Razor RSF650 vs MX650 (Review & Comparison)

Razor RSF650 vs MX650, which electric bike is better? Are there too many differences between the two models?

Luckily, if you’re worried about choosing the best bike, we are here to help you with our comparison between both Razor mini electric bikes!

It might seem like both electric bikes are very similar to some people, but they are very different. They have some similarities, but there are some differences as well.

A street bike or a dirt bike costs a lot of money. It is important to understand all the specifications.

As a result, we have prepared a comparison between the Razor RSF650 and the MX650 for you.

This will make you happy with your purchase!

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In a Hurry? Razor MX650 is the clear winner of this comparison. And if you want to see the main feature comparison results you need and make your purchase quickly, then you can see from “Table of Content” section below.

Advantages of Razor RSF650:

Razor RSF650

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  • More battery life (50 minutes continuous use as opposed to the MX650’s 40 minutes) so you do not have to worry about running out of power while having fun.
  • There is a hidden compartment above the Razor logo on the top of the bike (opening a flap reveals this compartment). It’s ideal for storing your phone, water bottle, and gloves.

Advantages of Razor MX650:

Razor MX650 Dirt Bike

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  • Compared to the RSF650, which has no front suspension, the RSF650’s ride is stiffer and not forgiving in comparison.
  • Wheels with knobby tires help with off-road traction (16′′ front / 14′′ rear compared to 12′′ wheels on the RSF650).
  • This product is available in 3 colors (orange, black, and yellow), and the RSF650 is available in only one color.

Let’s start with a detailed comparison!

Razor RSF650 Vs MX650: Detailed Feature Comparison


Kids and teenagers should carefully consider the design of electric bikes when buying them. Every parent knows that the appearance of an electric bike will either attract or repel our kids.

Thanks to the attractive looks of both bikes, any teenager could be inspired by them.

You can enjoy the thrill of off-road adventures with the Razor MX650 electric bike, which has a sleek design with captivating colors and dirt bike geometry to make it the perfect bike.

Razor’s Rsf650, however, also has a unique design. Its compact form factor and street-bike-inspired appearance caught our attention. The design is not just bulky but sleek and bold as well.

Whenever we see a slim, sleek design, we are always impressed, but the razor Rsf650’s heavy bike appearance leaves us in awe. It combines a street bike design with various features to create a blend of advanced street bikes.

The Razor MX650, however, also has a slim and elegant aesthetic, which is a feature many people appreciate in Razor scooters.


The winner is Razor RSF650


Electric bicycles or dirt bikes need to have a strong frame so they can handle all terrains. As a result, both bikes have steel frames that reinforce their rigidity and strength.

To design a powerful electric dirt bike, a steel frame is an excellent choice. Even though dirt bikes and street bikes are usually used off-road, the steel frame will remain durable.

A pebble cannot bend this frame like it can with other frames. In conclusion, the frame material of both the Razor MX650 and RSF650 is highly impressive.


It’s a tie.

Motor Power:

While buying an electric bike, we should always take motor power into account. Since the motor power determines how fast an electric scooter performs in general. If its motor is powerful, we can expect a durable electrically powered bicycle.

In comparison between Razor RSF650 vs MX650 bikes, shows that both bikes deliver 650W of power through chain-driven motors.

Having a motor of this power will allow you to perform well in off-road terrain. Although the Razor RSF650 and MX650 have lower motor power than other electric scooters on the market, the Razor RSF650 is a good option.

The average motor power for electric scooters is 350 watts.

Having said that, the Razor MX650 and Razor RSF650 have a lot of power, which allows off-road adventures to be enjoyed to the fullest!


Both electric dirt bikes have similar motor power, so it’s a tie.

Using Time:

The adventurous kid in your family will never want to leave his electric bike! A bike with a longer riding time is necessary for such kids in order to remain active and happy.

With the Razor MX650, you will have 40 minutes of use. It is ok to use the time to make your vacations and adventures more enjoyable.

However, the Razor Rsf650 features a 50-minute battery life. The battery life on this electric scooter is much better than any other electric dirt bike that I’ve tried.

There has never been an electric scooter that can be used continuously for so long. It is not uncommon for electric scooters to be used for less than 30 minutes.

As such, the Razor MX650 is an excellent option for the long-term enjoyment of your adventures.

Razor RSF650 is the perfect choice if you prefer extra fun with a powerful electric bike!


Due to the 50-minute of using time, the Razor RSF650 is the winner.

Top Speed:

If you can’t cruise at top speeds on an electric bike, what is the point of owning one?

Absolutely! There’s something thrilling about riding dirt bikes or street bikes at higher speeds while our hair flickers in the wind.

We are always happy to have Razor provide us with the best possible top speeds!

In terms of speed, the comparison shows that both bikes have the same top speed of 17mph when fully charged.

In comparison with other dirt bikes and electric scooters on the market, this top speed is a little too fast!

