Razor MX400 vs MX500, Let’s Find Out Who Is The Best In 2023?

Razor MX400 vs MX500 dirt bike comparison, is that what you’re looking for? Your search is over!

It’s a good idea to give an electric dirt bike as a birthday or Christmas gift. Children love bikes, so giving them one is a great idea. The dirt rocket series from Razor is a large selection of dirt bikes with rechargeable batteries that you can use on and off-road.

All Razor Dirt Rocket models offer impressive build quality and durability with sturdy steel construction.

Razor MX400 and MX500 are dirt bikes within a similar price range, and MX400 is slightly less expensive than MX500.

A few similarities between these two bikes include removable kickstands, rechargeable batteries, and adjustable riser handlebars. However, they differ considerably in other ways.

Let’s start the comparison, but first, look at the quick review of both bikes. 

Razor MX400 vs MX500: A Review Comparison

Razor MX400 Dirt Bike Review:

Razor MX400 Check on Amazon


A 350W battery-powered motor and authentic dirt bike design make the MX400 easily one of the most popular Razor products among kids.

With its moderate speed and an easy-to-use control system, the Razor MX400 is an excellent starter dirt bike for your kid. Among kids dirt bikes, this is the second most popular bike (the top-selling one is the MX350).

This MX400 dirt bike is not only built with high-quality steel but also features authentic dirt bike geometry that gives your child a genuine dirt bike experience.

Front and back 12-inch wheels provide outstanding slip resistance to make riding on muddy and watery roads just as easy as riding on a plain road.

As well as having air-filled tires, the car will hardly shake and bump due to the air-filled suspension.

  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to ride
  • It comes with a 350-watt motor
  • It comes with a retractable kickstand
  • It comes with 24v batteries
  • It can bear 140lbs of weight
  • The charging time is too long
  • Short battery life
  • Kids even at recommended ages find it too small
  • Non-suspension

Razor MX500 Dirt Bike Review:

Razor MX500 Dirt Bike Check on Amazon

The Razor MX500t looks like a traditional dirt bike, so your child will probably enjoy it.

With a twist throttle, hand brakes controlling its front and rear disc brakes, a powerful electric motor paired with a powerful battery, this bike includes everything an electric dirt bike needs to be a success.

When you want to park, you can retract the kickstand on the Razor MX500.

Razor MX500 lacks a heads-up display, as do the other Razor Dirt Rocket variants. A classic profile is created when riding this kind of setup. Due to the way this works, it can be difficult to assess the bike’s status, such as how much battery life is left.

Using three rechargeable 12V sealed lead-acid batteries, the Razor MX500t power system creates a 36V unit. Using this configuration, the battery gives it an extremely short operating time of only 40 minutes.

There is a charger included with the battery pack, but it takes 12 hours to reach full charge. You will need to buy a battery replacement after around a year (or 250 12-hour charge cycles) of use.

This Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket has a solid steel frame housing many of its components. As this frame resembles a genuine dirt bike in its geometry, it also can perform well on mild off-road terrain by slightly simulating the dynamics of a real dirt bike.

A solid frame has the advantage of being able to carry a lot of weight. Riders who weigh as little as 180 pounds can ride the Razor MX500, so even lightweight adults can enjoy it.

  • Durable steel frame
  • 15 miles per hour top speed
  • It can bear 175 pounds of weight.
  • Easy to assemble
  • It comes with a retractable kickstand
  • It comes with a 500 electric motor
  • It comes with three 12v batteries
  • Long battery charging time
  • Small size
  • A bit heavy

Razor MX400 vs MX500: Depth Features Comparison

Now it’s time to start the detailed comparison.


First and foremost, people are drawn to design. Every child wants a bike with a beautiful design. Design plays a large role in determining a bike’s value. The Razor MX400 dirt rocket electric bike is definitely a head-turner with a sleek and eye-catching design.

This dirt bike has the authentic geometrical frame of a professional model. Razor made this bike look attractive for the kids, and they love having a good-looking bike. A motocross bike with a realistic look. The bike looks very cool.

