Razor A-Series Kids Scooters (A125, A, A2, A3, A4 & A5) – Guide 2022

Kids can have a lot of fun with kick scooters by playing with their friends outdoors. Moreover, Kick scooters are a great alternative to bicycles since they don’t occupy much space. Kids can get benefit from them when practising their motor skills, balance, and control.

The Razor’s goal is to provide you and your kids with the best riding solutions. Razor manufactures a variety of kick scooters to meet this need.

Razor’s A series of kick scooters are designed for all ages to accommodate different weights and sizes.

Although they’re similar in style, they have a few differences that may make them more or less appropriate for your child.

Razor A-series scooters are among its best traditional scooter and include six current models – the Razor A125, A, A2, A3, A4, and A5 Lux.

To find out which one would be best for you, let’s check out the A-series kick scooters.

We’ll clarify each one, and then you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Let’s begin!

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What Makes the Razor A-Series Special:

Although the A-series does not have a motor, it has plenty of fun features for your kids. Razor’s materials are classic, and these scooters have all the features you’d expect from a well-built scooter. All differences are listed below.

Let’s take a closer look at the single features of each scooter:

Design and Built

  • Razor A:

It is the smallest and lightest kick scooter of the A-series models, and it is made of aluminum material. If your child is much younger, this might be an ideal first scooter.

  • Razor A2:

With a lightweight aluminum design and a wheelie bar, the A2 is easy to handle. As a result, it is an excellent choice for anyone seeking something simple and user-friendly to use.

  • Razor A3:

With the same aluminum material and wheelie bar design, the A3 has bigger wheels for better stability. With bigger wheels, a smoother ride across more minor obstacles is guaranteed without unwanted spills.

  • Razor A4:

Razor A4 kick scooter has excellent build quality. Its aluminum frame and deck have a lot of strength and durability. Additionally, A4 is fitted with high-quality components. As a result, the A4 scooter appears to be suitable for ages 6 and up.

  • Razor A5:

A5 DLX is made from anodized aluminum material, making it incredibly durable and long-lasting. Its silver sporty finish, along with black tires and deck, makes it look classy and eye-catching.

  • Razor A125:

Aluminium is used in making the Razor A125. It is beneficial to use aluminium because it increases the strength of things. So, the A125 durable scooter is built with durable materials, ensuring a safe ride. Kids should mainly use these types of scooters because of their carelessness.

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Wheel Material and Size:

With ABEC-5 ball bearings, A and A2 have the smallest wheel. For the other models, including the Razor A125, A3, A4, and A5 Dlx, ABEC 5 high-speed bearings are used.

Wheel Material

  • Razor A and A2:

Both kick scooters come with 98 mm urethane wheels, but A2 is equipped with a spring-less shock system. As a result, the wheels are extremely easy to glide, and they are almost silent.

Although their wheels are smaller than other A-series scooters, they are still extremely comfortable to ride.

  • Razor A3:

Urethane wheels with 125mm diameter and ABEC rating with 5 high-speed bearings are found on the Razor A3 scooter. Razor A3 is more comfortable to ride because of its larger wheels.

You can go faster with a bigger wheel. Furthermore, its shock-absorbing wheels prevent it from being damaged by bumps.

Wheel Size

  • Razor A4:

The Razor A4’s wheel is 100mm in diameter and made of urethane. A scooter with such wheels can prevent many problems, such as the wheels of these kinds of scooters won’t slip, even applying the brakes without slowing down, which makes it an extremely safe and enjoyable scooter to ride.

  • Razor A5:

With its high-quality urethane wheels with an 8″ diameter (200 mm), Razor A5 provides the rider with a comfortable experience on bumpy or uneven surfaces.

The wheels are also made of high-quality material, so a puncture will not occur.

  • Razor A125:

Razor A125 kick scooter has 125-mm urethane wheels and a spring-less shock system. Therefore, the wheels glide smoothly, and they are nearly silent when rolling.

Weight, Dimensions, and Handlebar

Weight, Dimension

Razor A 4.62 lbs. (2 kg) 
Razor A2 5.35 lbs. (2.4 kg)
Razor A3 7.02 lbs. (3 kg)
Razor A4 6.56 lbs. (2.9 kg)
Razor A5 Dlx 8.8 lbs. (4 kg)
Razor A125 6 lbs. (2.7kg)

With an adjustable handlebar on all six scooters, a user may adjust the scooter’s height as needed. You will find that the adjustable handlebars are beneficial if your children are of different sizes.

Each of these models has little in common with one another, so let’s examine how each operates.

  • Razor A and A2:

A-series scooters feature adjustable handles for better comfort and control. The original A model measures 23.9 x 11.3 x 32.4 inches and weighs just 4.62 lbs. (2 kg). The A2 also measures 25.5 x 11.25 x 33.5 inches but adds a bit of weight to the deck with 5.35 lbs. (2.4 kg).

  • Razor A3 and A4:

With dimensions of 27.5 x 12.25 x 35.5 inches, the A3 has more length and height with a streamlined deck for older children, and it weighs 7.02 lbs (3 kg).