Such a high speed is only available on a few electric scooters for adults. The top speed for children should be no more than 10 mph.

Our recommendation is to ride at lower speeds when riding dirt bikes. No matter how smooth and fun the ride is, you’ll still enjoy it. In addition to wearing a helmet and knee pads for safety, adults can ride at this speed.

The Razor MX650 and Rsf650 are excellent and fun rides if speed is your first concern!


It’s a tie.

Braking System:

A braking system is one of the main things to consider before buying an electric dirt bike, especially when it comes with 17 MPH top speed.

The braking system on electric dirt bikes and street bikes must be efficient enough to provide safe stopping power in an emergency as they move over rough terrain and hover at high speeds.

The braking system on both the Razor RSF650 and MX650 is satisfactory.

Dual disc brakes are installed on both electric bikes. You can land safely even when you are maneuvering at high speeds if you have these brakes.

Our bikes are easier to control when the brakes are operated by hand. Eventually, your electric bike will stop without having to keep pressing different buttons.

Both bikes have an extremely efficient braking system when compared to other electric scooters. The brakes on many electric scooters are not as good as this.

In view of the disc braking system on the Razor MX650 and Rsf650, the electric bike will stop smoothly instead of landing abruptly.

Then, after a comfortable and enjoyable ride, you will have a smooth landing.


It’s a tie


The suspension is not considered a critical feature among electric scooter brands, but it is still critical to ensuring a smooth and stable ride.

Dirt bikes and street bikes handle a wide variety of terrain, and their suspension helps absorb bumps so that your ride doesn’t get disrupted.

The Razor MX650 comes with dual suspension, which is a nice touch.

Whether it is a flat or rocky terrain, the ride will always be smooth and stable. As the dual suspension function dampens and absorbs most of the impact, it also provides steering stability and enhances the rider’s safety.

A rear suspension is also available with the Razor RSF650. Razor RSF650 still provides a stable ride, despite not being as efficient as Razor MX650.

As you ride on rough terrain or steep hills, the rear suspension system absorbs the majority of the impact.

The Razor RSF650 and MX650 are still the best dirt bikes on the market when we compare this feature to others.

Due to their lack of this feature, many electric scooters are without it. An electric scooter with this technology could be considered a valuable and advanced feature.

A rear suspension is also available with the Razor Rsf650. Razor RSF650 still provides a stable ride, despite not being as efficient as Razor MX650.

As you ride on rough terrain or steep hills, the rear suspension system absorbs the majority of the impact.

When we compare this feature to others, the Razor RSF650 and MX650 are still the best electric dirt bike on the market.

Due to their lack of this feature, many electric scooters are without it. A speck of electric dirt with this technology could be considered a valuable and advanced feature.


Razor MX650


A lead-acid battery is installed on both the Razor RSF650 and MX650.

We have observed that many of razor’s products used lead-acid batteries rather than lithium-ion batteries in other electric scooters and hoverboards.

Battery maintenance is required for a lead-acid battery, but it costs less. The battery should be cleaned regularly and checked for consistency. Otherwise, it will need more frequent replacement.

However, other electric scooters use lithium-ion batteries, which don’t require maintenance or replacement.

Both bikes are equipped with lead-acid batteries. When using either one, you can expect superior performance, but you will need to maintain the battery carefully.



Charging Time:

Charge time is a special feature for those who can’t wait to get back on their electric bike once they get off it.

It’s not until the battery runs out that adventure-loving children and adults get off their electric bikes.

So you need a bike that can be used for longer periods and that charges quickly.

Each Razor MX650 and RSF650 comes with a 12-hour charge time. The charging time for almost all Razor electric scooters is 12 hours, though it may take more than that.

In comparison, we see that this charging time is much longer than that of other electric scooters. Charge time shouldn’t exceed 3-4 hours since the use time is much shorter. While many off-road electric dirt bikes and street bikes require more time to charge, many have shorter charging times.

The Razor RSF650 and MX650 might not be the best choice if you wish to use an electric bike daily since they require more charging time when compared to the other models. These can be a perfect idea for fun activities and off-road adventures!


It’s a tie.


Off-road bikes should have large and sturdy tires to ensure a comfortable and fun ride.

You can have a lot more fun with off-road adventures with the Razor RSF650 and MX650, both featuring large and powerful tires!

There are two kinds of electric street bikes available: the Razor Rsf650 has 14-inch tires, and the Razor MX650 has 16-inch front and 14-inch rear tires.

Most electric scooters on the market have tires that are only 8 or 10 inches wide. This scooter has tires that are 14 inches wide.

Therefore, we can say that the Razor MX650 and RSF650 are the best off-road bikes.

The Razor MX650 is stable and smooth thanks to its larger front tire. With the tires’ fantastic grip, your ride will also be smooth and safe.

