beneath the wheels of the Xootr, which are made of ultra-skim polyurethane.

A vehicle with small tires cannot beat the Xootr’s low rolling resistance because of these tires. In comparison to pneumatic-tired compact scooters, skateboards, and rollerblades, the glide is several times better.

It was improved to provide snappy yet stable handling as well as unparalleled performance at especially high speeds (wheelbase, trail, camber, etc.).

These improvements make their scooters extremely easy to ride. The sweet ride is a good fit for those of all ages, including those as young as four.

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Xootr Mg Kick Scooter Review


According to Xootr, their cast-aluminum wheels and low-resistance bearings give this scooter its market advantage (and they are excellent), but in my opinion, the scooter’s main strength is its braking system.

There is no comparison between Xootr’s front brake and other manufacturers’ rear stomp brakes, and Xootr’s front brake is a true paradigm shift in push scooting.

You will feel confident when maneuvering and stopping at the last minute when you have both BMX-style front brake levers and rear fender stomp brakes at your disposal. After a sudden stop, there are no concerns about going over the handlebars.

This scooter truly is a pleasure to ride, especially when its superb braking capabilities are combined with its incredibly large and stable deck (I have never experienced deck rattling).

Weight Capacity

With its sturdy construction, this scooter can carry a considerable amount of weight. It can handle riders weighing up to 800 pounds without a problem.

The device is capable of bearing my full weight without causing structural strain or reducing speed.


Xootr MG Scooter

Xootr’s design simplifies the process of going from fully deployed to compact and portable in an instant.

As a result of its small size, the Xootr can be stored under a workstation, behind a door, or inside a locker. Change from folded to riding instantly with the X4 patent-pending QuickClick latch folding mechanism!


How is riding the scooter for you? Are you facing any problems?

You have nothing to worry about; Xootr offers a lifetime guarantee on its most significant components as well.

Will anything go wrong? Absolutely, but the manufacturer endeavor to correct any errors that might arise. It doesn’t matter whether it’s used as a trick scooter or for regular mileage (wheels, bearings, brake parts, etc.).

Feel free to contact the business at any time if you have inquiries or any issues. There is no outsourced customer support as well.

If you contact them, a member of their staff who handles their items on a daily basis will be able to answer your questions.

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Replaceable Part

Do you really need to replace your entire scooter as soon as your tires or brakes wear out?

The wear and tear on the parts of a kick scooter should be considered when buying an adult or teen scooter. Xootr scooters are available in all components and parts of the company, including tires and brakes.

Likewise, you can learn how to repair your scooter by watching the DIY videos provided by the team.

Goes Where You Go

You can take the Xootr anywhere with you – on the bus, train, in the office, in class, etc. Neither the bike rack nor locking it makes it vulnerable to theft. It is easily folded up and carried around.

What do customers Love about the Xootr scooter?

The scooters are popular because they are sturdy. Xootr MG adult kick scooter ran at top speed and exhibited no signs of structural strain regardless of their weight.

Its folding mechanism makes the product more than just a heavy-duty product capable of supporting any weight.

The scooter can be folded at any time for storage. It can be quickly and conveniently transported anywhere.

Why do we love it?

It’s a big plus for people over six feet tall because it has a slick design, a wide platform, and excellent craftsmanship.

There are three colors available for the scooter; the handles are cushioned with foam for a soft grip, and it has a front and a back brake.

A BMX-style lever and low deck height are also used for the front brake.

Xootr means Business

Do not be afraid of riding a kick scooter for adults

Due to its unique design, the Xootr kick scooter MG is not your typical adult kick scooter. We love it!

A kick scooter like the Xootr MG is not your typical small, slow-rolling, small-wheeled device you would see in a store like Walmart.

The kick scooter you see here is made in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, by Formula Race Car Engineers.

In the industry, many consider this overkill, but for those like me who ride them, this is not an issue.

That’s why Wired Magazine named the Xootr the best adult kick scooter.

Do you not think it’s time you shed those silly images you have in your mind about kids being the only ones who ride kick scooters?

The Adult Version is here, with bigger, faster wheels!

These fun-to-ride, portable transportation wonders are becoming increasingly popular with adults.

Facts about the Xootr MG Scooter for Adults

  • A good adult scooter for the money is the Xootr MG heavy duty kick scooter.
  • Durable and industrially designed.
  • The frame is constructed from aluminum and chrome.
  • Among all adult kick scooters on the market, this one has the widest deck.
  • This small-wheeled vehicle has polyurethane wheels making it much quicker than any other small-wheeled vehicle.
  • It has a magnesium deck that is made of military-grade material.
  • The bike is equipped with both front and rear brakes.

Final Thoughts

Based on the results of our Xootr MG review, we think it is the best in its category. When it comes to distance covered per kick, Xootr MG is among the fastest scooter.

In addition, the handlebars can be adjusted for riders of different heights. Its good platform width means that it can carry up to 800 pounds – people of considerable height can make themselves comfortable while riding it.

And also customers have praised the quality of the scooter warranty services offered by Xootr.

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