Razor SX500 vs MX650 – What Would be the Best Choice in 2022?

Searching Razor SX500 vs MX650 comparison? your wait is over!

After a long day at school, the hyperactive kids are looking forward to a dirt bike adventure. Kids and teens with a passion for adventure are always looking for dirt bikes for exploring.

No matter if you cannot take vacations or go on excursions every day, a dirt bike in your garage will be the ideal companion to have a good time!

The Razor electric dirt bikes have impressed us the most among all the dirt bikes currently available. The specifications and prices of the two variants differ slightly, but they are both good.

You can use this review as a guide if you are unsure which one to purchase!

This comparison will help you decide which is the right one for you! It compares Razor SX500 and MX650 Electric Supercross Dirt Bikes!

Razor SX500 vs MX650: Main Differences

  1. Top speed
  2. Motor power
  3. Weight capacity
  4. Recommended age

Advantages of Both Electric Dirt Bikes:

Razor SX500

Razor SX500 Check on Amazon

  • Check the actual prices below for the MX650’s actual MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price).
  • Motorcycle-specific tires may be a better choice if you need to replace your tires frequently.
  • This authentic design, graphics, and logos look like they were created by Jeremy McGrath (the King of Supercross).
  • The SX500 has a slower top speed and acceleration than the more powerful MX650, so it’s better if you intentionally want to reduce risks.

Razor MX650

Razor MX650 Dirt Bike

Check on Amazon

  • This lift can accommodate older teens and small adults more easily thanks to its higher maximum load (220 lbs vs 175 lbs).
  • The 650W motor delivers a higher top speed and slightly faster acceleration (compared to 15 mph for the SX500).
  • With the MX650, you can choose between three colors, while with the SX500, you can choose only from green.
  • The MX650 motor, with the same rider weight as the SX500, is quieter than the SX500 motor per some users.
  • We cannot confirm that this is true because Razor does not publish noise specifications. As the electric motor of a larger vehicle will be under less strain and have to exert fewer efforts to propel the same weight as the rider, this makes sense.

Razor SX500 vs MX650: Depth Features Comparison

Let’s take a look at the detailed comparison of both Razor Bikes.


Many people confuse the Razor SX500 and MX650 because of their designs.

There is no difference in design between the two dirt bikes.

Only the color might differ slightly.

On the other hand, the Razor MX650 has a bigger appearance than the Razor MX500. However, the size has no impact on the design. As a result, both models have a sleek and slim design that is similar.

This model has a robust frame, an attractive design, comfortable seats, and big tires. Therefore, the best design in a dirt bike is found in both these scooters!



Motor Power

Motor power is essential when it comes to off-road adventures. In the event that you do not have enough motor power, your off-road experience can be ruined.

But in the case of both dirt bikes, they come with a powerful motor.

Razor MX650 scooters feature powerful 650-watt motors, which ensure that the scooter is powerful enough to meet your demands.

As far as motor power is concerned, this scooter has much more than many other electric scooters on the market.

On the other hand, the razor SX500 has a 500-watt DC motor which is powerful enough to provide you better performance on hill climbing or other harsh terrains.

The motors on both dirt bikes are powerful, allowing them to cope with rough terrain in order for you to have a comfortable and safe ride.


Razor MX650


When it comes to battery, both the Razor SX500 vs MX650 electric dirt bikes come with 36v lead-acid batteries. Like most electric scooters, they come with lithium-ion batteries, which everyone uses.

Batteries made of lead-acid require regular maintenance but are less expensive. Therefore, most manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries to reduce their maintenance and replacement costs.

Due to the lead-acid batteries, both electric scooters are less expensive.


It’s a tie.

Using & Charging Time

Especially when riding electric dirt bikes, the hyperactive kids don’t like obstructions in their adventure trips. Consider if your kid goes on a dirt bike adventure and the battery dies after a while.

What does your kid do when the battery dies?

There’s no need to worry with the both electric dirt bikes; both come with 36v batteries (three 12v batteries) that last for 40 minutes after a 12-hour charge. A 40 minute riding time is good enough to cover 10 to 11 miles on a single charge.

This electric scooter has a much longer operating time than other electric scooters. The average use time of an electric scooter is between 15 and 30 minutes.

Consequently, the 40 minutes of using time are a bonus for taking advantage of and enjoying the hills and your adventures.

If you are lightweight, it can be extended despite the fact that the company claims to provide 40 minutes of usage time. Battery life is also affected by rider weight.

Therefore, light individuals can take advantage of longer usage periods, about an hour.


Due to the same use and charging time, it’s a tie.

Top Speed

Speed is another factor that adventure-loving kids and teenagers like most. And in that case, both electric dirt bikes meet your needs.

The Razor MX650 has a 17mph top speed that comes from a 650-watt high torque chain-driven motor. This speed is much higher than many other dirt bikes like the Razor SX500.

A 500-watt motor powers the Razor SX500, which can reach 15mph at the top speed, making it better than many other electric dirt bikes that can only reach 10 mph.