On the other hand, the A4 has the largest measurements at 27.2″ x 13.6″ x 3.43″ and weighing 6.56 lbs. (2.9 kg).

  • Razor A125 and A5:

With dimensions of 27.9″ x 12.2″ x 34.8″, the Razor A125 weighs 6 lbs. (2.7kg). In terms of weight, the Razor A125 and A2 are the same.

Razor A5 DLX measures 34.6″ x 16.85″ x 38.58″ and weighs 8.8 lbs. (4 kg), which is heavier than all other A-series scooters, but it helps a lot to make it more durable.

Scooters intended for younger children have a wider deck to provide more standing space for kids and allow them to learn how to maneuver. The thinner deck on scooters designed for older children makes it easier to handle and turn.

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Braking System:

Rear Fender Brakes

Each of the scooters we have listed here comes with a rear fender braking system that helps you slow down while speeding, especially on steep roads.

In addition, these scooters are equipped with the same brake system, which makes stopping them fast and safe. Also, the fender brake can be easily applied.

Stepping on the rear end of the scooter slows it down or stops it. The rear fender only needs to be tapped lightly to slow down the scooter.

Pressing too hard while using it at high speed may cause it to become warm, but it works well if used light pressure at regular intervals.

Each model has a sturdy, durable urethane wheel as well. Due to their durable design, they are capable of traversing most terrain types.

Color Options:

Several scooters are available on the market for kids with attractive colors, including the A and A2 scooters, which come in 5-7 color options: red, blue, green, pink, sweet pea, and black.

The same applies to the Razor A3, which is available in four colors: red, blue, green, and black. But the Razor A125 only comes in two color options; red and blue.

Razor A4 only comes in one color: black, which is a classy and convenient choice. And Razor A5 also comes in one color, but it is silver, so if you don’t like black, you may reject A4.

On the other hand, the metallic colors of all models provide a stylish appearance.

Retractable Kickstand

It’s always a challenge to find a parking spot for your scooter while you’re on the move and need to stop. You can stop for various reasons, whether you need to speak to a friend, tie your shoelaces, drink water, or do other minor tasks.

In such scenarios, it would be best to have a wall or something similar to support your scooter since you would not want to place it on the floor.


Therefore, in these situations, scooters with Kickstand features are a great solution. But unfortunately, the Razor scooters A125, A, A2, A3, and A4 do not have a kickstand and can only be positioned on the floor or wall because they are all free-standing.

Meanwhile, the A5 DLX Kick scooter is equipped with a retractable kickstand that you can use to park it wherever you want.

Weather Condition

It would be best if you only used your scooters on sunny days. On rainy days, we highly discourage you from riding any of the rides from the A-series on a wet surface for some reason.

A wet road or snow-covered street will be impossible to grip with any of the models.

It would be best if you did not ride these “open” scooters on wet roads because water will be spray onto your clothes from the rear wheels.


All A-series models can be folded, which makes them very portable. Once you’re done riding, you can easily store it in any corner of your living room or self-parking space.

Compared to other scooters in the A-series, the Razor A and A2 are lighter and easier to transport.

You simply need to press a lever in the middle of the handlebar to unfold the scooter. Razor A125, A3, and A4 are easy to carry at 7 pounds each, while Razor A4 is slightly heavier.

The weight of A5 Dlx is 9 pounds, which is relatively higher. So, it’s convenient for reaching a taxi, bus, or your car, but it’s a little hard to carry.

Safety Guidelines

There is no safety feature on these scooters other than the rear brake that serves only to stop the ride and nothing more.

Before going out on a ride, make sure the kids have a helmet, knee pads, and elbow protection. Children’s safety should be our top concern. As an adult, you should also take these precautions when riding a scooter.

Initial Steps

Some assembly is required for all scooters, but it is highly recommended to tighten all the screws again before embarking on the road. During transit and storage, there is a possibility that the screws will become loose.

There’s no need to worry, as each model comes with a manual that clearly describes what screws you need to tighten and how to do other procedures.

The manual also comes with an Allen wrench to help in screw adjustments.



  • Razor A and A2:

All the scooters in the A-series are perfectly well, but there are some differences due to performance factors. Compared to other scooters in the A-series, the Razor A and A2 go a bit slower.

Note: In addition, due to its smaller deck length and wheel size, it cannot perform as well to provide a comfortable, enjoyable ride.

  • Razor A3:

Children and adults will both enjoy riding the Razor A3. With its smooth ride and excellent comfort, this scooter is suitable for all kinds of surfaces, including bumpy and hilly roads.

In addition, the A3’s frame is made of aluminum, which increases its tenacity and durability.

  • Razor A4:

Razor A4 is an upgraded version of A3, and it offers more performance, stability, and control. Due to some new features and higher power, this scooter has some advantages over the Razor A3.

Additionally, the team tested its durability and performance. It is the only one that has gone through such testing.

  • Razor A125:

Razor A125 scooter wheels are made of urethane and have a diameter of 125 mm. As a result, the rider will not have to worry with this type of wheel about slipping wheels during sudden braking.

Moreover, these wheels absorb road bumps to maintain speed and don’t accelerate uncontrollably when unexpected bumps occur.

