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Razor E90 Electric Scooter Review – Updated 2023

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If you are looking for a safe and secure ride for your children, then the Razor Power Core E90 electric scooter is an excellent option to buy on a low budget with the best quality.

The Razor E90 is the best Razor scooter for 12-year-old children on a budget.

The Razor has been one of the most popular electric scooter makers and sold nearly 5 million electric scooters in 2000. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter comes with a Hub motor. And it is the best kick start scooter with good battery life.

In this article, we share a useful review of the E-90 Power Core electric scooter.

Razor E90 Electric Scooter Review

Performance Test

  • Battery consumption: 100% to 12%
  • Distance: 10/13 miles (user weight 44 lbs / 33 lbs)
  • Average speed: 4.3 mph
  • Speed: 10 mph
  • Level: Slick roads with some minor elevation
  • Battery Life: up to 80 mins

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  • 12 hours charging time, must be full 12 hours, even before the battery light turns green
  • 5 “urethane tires, fully puncture-proof, and 0 maintenance
  • Push the throttle for safety and ease of use
  • Maximum speed nine mph
  • Maximum weight 120 lbs
  • 300 charge battery
  • 80W battery
  • 12V battery system
  • 1 hour of continuous use
  • 8 miles distance cover
  • Chain motor
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Ages 7-12
  • Kick start the motor; after starting the engine, you should go at a speed of at least three mph, very safe for children.
  • Soft rubber handlebar grip
  • Back wheel kick brake, push the pedal on the scooter’s back to get to the stop.
  • Lightweight full steel frame. Very durable material and very light, it is the perfect material for electric scooters.


  • Dimensions: 32.5″ L x 16″ W x 36″ H
  • Weight: 22 lbs (10kg)
  • Wheels Type: Urethane
  • Material: Powder Coated Steel
  • Age Recommendation: 8 and above
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 54kg
  • Weight Capacity: 120 lbs
  • Motor: Chain driven (Kick start in hub motor)
  • Miles per charge: 6 miles
  • Maximum Speed: 9 mph
  • Battery Type: 12V sealed lead acid, rechargeable
  • Charging Time: 12 Hours

Expert Choice

Razor Electric Scooter

Model: Core E90

With a length of 60 minutes ride and incredible design, it is the best razor scooter for 12-year-old due to safety & easy use.

Buy on Amazon


The Razor Power Core E90 has short handlebars that are better suited for children, but the downside is that the height is not adjusted. You can not adjust the handlebar’s height according to your needs.

There is a push-button throttle that you use to accelerate the scooter on the grip on the right. To turn the scooter on, you have to start it while holding the throttle, and the motor will turn on.

There are no options to adjust the throttle’s speed, and the scooter always moves at a constant speed.


The Razor E90 electric scooter reviews also depend on the brakes, consisting of two types: front hand brake and second rear pressure brake.

The handbrake is installed on the left-hand side of the Razor power core e90, and the backpressure brake is applied and controlled with the foot.

You have to keep in mind that while using the brakes, the Razor E90 scooter’s speed should be slow, leaving the throttle down.


The razor power core E90 review also depends on the tires, which are resistant to friction. It also lowers the resistance so that when your child rides on it, there is no problem of tire rupture.

This feature makes it the best razor scooter at the age of 12. The razor power core e90 electric scooter review on the tires’ smoothness is excellent on flat roads.

You get shocks when you ride a razor E90 electric scooter in the area or off-road. So avoid riding in rough places as it will damage the tires. It has anti-slipper tires to keep you safe while riding in the rain, making this razor scooter the best value.

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The razor power core e90 electric scooter has 12V rechargeable batteries. The Razor advises you to charge it for 12 hours before using it for riding.

This enables you to have a maximum charge for a long time without any hassle. The razor power core E90 electric scooter with a hub motor, when fully charged, has a runtime of 60 minutes without any delay.

This long battery life makes it the best razor scooter for 12-year-olds.