Modeled after a real, professional motocross bike, the MX500 is an electric dirt bike. In other words, the MX500 is not only capable of doing all the stunts it is supposed to be able to do, but it also looks like it can do them.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a toy for your child is the appeal of the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross bike.

Every young person wants something that looks cool, regardless of their age. Their friends can be awed by what they see when they show them something.


We can only think of one brand when it comes to quality – the razor. Therefore, both dirt bikes are constructed with durable steel frames.

Because dirt bikes need to withstand unpaved terrains and harsh environments, solid frames are essential to ensure that they can withstand any abuse.

The bike is not heavy, even if it is steel, and even if you have a young rider, it can take all the falls gracefully.

This bike is relatively lightweight and very easy to control. Thanks to the authentic dirt bike geometry, your kid will have the feeling of riding a real dirt bike when riding the MX400.

Furthermore, the front part of the bike has been designed to be a bit heavier and be more stable on the track.

While the Razor MX500’s steel frame material is durable, the bike’s weight also weighs it down. This is an important factor when considering whether or not your child will enjoy the bike.

Among the advantages of a sturdy frame is its capacity for carrying loads. A lightweight adult can also ride the Razor MX500 because it can handle riders up to 180 pounds.


Although it is targeted at little children, the Razor MX400 bike has a powerful motor that will let you achieve great results. Powered by a 350W motor, this MX400 electric dirt bike offers outstanding performance. With a single-speed and chain drive, the motor provides powerful performance.

Due to the motor’s extreme power output, your kids will feel like they’re riding a real bike. This bike is safe for kids because it runs at a maximum speed of 14 MPH.

Razor MX500, on the other hand, boasts a 500W motor that makes the bike reach a maximum speed of 15mph.

With the high-torque motor, your promising champion will have an easier time climbing and descending inclines and hills. My test drove it on wet grass, gravel, asphalt, and hard-packed dirt roads, and it performed flawlessly in all conditions.

You can also give your child control of the speed by using the variable speed throttle on the handlebars. As you change the speed variables from “1” to “2” and 3″, the speed will increase from slow to moderate and finally to fast.

Battery and Charging Time:

The Razor MX400 gets this power from the 24v batteries (two 12v batteries). They can be recharged. It has powerful batteries that can power the bike ideally. Powered by these powerful batteries, the bike offers a good top speed of 14 mph.

There is enough battery capacity on the bike to run over 10 miles on a single charge. The batteries need to be fully charged for almost 12 hours before they are ready to use. I’m not too fond of this, which adds to the electric bill.

Nevertheless, this bike has the advantage of serving the rider well and satisfying their needs when needed. Children may have fun in daylight while you charge the battery at night.

On the other hand, 36v lead sealed acid batteries (three 12v batteries) make the Razor MX500 dirt bike more powerful than MX400.

Your son should be able to run around the yard for up to 40 minutes when fully charged, which is exactly what he needs to burn off any excess energy.

The disadvantage of the battery may be that you may spend more time charging it than your boy spends riding.

When it runs out of power, it needs to be recharged continuously for at least 12 hours in order to function again fully. You will feel like you’re holding the hand of your enthusiastic child, who is discovering the thrill of riding a dirt bike for the first time.

Charge anything continuously for 12 hours, and you are bound to notice your utility bill going up. If you want to keep your utility bill under control, you should set limits.

You might want to limit your boy’s riding to the weekends only.


The Razor MX400 dirt bike is powered by a 350W, while a 650W single-speed motor powers the Razor MX500. The engine uses a chain-driven system.

Consequently, both bikes operate in a super quiet but powerful manner because of these capabilities. Electric bikes must work quietly, and the MX400 or MX500 operates exceptionally quietly.

The riders of these electric dirt bikes will always enjoy a quiet and peaceful ride.

Throttling System:

A twist grip throttle system on both electric dirt bikes makes you feel you are riding a real bicycle. In fact, your kids can feel how easy it is to control the bike speed with this feature.

Kids who learn how to handle a bike will be on their way to becoming real bikers. I especially enjoy turning up the twist-grip throttle.