  • Razor A5:

Razor A5 DLX is a kickstand scooter with dimensions of 34.65 X 16.85 X 38.5 inches. Anodized aluminium makes it look and feel extremely premium.

You can stand stable on the scooter with its 20.9-inch expansive deck. It comes with high-quality polyurethane tires, which are puncture-proof and have low air pressure. This scooter outperforms all others of its kind.


It is Razor’s goal to offer products for every budget as well as features for every need. Therefore, all A-series kick scooters come with a six-month warranty and a 90-day replacement guarantee.

The manufacturer will accept the scooter back if there are any problems or not suited to your needs. However, before contacting support, make sure the scooter is not physically damaged.

Learning Process

It won’t take your kid long to learn how to ride a scooter. In addition to travelling to different places, they’ll also be able to be physically active as well.

Additionally, it will serve as a base for future motorcycle riding lessons. A generic feature like this is not specific to any Razor model, but we mentioned it.


Since big wheels allow you to go faster and have fun with the scooter, start with A3 or A125. If you have some tricks or stunts, you can perform them to impress your friends.

But, due to their compact size and wheels, Razor A and A2 will not perform wheelies or do any other tricks. However, Razor A4 and A5 might suit someone taller.


User Reviews

A-series scooters are in use by many users and their kids, but there have been some issues reported. We found that Razor A and A2 run slower than the other four models, which is expected. However, most reviews are positive when it comes to its smooth ride and durability.

Razor A125 and A3 is an improved model with prominent wheels, stability, and complete control. That’s the way it is more recommended than A and A2.

Users notice that Razor A4 models have loose screws, which is somewhat surprising. According to them, the screws have to be tightened continuously under regular use.

But Razor A5 doesn’t appear to be like that, perhaps because it’s the most advanced version. For individuals older than ten years of age, it would be ideal.


Razor A, A2, A3, and A125

  • Built with durable aluminium
  • The rear fender braking system
  • A4 is professionally tested to ensure performance
  • Fair weight capacity
  • Additional protection for your fingers
  • Moderately fast wheels with small sizes
  • Adjustable handlebar. It is also easy to disassemble the handlebar.

Razor A4 and A5

  • Durable urethane wheels
  • 220 pounds of carrying capacity
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Rear fender brakes
  • Compact and portable
  • Handles on the deck are made of thick foam for extra comfort and control.


Razor A, A2, A3 and A125

  • You may experience difficulty when unfolding A3 once it is folded
  • It is possible to wear out brakes over time
  • Not suitable for wet surface

Razor A4 and A5

  • The foam handle on A5 may not be appropriate for all riders
  • A4’s ball bearing wears out quickly after regular use.
  • There is also a lot of noise and wobbling on the handle tube.

Which One Should You Buy?

We talked about some great Razor scooters in this post, and they’re all well worth buying. But, of course, the choice depends on your preferences. 

So if you have still confused about buying the scooter, then here is our recommendation.

  • Razor A and A2:

Playing outside with your kids is something you love? or would you want to take your kids to a nearby park where they can enjoy the ride, and you can take a walk as well? If your answer is “Yes”, then you should take Razor A and A2, which is designed for kids aged 5 to 7.

  • Razor A125 and A3:

Both are the best investment for your kids over 7 years old who is learning to handle speed. With stability, big wheels, better handling, and fewer shocks, it performs much better.

  • Razor A4 and A5:

Both are designed for adults and older kids. You should go for A5 DLX if you’re tall and especially if you’re looking for something for adults.

How to Choose?

Choosing a suitable model can be a real challenge due to the variations between the models. Therefore, this is something you should consider when selecting the model.

Choose the A and A2 model if your child:

  • wants a different variant of colors.
  • is heavy in weight.
  • is in the ride learning process.
  • is average size for their age

Razor A Kick Scooter

 Razor A Kick Scooter

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Razor A2 Kick Scooter

 Razor A2 Kick Scooter

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Choose the A3 and A125 if your child:

  • want a smooth riding experience
  • is not comfortable in a small deck, both scooters come with a wide deck
  • he or she already has some experience with a scooter

Razor A3 Kick Scooter

 Razor A3 Kick Scooter

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Razor A125 Kick Scooter

Razor A125 Kick Scooter

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Choose the A4 and A5 if your child (6 to 8 years old): 

  • is heavy, because both scooters bear 100kg weight
  • want a wide deck for a comfortable standing position
  • want a lightweight scooter

Razor A4 Kick Scooter

Razor A4 Kick Scooter

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Razor A5 Kick Scooter

Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter

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How Razor’s A Series Kick Scooters Are Beneficial?

Kick scooters promote gross motor skills while practising balance and coordination. You can use them to get your child out of the house for fun outdoor activities and ensure plenty of exercise.

A scooter offers more excellent stability than a skateboard and more accessible storage than a bicycle. If your child cannot ride a bike or skateboard, then this is an excellent alternative. Who knows, you may even be showing off your tricks on a scooter.

It’s always a win if your child can get outside and be active. A scooter can be highly beneficial for your child, whether you live in an apartment or a small house. So, start making some memories today!

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