When you plug in the charger, do not turn the charger off for 12 hours. Always turn off the Power Core e90 electric scooter before charging.

The second and most important thing is to avoid charging it for 24 hours as it will damage your battery.


Kids can easily open the kickstand in the parking lot, as the razor E90 is a retractable kickstand.

This kickstand protects children from falling while riding a scooter, making it the best razor scooter for up to 12 years.


Although the assembly is straight, you may need to help your child to assemble the scooter when it comes out of the box. You will need a 5 mm Allen wrench for assembly, which is included in the package.

For assembly, pop the cap on the top of the deck. Place the handlebars on the deck and align them with the tires to make sure they are straight, and tighten the two bolts at the bottom using the included Allen wrench.

The assembly should take up to 10 minutes from start to finish.

Performance of Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

The Razor Power Core E90 is targeted at children, so it supports a maximum of 120 pounds. While that’s enough for young children, older teens can’t ride it.

The scooter features a 90-watt hub motor. It supports speeds of up to 10 miles per hour, suitable for children.

While the scooter will run smoothly on flat surfaces and gain maximum speed, it is not expected to do the same on mountains and hills. This is because the scooter has less torque (which is responsible for lifting).

As I said above, you have to start the scooter before the motor can run. After running the motor, the scooter will accelerate to 10 miles per hour.

The throttle only needs to be pushed once, and it will keep the engine running. The motor is tranquil and stable, and you will not feel any discomfort from it.

The Power Hub motor is maintenance-free, and you don’t have to worry about alignment or chains as the baby walks.

Another feature is that the scooter can act as a kick style scooter if it ever runs out of battery during the ride, and your child can return home safely and then charge it.

With a 12 V, 90-watt motor, the scooter doesn’t seem to be powerful enough, but it’s more than enough if we consider the target audience.

With a long-lasting engine, the motor experiences incredible riding.


  • 12v lead-acid battery
  • Hand brake system
  • Comes with kickstand
  • 90-watt hub motor
  • Steel frame


  • Some complaints about battery life

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How can the E90 be improved?

Some of the downsides of the E90 are:

Children can only walk at one speed. And holding a button on a long trip can be tiring. But for short rides and sprints, the little ones may not be aware of it.

The ride can be a bit rough and noisy. Since tires are not pneumatic, they are best ridden on smooth surfaces.

It’s not great on wet surfaces, but kids will usually ride it when the floor and paved paths are dry. So there is not much need for traction on wet.

The scooter is designed for use on fully-flat surfaces, perfect for children’s recreational use. However, do not expect that it will have the strength to climb.

If you are likely to be bothered by any of these ailments, you may want to consider other options. But with that being said, you may have to pay more for features like the variable throttle, pneumatic tires and a shorter battery charge time.


  • Is the razor power core E90 fully assembled for the customer?

The handlebar needs to be fitted. Allow up to 10 minutes for assembly, including initial charge time.

  • Are the lights on and off?

The lights come on when the scooter is turned on. So there is no button to turn the lights on and off.

  • Are both tires solid rubber?

Yes, the rear wheel is rubber with a hub motor and the front one is hard rubber.

Our Recommendation

We hope our Razor E90 Electric Scooter Review helps you to choose your children’s right option because it is the best razor scooter for 12-year-olds due to safety and ease of use.

With a length of 60 minutes ride and incredible design, we prefer you to buy this razor power core e90 electric scooter.

Our Alternative Product – Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Top Pick

Razor Electric Scooter

Model: E100 Scooter

Additional features include hand-operated calliper front brakes, soft rubber grip, easy twist acceleration control, a retractable kickstand, and foldable handlebars.

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  • Two 12v Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Foldable Handlebar
  • Steel Frame

Razor E100 comes with a 100-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor. That produces electrifying fun at speeds up to 10 mph (16 km/h) for kids ages eight and up; Hop-on, kick to start, and turn the accelerator to enjoy the freedom with an electric-powered ride.


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