The dirt bikes are able to reach even higher speeds when fully charged and with less user weight.

On electric scooters, these speeds are much higher. In order to ensure your safety, we recommend riding at a slower speed and wearing knee pads and elbow pads.


The Razor MX650.


When it comes to riding at 17 or 15mph top speed, then a good braking system makes you feel safe.

The good news is that both electric dirt bikes are equipped with a hand-operated dual disc brake system, making them safe and reliable.

Because the bikes use hand-operated brakes, you don’t have to worry about complicated settings while riding.

There are also rear brakes that are adequate. So you don’t stop suddenly with a bump; it helps slow down the ride.


It’s a tie.

Weight & Weight Capacity

When a dirt bike weighs a certain amount, it is more convenient for the rider. The electric scooters are often lightweight and can be folded easily for easy storage and transportation.

On the other hand, dirt bikes operate differently. There is usually no folding mechanism on these vehicles, and the large tires and seats are heavy.

The Razor MX650 has a 98lbs weight, and it can bear 220lbs of rider weight. I find this weight to be too heavy, and you cannot store or carry it in a small space. But it can be parked inside the house.

While the razor SX500 has the same 98lbs weight, the weight capacity of the SX500 is 175lbs, which is less than the razor MX650.

Dirt bikes are heavier, but that’s okay because they have to navigate extremely rough terrain. They are heavier because of heavy tires and frames.


Razor MX650.


Off-road bikes should have extra-rugged and thick tires since they are meant to be used in rough and bumpy terrain.

We are glad that they meet our expectations!

Both the razor SX500 and MX650 are equipped with large knobby tires, which are 16″ on the front and 14″ on the back. Compared to other scooters with the same size tires, these blades are more comfortable to ride.

A pneumatic tire’s robust pattern and its pneumatic nature ensure that it grips the ground well. The rugged tires allow us to call it an all-terrain dirt bike.

Due to these characteristics, the dirt bikes can easily handle off-roading and bumpy roads while also ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.


It’s a tie.


A twist-grip throttle is included with both the Razor MX650 and SX500. Kids and teens especially appreciate its ease of use and control.

With the throttle control, you have quick access to all the features without getting bogged down in all the bells and whistles. Thus, you will have all your attention on the road, which will make driving smooth and enjoyable.


It’s a tie.


The suspension might not be part of many electric scooters, but that’s a good thing to have. However, the price point for an electric scooter might be higher due to suspension.

It’s nice to have suspension on both of the Razor dirt bikes, the MX650 and the SX500.

Wait a minute.

There are two suspensions on each of them!

One of the best features of the scooter is the dual suspension, which makes it much safer than other scooters.

A dirt bike’s dual suspension is important when riding bumpy terrain.

Despite their ability to absorb impact, shocks that disturb you have the potential of causing you to lose balance. Thus, no matter what terrain you are riding on, you can stay safe and comfortable.


It’s a tie.


Electric scooters are highly practical and durable due to their water-resistance.

Water-resistance is not available on the Razor MX650 and SX500.

As such, they are not suitable for all weather conditions.

Rain or mud can cause damage to the bike’s internal parts if you ride it in those conditions.


It’s a tie.


Hoverboards and electric scooters with Bluetooth-enabled controls provide a smooth, safe and exciting ride. In addition to that, they offer app compatibility so that all the information is always at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, Razor MX650 and SX500 are not compatible with Bluetooth or apps.

According to us, it isn’t a bad thing. There is no need to learn and understand complicated features.

Especially for children and teenagers, both dirt bikes have hand-operated features that make riding and learning a breeze.

Your ride will be thoroughly enjoyed if you focus on it this way!


It’s a tie.

Recommended Age

What is the recommended age for both dirt bikes?

Razor suggests that the SX500 is suitable for ages 14 and up, but that is a highly conservative recommendation.

Children ages 8-14 may enjoy this dirt bike more with parental supervision since its seat height is approximately 10 inches lower than an ordinary adult dirt bike.

For the MX650, Razor recommends that users be at least 16 years of age, which is very conservative as well.

Generally, parents supervise children between the ages of 10 and 16 (reality check from many buyers).

Due to its smaller size, this dirt bike’s seat height is 24 inches compared to a standard adult dirt bike’s 34 inches.


Razor MX650


You cannot afford to compromise on the main headlight when you’re riding your scooter at night. The headlights on most scooters are often insufficiently powered.

Manufacturers will often add extra features such as extending the range, changing the light angle and choosing different illumination modes to the main light to help you see the road and any approaching traffic.

But unfortunately, both electric dirt bikes, the Razor SX500 vs MX650, are deprived of this feature.


It’s a tie.

My Recommendation

It’s a similar dirt bike – the Razor SX500 is the same size and has the same features, but the Razor MX650 has a bit more power.

Where do you think the best model is? The higher top speeds and the ability for the MX650 to handle riders weighing up to 220 pounds make this bike more suited to heavier teens – and possibly adults as well!

Until they are mature and experienced enough to be let loose on the MX650, the SX500 is likely to be the better and safer choice for most pre-teens.

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