The Razor MX650 is also equipped with fourteen-inch tires, so they are suitable for riding on virtually any terrain.

We believe the tire size is ideal for the Razor RSF650 since it’s a street bike. On top of that, the 10-spoke mag wheels add a nice touch to a street bike. The Razor RSF650 is the perfect choice if you want a smooth ride on a street bike.


Razor MX650

Recommended Age:

A 16-year-old or older user is recommended for Razor RSF650 and MX650.

The recommended age of the electric bikes seems too high compared to their size based on our readings of several reviews.

A number of customers report that they enjoy riding their bicycles with their ten-year-olds as well. Adult bicycles are considerably smaller than those of ten-year-olds.

We don’t recommend disregarding the razor’s regulations, even though kids also ride the RSF650 and MX650.

You should check both bikes’ sizes and dimensions before you decide to buy either one. That way, you can determine whether or not it’s right for you.


It’s a tie.


The weight of your electric bike will matter if you intend to take it on vacation with you. Even though many electric bikes don’t fold, being lighter than conventional bicycles allows them to be easily carried.

There are 124.2 lbs. of weight on the Razor RSF650 mini electric dirt bike. (56.3 kg). Electric scooters often possess similar weights. The Razor RSF650 is not the lightest, though there are some portable ones.

Children may find it difficult to carry the Razor Rsf650, but bodybuilders may find it straightforward.

Weighing approximately 98 pounds, the Razor MX650 street bike is lightweight. (44.5 kg). Compared to the Razor RSF650, it is considerably lighter. Even so, children or teenagers may occasionally have trouble carrying such a heavy electric bike.

If you or your dad is not a bodybuilder, it won’t be easy to take the Razor RSF650 on vacation!


Razor MX650

Weight Capacity:

Neither the Razor RSF650 nor MX650 has a weight limit exceeding 220 pounds. (100 kg).

Due to the fact that these are designed for people aged 16 and older, we believe they can handle greater weights.

Even though they weigh more, the Razor RSF650 and MX650 are fun to ride because of their higher weight capacity.

In addition to this scooter, there are a number of others on the market that weigh the same amount. These models may only accommodate users up to a certain weight.

Heavier electric bikes have lower performance and speed, so the Razor RSF650 and MX650 will not have that problem.

You can enjoy fun rides at higher speeds on these bikes, whether you’re a teenager or an obese adult.


It’s a tie.


Electrified scooters and hoverboards nowadays include Bluetooth as a new feature. The electric scooter can be controlled by your phone via Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, neither the Razor RSF650 nor the Razor MX650 has Bluetooth.

Many people will be able to benefit from this, as not everyone enjoys learning about complicated features. Many people may not use the Bluetooth technology in an electric scooter, even though it may increase the price.

Razor’s MX650 and Rsf650 are the best electric bikes if you like hand-controlled features.


It’s a tie.

Who is the Winner between both Bike?

As we can see from the comparison of Razor RSF650 vs MX650, they are quite similar in many aspects.

Razor RSF650 is a street bike, while the MX650 is a dirt bike, so they both have interesting features! However, a few differences between the two have allowed us to figure out the winner.

The Razor MX650 was the clear winner after a thorough review. A few Razor MX650 specifications outpace those of the Rsf650, including a lighter body, larger tires, and dual suspension.

Furthermore, Razor MX650 costs less than Razor RSF650 because it possesses all these innovative features.

Despite this, the Razor RSF650 does offer a few extra features that set it apart from the competition. A stylish design and a longer battery life are among these features.

You may prefer one electric bike over the other depending on your preference for the best electric bike.

You will have to choose one that suits your budget and meets the features you value most.

Riding Tips about both Electric Bikes:

What rider or maintenance enthusiast wouldn’t enjoy some extra tips? Listed below are some easy and doable riding tips that can make riding a dirt bike an even more thrilling and exciting experience.

  • In order for the bike to function properly, make sure not to exceed its weight limit.
  • Before riding, make sure the battery is charged. Keeping a battery unchanged for too long wears it out, and it will not take charge.
  • Make sure you inspect the bike regularly. Tires may need to be refilled from time to time since extended use, temperature, and pressure can change them.
  • Make sure the bike is protected from damage by buying a water- and dust-proof cover.
  • Ride the Razor MX650 vs RSF650 dirt bikes while wearing protective gear like gloves, a helmet, and knee pads.


What is the speed of the Razor RSF650?

Razor RSF650 bikes can travel at speeds of up to 17 mph (27 km/h) with fully charged batteries. With such a high-top speed, you can enjoy an exciting ride.

Is the Razor MX650 waterproof?

Neither the Razor MX650 nor any of its components are waterproof. It is therefore advisable not to ride it in the rain.

What kind of users are the Razor RSF650 and MX650 best suited to?

There is a minimum age requirement of 16 years old for both the Razor RSF650 and MX650. That means teens and adults can ride these dirt bikes.

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