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Razor Spark Scooter Review – What Makes It Different?

Are you looking for a Razor Spark Scooter Review? Check out the full details below.

Razor is one of the most trusted brands on the market that provides one of the best kick or electric scooters for kids of all ages and adults. Recently Razor launched a Spark kick scooter for kids.

However, it has something very unique: the sparks are falling from it like rain. You can create a shower of sparks behind the scooter when you push the lever at the back with your foot.

Here’s my review of the Razor Spark kick scooter in case you’re interested in learning more.

So let’s start talking about the Razor Spark kick scooter:

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Razor Spark Scooter Review


  • Scooter Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum tube and deck
  • Wheel Size: 95mm
  • Suspension: No
  • Wheel Bearings: ABEC-5
  • Wheelie Bar: No
  • Brakes: Rear fender
  • Kickstand: No
  • Allen Wrench: 5mm (not included)
  • Handlebar Height: 33 inches (wheel to handlebar)
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Folded Dimensions: 23.75 x 4 x 7.25 inches
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 143 pounds

Razor Spark Scooter Review

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One of the most competitive scooters on the market, the Razor Spark kick scooter offers many new features. The Razor Spark kick scooter has been modified with a foot-powered Spark Bar to bring a little spark to the original kick scooter.

Due to its five flint pads, the Spark Scooter’s spark cartridge produces 20 percent more sparks than similar products on the market. It comes with an additional spark cartridge.

With its aircraft-grade aluminum construction, the Razor Spark is a sturdy tool that can endure heavy use for years to come.

Moreover, the T-tube and deck of the scooter fold up to form a compact footprint that can be easily stored in a bag or carried at the side when riding isn’t feasible (it weighs 7 lb), and the 95mm urethane wheels give the bike a sleek, inline style.

  • Includes LED lights
  • Very light-weight
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Fold & carry option
  • Very short life on the spark cartridges

Deck and Frame

To ensure strength and stability throughout each ride, the scooter has a steel T-tube frame.

Throughout the pedaling process, the handlebars are equipped with foam grips, which allow for better control. Additionally, throughout the pedaling process, the deck is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

It is designed for children to use the scooter safely and comfortably. The child can use it in their adulthood as well. Obviously, this makes the toy product even more appealing since you can use it for years.

Wheels and Brakes 

Wheels always play an important role in safe and comfortable riding, so that’s why this scooter comes with urethane wheels that have 95mm diameter, which adds extra flair and safety during the ride.

The urethane also ensures longevity.

This brake allows kids to play outside safely and is easy to use. You always know which pedal you are pedalling by having the brake just in front of the spark lever.

The ABEC 5 bearings and fender brake on the rear of the bike give the rider complete control as they kick along the sidewalk.

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LED Lights

Another focal point of this scooter is that it comes with attractive LED lights. Even during the day, they are visible, but at night their intensity is greatest. I am impressed with the way that Spark scooter behaves when they are sparking. It has sparkling lights, light-up urethane wheels, and safety features such as a rear fender brake.

Age and Weight Capacity

Ideally suited to kids over the age of eight, the Razor Spark is a fun and innovative toy. A youngster who wants to have some fun and light up the dark night in the neighborhood. This device can also hold 143 pounds!


The Spark weighs only 5.5 pounds, so it is extremely lightweight and ideal for families with small children looking for a safe, easy ride. In addition, aluminum scooters are available in dimensions up to 23.75 x 4 x 7.25inches, making them perfect for budding scooter enthusiasts.


This scooter can be folded easily, so it is easy to store. Your children can also easily take the scooter with them while you go on a day trip because it fits in almost any trunk or bag.

Handles on the bike can be adjusted up to mid-height, so children of all heights can use them. The handlebars can be adjusted from 50 cm to 80 cm.

Safety Tips

Now it’s time for the pro tip:

Nevertheless, the scooter is unsuitable for indoor use due to its sparks, so it’s best to play with it on the street. It is also beautiful to ride the scooter at night with the sparks and LED lights.

It is also good to let the child wear the appropriate shoes when scootering, as the sparks can be quite hot when touched. It is therefore not advisable to wear open-toe shoes. Instead, choose a pair of sturdy, closed-toe shoes.

You can also have your child wear elbow and knee protection in addition to always wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, while scootering is fun, accidents do happen. So you should have a basic knowledge of how to ride an electric scooter safely!

Additionally, keep in mind that your spark cartridge will have to be replaced from time to time since the sparks will run out. In any case, it’s good to know the cartridge will last a long time.


Now it’s time to conclude the Razor Spark Scooter Review. It is designed to be fun to ride and be fun for your kids, and you can inspire them to be more active. In addition to being extremely fun, the scooter is also not that expensive!

This Razor Spark scooter introduces an entirely new dimension to scooters. Just like any other scooter, you move on it the way you normally do, but with two small differences: sparks and beautiful LED lighting that shines when you step outside.


Are black marks left on concrete by sparks?

The answer is yes. It was my son’s scooter that left the most marks on my porcelain floor. Despite that, they cleaned my floor fast and thoroughly. As well, there were black marks left on the sidewalk, but because of the unevenness of the concrete, the marks are not as obvious. As well, the marks disappear with rain and usage. So there are no permanent marks.

Can you tell me what the color of the light is on the clear wheels?

On my daughter’s bike, the wheels are pink inside but clear on the outside, and the lights are red and blue (even though she claims they are pink). I can’t tell if they are pink or blue because they are so bright and quick.

What is the maximum height of the scooter?

According to my measurement, the distance between the bottom of the wheel and the top of the handlebar is 33″. The scooter has been used by my Grandson for a little over a year now without any problems. I do recommend buying extra spark cartridges if you purchase them.

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