Razor MX350 vs SX500

Searching Razor MX350 vs SX500 comparison, no doubt both electric dirt bikes have a lot of features that make them amazing for kids.

But when it comes to comparison between both bikes, who is the winner, and which one is more suitable for hyperactive kids? Thus, the answer let us know it is necessary.

So let’s find out.


Razor MX350 vs SX500: Main Differences

The main differences between Razor MX350 and SX500 are;

  • Weight and Weight Capacity
  • Run Time
  • Disc Brake 
  • Recommended Age 
  • Suspension 
  • Top speed

Razor MX350 vs SX500: Depth Features Comparison

So let’s start the comparison


There is not a huge difference between both electric dirt bikes, except color. 

Additionally to offering all these great features, Razor MX350 and SX500 also impressed with their design. They’re eye-catching and look great from any angle. As soon as your kid opens the box, I can imagine their eyes getting lit up.

Its ergonomic frame is highly soothing, and I often wonder why other bike manufacturers lack the same level of comfort as it. More dirt bike makers should put an emphasis on comfort.

The rugged metallic frame and double stitched seat complement each other quite well. When you put these two things together, you get an all-terrain beast that rides smoothly regardless of the terrain.



Motor Power

A hyperactive kid wants a dirt bike that comes with a powerful motor. But in the case of the MX350 it comes with a 250-watt single speed motor, which is not good enough for the hyperactive kids. But it is still enough for the beginner rider who is in the learning phase. 

But on the other hand, the razor SX500 has a 500-watt powerful high-torque chain driven motor that provides enough power for hill climbing adventure. 


Razor SX500


Battery is the main part of any electric vehicle such as electric scooter or electric dirt bike. Lead acid batteries, which are less expensive but require regular maintenance, are used in both electric dirt bikes.

The Razor MX350 comes with a 24v (two 12v) lead acid battery, which provides a 30 minute continuous running time.

While the razor SX500 is equipped with a 36v (three 12v) lead acid battery, which gives you a 40 minute running time on a single charge. 


The Razor SX500

Using Time

Electric dirt bike using time is also an important factor that plays an essential role in your adventure trip. Your kids did not like any dirt bikes that have less using-time. 

The razor MX350 electric dirt bike has a 30 minute use time due to its 24v lead acid battery. A 30 minute use time is still good enough for the beginner rider.

While the razor SX500 has a 40 minute use time that comes from 36v lead acid batteries. With 40 minutes of riding time, you can drive 10 to 11 miles. 

There is no comparison between this scooter and others when it comes to operating time. On average, electric scooters can be used for 15 to 30 minutes. Consequently, using the 40 minutes of time in the hills and on your adventures will make sure you enjoy them to the fullest.

However, battery life is also affected by factors outside your control, such as the terrain. The battery drains faster in sand. It is important to consider the rider’s weight too, since a heavy rider will require more power to run a bike efficiently, thus requiring more energy output.


Razor SX500

Charging Time

When it comes to charging time both electric dirt bikes have the same charging time. Both electric dirt bikes need 12 hour to complete the charging. Once it is fully charged you can ride on it for the next 40 to 30 minutes (Razor SX500 has 40 minute and MX350 has 30 minute). 


Due to the same charging time it’s a tie.

Top Speed

Kids and teenagers who like adventure are also attracted to speed. Electric dirt bikes are the ideal option in that scenario.

The razor MX350 has a 14mph top speed that comes from a 250-watt single speed motor. This top speed is fast enough for your child especially when he is in the learning period. A bike with this top speed is more efficient than another that only reaches 10 mph. 

On the other hand, the razor SX500 reaches the 15mph top speed that it receives from the 500-watt high torque chain driven motor. The adventure-loving kids like this top speed very much. 

With a fully charged battery and with less weight on the bike, dirt bikes can reach even higher speeds.

Our recommendation is for you to ride at a slower speed and wear knee pads and elbow pads to ensure your safety.


There is not a huge difference, but the winner is Razor SX500.


When you are riding at a top speed of 14 or 15mph, you are more likely to feel safe with a good braking system. 

But unfortunately, the razor MX350 is designed with a rear brake but not a front brake. Its small and lightweight meant that it did not have a front brake at all, since it was the smallest and lightest of the Razor dirt bikes.   

While the razor SX500 is designed with a hand operated dual braking system, which feel you safe at the top speed. 

