Razor MX350 vs MX650 – Which One is Worth Buying in 2023

This article compares all the main features of the Razor MX350 vs MX650 so you can make an informed choice when purchasing a bike for your children.

Razor MX350 electric dirt bikes are great starter bikes for younger riders and MX650 electric dirt bikes are the fastest and largest dirt bikes made by Razor. 

Razor MX350 vs MX650: Main Differences

The main differences between Razor MX350 and MX650 are;

  • Weight and weight capacity
  • Run time
  • Disc brake 
  • Recommended age 
  • Suspension 
  • Top speed

Razor MX350 vs MX650: Depth Features Comparison

So let’s start the comparison:


Apart from color, there are no significant differences between the two electric dirt bikes. 

The Razor MX350 and SX500 impressed me more than just with their great features. They also have an impressive design. From all angles, they look great. I can imagine your kid’s eyes getting bright as soon as he opens the box.

Despite its stylish frame, its ergonomic design is highly soothing, and I often wonder why other bike makers fail to produce frames that are comfortable as well. There needs to be more attention to comfort in dirt bike design.

Rugged metal structure and double stitched seat make for an excellent combination. Together, these two characteristics result in an all-terrain vehicle that rides smoothly despite uneven terrain.

Motor Power

It is the fantasy of a hyperactive child to own a dirt bike that has a powerful motor. With the MX350, the motor is 250 watts, which is too low to satisfy children with hyperactivity. For the beginner rider, it’s enough for the learning process. 

Nevertheless, the razor MX650 is equipped with a 650-watt powerful, high torque chain-driven motor capable of pushing up hills with ease. 


Razor MX650


Electric vehicles such as scooters and dirt bikes are powered by batteries. The battery in both electric dirt bikes is a lead acid battery. Lead acid batteries have a lower price, but they require regular maintenance.

The razor MX350 is powered by two 12v lead acid batteries that provide 30 minutes of continuous operation.

The razor MX650 features a 36 volt (three 12 volt) lead acid battery that provides 40 minutes of battery life on one charge. 


Razor MX650

Using Time

Another essential factor of your adventure trip is the use of your electric dirt bike. If the dirt bike has a short use-time, your kids will not like it. 

Due to its 24v lead acid battery, the razor MX350 electric dirt bike provides a 30 minute ride time. 30 minutes of riding time is more than enough for a beginner.

The razor SX500 is powered by 36v lead acid batteries and has a 40-minute service life. You can drive 10 to 11 miles on one charge with 40 minutes of riding time. 

In terms of operating time, this scooter cannot be compared with others. Electric scooters are usually able to be used for 15 to 30 minutes on average. Therefore, spend your forty minutes on the hills and on the adventure to the fullest meaning you’ll be sure to enjoy it to the fullest.

The terrain, for example, can also impact your battery life. Sand drains batteries more quickly. The rider’s weight also needs to be considered, since a heavy rider is going to need more power to ride efficiently and therefore require more energy output.


Razor MX650

Charging Time

Each of the electric dirt bikes takes the same amount of time to charge. The charging takes 12 hours for each of the electric dirt bikes. The Razor MX650 has a range of 40 minutes and the MX350 has a range of 30 minutes once it is fully charged. 


It’s a tie

Top Speed

Speed is also attractive to kids and teenagers who like adventure. Electric dirt bikes would be a good alternative in this situation.

Its motor has a 250-watt rating and can drive the razor MX350 at 14mph. When your child is in the learning phase, this top speed is suitable for him. It is more efficient to have a bike that reaches this top speed than one that reaches only 10 mph. 

With a 650-watt high torque chain driven motor, the razor MX650 is able to reach a top speed of 17mph. Its top speed is highly favoured by adventure-loving kids. 

The dirt bike can reach even higher speeds when it is powered up, as well as when there is less weight on the bike.

Wear knee pads and elbow pads and ride at a slower speed to remain safe.


Razor MX650


The braking system on your bike is more likely to make you feel safe when you’re riding at top speed.

However, the Razor MX350 does not come with a front brake, and has only a rear brake. The smallest and lightest Razor dirt bike did not have a front brake because it was so small and light.   

With the razor MX650, you can operate the dual braking system by hand, which gives you the feeling of safety when riding at the top speed. 