Now we will compare the handlebars of both electric dirt bikes. Keep in mind the specifications of the handlebars are the same. The Razor MX400 vs MX500 comes with a riser handlebar system.

It’s important to note that both handlebars cannot be adjusted, but you can easily move them back and forth. You can choose whether to raise or lower them. Changing the handlebar to fit your child’s needs is the only way to adjust it.

There aren’t many adjustabilities, but it’s enough to set the kid’s comfort level, even though it doesn’t raise or lower much. You can let your children ride the bike comfortably. All they need to do is adjust it to their comfort level.

Wheels and Tires:

It’s no secret that the right wheels and tires are crucial for safe riding.

Electric dirt bikes like the Razor MX400 come with large pneumatic knobby tires and 12-inch wheels. Despite the fact that the wheels aren’t big enough, the 12-inch wheels are still a good size for little kids since the lower seat height is perfect for them.

With the large knobby tires, you can enjoy comfortable riding on any kind of road and also on hills.

As opposed to this, the Razor MX500 has a front wheel of 16 inches and a rear-wheel of 14 inches. With the power transfer that this bike provides, you’ll be able to handle all types of unforgiving terrain. Large wheels help propel the MX500 through different landscapes at an incredible speed and maximize the bike’s performance.

The wheels have large pneumatic knobby tires for speeding over gravel roads and through grass fields.

The wheels won’t show signs of wear even after rigorous use, so your kid can have a field day outdoors.

Age and Weight Limit:

Children between the ages of 13 and 17 are recommended to use the Razor MX400. However, it is apparent that the bike is more suited for younger children due to its size and appearance.

Many parents give their children this bike when they are eight years old. Even so, you are the one who knows your child the best, so you are the one who should decide whether they are ready to ride a dirt bike.

Razor MX500, however, is designed for users ages at least 14 years old. Although, as you know, you can give your child this bike if he or she is ten years old. If your child is not yet ten years old, wait until he or she is.

In terms of the maximum user weight limit, Razor MX400 is less tough than Razor MX500 due to its smaller size. There is a limit of 140 pounds for the Razor MX400.

On the other hand, Razor MX500’s thicker frame makes it more durable; although the bike can handle up to 175 lbs of weight, most young adults might be able to ride it without any problems.


There is a considerable difference between how the two electric dirt bikes perform. The reason is that the razor mx400 electric dirt bike comes with a 350-watt electric motor or has a 24v lead sealed acid battery. It runs at 12 miles per hour at a single speed.

Children find such a speed amusing and enjoyable even if it’s not really fast. The average speed of the bike provides a safe environment for the students who go to school because it keeps them safe from being caught in sudden incidents.

While the 650-watt electric motor of the razor MX500 provides a 15 mile per hour top speed that is good enough for older teenagers and children. You can control the top speed by simply twisting the handlebars.

Despite the fact that going fast is much more challenging, you don’t have to worry because the bike is just as fast as a regular bike.


It’s hard to beat the benefits of suspension when it comes to riding comfortably on the road or trail handling.

But only the Razor MX500 electric dirt bike comes with dual suspension that provides a comfortable ride on bumpy roads. While the razor MX400 has no suspension.


Hand-operated only rear disc brakes on the Razor MX400 electric dirt bike make putting a stop in an instant possible.

The Razor MX500, on the other hand, has hand-operated disc brakes for the front and rear. You can bring your pocket prodigy to a complete stop on a dime with the hand brakes, giving you the level of confidence you need.

As your kid becomes an avid dirt bike rider, they enhance his motor skills as well.

What Buyers Should Know?

When it comes to giving hyperactive young children the perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift, the MX500 and MX400 will not disappoint. However, those who love the price tag may be unenthusiastic about it.

This dirt warrior costs less than $600, making it quite a substantial investment. Your son will definitely enjoy riding his bike in the backyard if you are able to raise the money.

Final Verdict

So after the detailed comparison of Razor MX400 vs MX500, now it’s time for the final verdict. In my opinion, the Razor MX500 electric dirt bike is the only bike that provides better performance, value, and durability. It has a 15-mile top speed and better battery life. It looks sportier.

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