Biking on the bikes does not require you to worry about complicated settings since the brakes are hand-operated.


Razor SX500

Weight and Weight Capacity

There are many benefits for the rider of a dirt bike when it is a certain weight. 

The razor MX350 has a 55 pounds weight which makes it a very lightweight dirt bike if we compare it with others. And it can hold up 140lbs weight which makes this dirt bike amazing for the kids. 

On the other hand, the razor SX500 has a 98 lbs weight that makes it a little bit haveir from the MX350.

But when it comes to weight capacity there is no comparison between both electric dirt bikes, because the razor SX500 can bear 175lbs weight, that is good enough if you have a healthy child. 


For lightweights, the Razor MX350 is the winner.

However, the Razor SX500 wins in the weight capacity class.

Recommended Age

Do both electric dirt bikes have an age limit?

A rider weight of 140 pounds is recommended for the Dirt Rocket MX350, which is recommended for age 13 and up.

There is a maximum weight limit of 175 pounds for the Dirt Rocket SX500, which is recommended for kids ages 14 and older.

It is designed primarily for younger children, whereas the Dirt Rocket SX500 can be used by teens as well as by some adults.

These Razor recommended rider ages are straight from the manufacturer. Your child’s unique skills will need to be considered carefully as a parent. A shorter, younger rider will benefit from the MX350 Razor, and a slightly older rider will benefit from the MX500 Razor.


Razor SX500


Since off-road bikes are meant for rough, bumpy terrain, they require extra-rugged, and thick, tires.

The tires are excellent and we are very pleased!

There are both large knobby tires on the razor MX350 and SX500, but their sizes do not match. The razor MX350 has 12″ large pneumatic knobby tires, while the razor SX500 comes with 14″ large pneumatic knobby tires.

With their comfort-enhancing tires, these scooters are more comfortable to ride than other scooters with the same tire size.

Pneumatic tires grip the ground well due to their robust pattern and pneumatic construction. All-terrain dirt bikes are characterized by rugged tires.

Off-roading and bumpy roads don’t pose any problems for dirt bikes, while they are also comfortable and smooth. 


Razor SX500


It’s not common to see suspension on electric scooters, but it’s a good feature. Although suspension might make an electric scooter more expensive, the price point may still be higher.

The razor MX350 does not have any suspension, which makes it less comfortable for the kids. 

While the razor SX500 comes with dual suspension, which makes it more comfortable and safe for kids especially at top speed. 

The MX350 has no suspension, so it’s less forgiving than a suspension model. However, you will still get a stiffer experience as a result of the off-road tires. In the event that full suspension is absolutely required, the SX500 is the best choice.


Razor SX500


A single speed throttle is used on the Razor MX350.

With the Razor SX500, the throttle is variable.

Imagine the throttle control on the MX350 Razor as more of an on/off switch. There is no middle ground. Using the twist grip throttle, the rider can give more power or less power with the SX500 Razor’s variable speed throttle.


Razor SX500


Due to their ability to resist water, electric scooters are extremely practical and durable.

On the Razor SX500 and MX350, water resistance is not available.

For this reason, they may not be suitable in all weather conditions.

Riding your bike while it is wet or muddy can result in damage to the bike’s internals.


It’s a tie


The smooth, safe and exciting ride offered by hoverboards and electric scooters is enabled by Bluetooth controls. Furthermore, they support apps, so all the information is always at your fingertips.

There is no Bluetooth or app support for Razor MX350 and SX500.

That’s okay in our opinion. Complex features do not need to be learned.

Children and teenagers will enjoy the hand-operated features of both dirt bikes, which make learning how to ride a breeze.

This will make your ride a lot more enjoyable!


It’s a tie


It is imperative that you don’t compromise on your scooter’s main headlight when you are riding at night. Most scooters have insufficient powered headlights.

Many manufacturers add additional features to their main lights such as extending their range, changing their lighting angle, or adding different illumination modes to make it easier to see the road and approaching vehicles.

This feature isn’t available in either the Razor SX500 or the MX350 electric dirt bikes, however.  


It’s a tie

Final Verdict

Thus ends our discussion! The Razor MX350 VS SX500 are different in many ways, so now you know what they are!

On the whole, the Razor MX350 serves well as a starter bike designed for smaller riders, whereas the Razor SX500 is a great bike that can be ridden by teenagers and more experienced riders alike.

How about yours? You can now own one of the best electric dirt bikes available!

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