Hand-operated brakes make biking on these bikes convenient since you don’t need to worry about complex settings.


Razor MX650

Weight and Weight Limit

Having a dirt bike that is a certain weight has many benefits for the rider. 

The razor MX350 is very lightweight when compared to other dirt bikes with a 55 pound weight. In addition, this dirt bike can hold up to 140 lbs weight, which makes it ideal for children. 

While the razor MX650 is heavier, it weighs 98 pounds, which is a bit less than the razor MX350. The Razor SX500 can hold up to 220 pounds of weight, so it will be alright if the child you are carrying is healthy. 


Razor’s MX350 leads the pack among lightweights.

MX650, however, comes out on top when it comes to weight capacity.

Age Limit

Are there any age restrictions on either electric dirt bike?

Dirt Rocket MX350 riders should weigh at least 140 pounds, and they should be ages 13 and up.

It is recommended for kids ages 16 and older to use the Dirt Rocket MX650, which has a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds.

Compared to the Dirt Rocket MX650, it is designed primarily for younger children, whereas the UTV is designed for teens and some adults.

This is the official Razor age recommendation for riders. Parenting will require you to carefully consider your child’s unique abilities. MX350 Razor is ideal for younger, shorter riders, and MX650 Razor is ideal for slightly older, slightly more experienced riders.


Razor MX650


Off-road bikes require extra-rugged, thick tires because they are intended for rough, bumpy terrain.

We are really happy with the tires.

On the razor MX350 and MX650, both large knobby tires are present, but they are not of similar sizes. While the Razor MX350 features 12″ pneumatic knobby tires, the Razor MX650 has 16″ front and 14″ back pneumatic knobby tires.

Compared with other scooters with the same tire size, these scooters are more comfortable to ride because of their comfort-enhancing tires.

As a result of their pneumatic construction and robust pattern, pneumatic tires grip the ground well. Rugged tires are a feature of all-terrain dirt bikes.

In addition to being comfortable and smooth, dirt bikes can handle off-roading and bumpy roads. 


Razor MX650


A suspension system is not commonly found on electric scooters, but it’s a nice feature to have. Even though suspensions may increase the price of an electric scooter, there may still be a higher price point.

There is no suspension on the Razor MX350, which makes it less comfortable for kids. 

A dual-suspension razor such as the razor MX650 allows kids to be safe and comfortable, even at top speeds. 

As the MX350 doesn’t have suspension, it’s not as forgiving as models with suspension. The off-road tires, however, will still cause you to have a more uncomfortable ride. It is recommended to use a MX650 if full suspension is absolutely required.


Razor MX650


The Razor MX350 is equipped with a single speed throttle.

In contrast, the throttle on the Razor MX650 is variable.

It is more like an on/off switch on the MX350 Razor throttle control. There is no halfway point. The rider can adjust the variable speed throttle of the MX650 Razor by twisting the handle.


Razor MX650

Water Resistance

Electrified scooters are very practical and durable as they can resist water.

Water resistance is not available on the Razor SX500 and MX350.

Consequently, they might not be appropriate for use in all types of weather.

It is possible to damage your bike’s internals if you ride it when it’s wet or muddy.


It’s a tie


Hoverboards and electric scooters are controlled via Bluetooth, which enables them to provide an exciting, smooth ride. As well as that, they have apps that provide all the information right at your fingertips.

For the Razor MX350 and SX500, Bluetooth and apps are not available.

This is fine in our opinion. Learning complex features is not necessary.

Both dirt bikes are easy to ride for children and teenagers because they both have hand-operated features.

You’ll have a blast riding them!


It’s a tie


The main headlight of your scooter must not be compromised when you are riding at night. Many scooters don’t have enough power to operate the headlight.

Manufacturers often upgrade their main lights with additional features such as modifying their illumination angles or adding different modes of illumination to make it easier to see the road and approaching vehicles.

Unfortunately, neither the Razor MX650 nor the MX350 electric dirt bikes have this feature.  


It’s a tie

Final Thoughts

Our discussion has come to an end! Now you know the differences between the Razor MX350 vs MX650!

The Razor MX350 is a good starter bike for smaller riders, but the Razor MX650 is a great motorcycle for teenagers and veteran riders alike.

What is your favorite? Now you are ready to buy an electric scooter.


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