Razor E300 vs E325 Comparison – Updated 2022

Razor E300 vs E325 comparison, are there any differences you find confusing? Get your answers here.

The Razor electric scooter and its variants are available in several models right now on the market, causing prospective buyers to have difficulty choosing between the available models.

If you’re considering between any of these, our comparison will help you decide which one to purchase.

Despite having many similar features, the Razor E325 and E300 is often viewed as the same by customers.

However, if you prefer one feature over another, you may be influenced by a slight difference in the features.

Now let’s take a closer look at both scooters that have a lot to offer. Additionally, the winner of each feature is mentioned after each section and the overall winner is provided at the end.

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Comparing their features allows us to identify the differences between both scooters.

Let’s start with a quick overview of both products to clarify a few points, then we’ll get to the comparison;

1. Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

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You are at the right place if you are looking for an electric scooter that is suitable for riders of all sizes.

Electric scooters like the Razor E300 are the company’s top-selling products. E300 is the best and most powerful scooter that has all of the desirable features for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The unique features of this product show its superiority. It’s designed for kids who want to hang out in the neighborhood.

Razor E300 is equipped with a powerful single-speed chain, a powerful motor, and an easy-to-use throttle for easy riding.

As a result of its self-starting capability, the scooter is superior to earlier products from the same manufacturer. Furthermore, this electric scooter is capable of completing 15 miles every hour, because it uses a powerful electric motor.

The Speed allows you to have fun without worrying about obstacles or endangering other road users. Due to the 24-volt rechargeable battery in the electric scooter, it can cruise for 40 minutes. However, you have to be patient while charging the battery, as it can take up to 12 hours to fully charge.

  • Quality parts and build
  • It can be equipped with a seat
  • Good speed
  • Great price
  • Front and back, great pneumatic tires
  • Variable twistgrip
  • Good distance
  • Require 12 hours of charging
  • Heavy
  • They’ve started using other slimmer tires
  • No lights or reflector
  • Handbrake could need some adjusting

2. Razor E325 Electric Scooter Review

 Razor E325 Electric Scooter

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Among the best-selling models in the market, the Razor E325 Electric scooter takes the top spot. However, it is designed mainly for kids that are 12 and older, and not for kids older than 12 years of age. Several similarities exist between this and a Razor E300 electric scooter.

In addition to its attractive design, the scooter provides a smooth and comfortable ride due to its unique features.

Your kid doesn’t need to exert extra effort to ride the Razor E325 electric scooter. Its dimension is 41’’ X 17’’ X 42. Having an expansive deck makes it easy for your kid’s feet to grip and keeps them safe.

The handlebars of the Razor E325 Electric Scooter can’t be adjusted. Instead, it has a rubber hand grip so that the handlebars are easy to hold.

Kids are more likely to use it than other electric scooters. This scooter boosts kids’ interest in riding a scooter with its innovative features.

  • Weighing only 22 pounds
  • 15mph speed
  • Two powerful batteries with 12 volts
  • Wide and pneumatic tires
  • Noise-free motor
  • Only 9miles of range
  • Not suitable for taller ones

Razor E300 vs E325 Detailed Feature Comparison

Detailed comparisons of both scooters are provided here. Both of these scooters are popular nowadays, and especially those who are excited to buy scooters are drawn to them.

In order to stay updated on the latest Scooters, you have first to do your research, make a comparison of Razor E300 vs Razor E325, and then take the right decision. As a matter of knowledge, let us now examine the differences between the two.


Electric scooters are always attractive for teenagers and adults due to their sturdy design and fine detailing. The sleek shape and smooth finish of the frame are of the utmost importance to Razor. Both E325 and E300 belong to this category.

Moreover, both scooters have been built from high-quality materials, so they are sturdy and dependable. Both scooters follow a similar design.

There is a slight curve at the end of the deck, and the long and slim handlebars are attractive that will catch the attention of anyone!

As both electric scooters are available in a variety of colors, you may find a difference in color.


Due to the similar design of both electric scooters, they are tied!


Both Razor E325 and E300 come with 24V (two 12V) batteries.

However, Razor E300 has a 40-minute continuous run time. Batteries in both can hold a lot of power, and they recharge quickly.

But, compared to the Razor E300, the E325’s battery life is slightly longer, at 45 continuous minutes. 

So as you can see, the difference isn’t quite as significant as you would expect. Both models are powered by chain-driven motors and can reach a maximum speed of 15 mph with the same power.

Despite being quite fast and smooth, they accelerate smoothly. 

Razor E300 and Razor E325 are popular among adults as well as kids for getting to work – People are also using E300 and E325 to get to work – they park their cars in the driveway and use the scooters to get to the office.


Due to the identical performance of both electric scooters, they are tied!

Motor Power

Powered by a sturdy chain-driven motor, the Razor E325 and E300 are both able to deliver 250W of power efficiently.

Since many scooters have the 250W motor, it’s standard among electric scooters. So, your scooter will likely perform better, but you may face lags in some areas.

The reason is that some electric scooters with higher motor power can climb uphill more quickly.


Due to their similar motor power, both scooters tie!

Top Speed

Razor scooters are not supposed to have a top speed. There’s a single-speed mode on most, including the Razor E325 and E300.

Both electric scooters have a speed of 15 mph (24 km/h). However, teenagers may find such a high-speed thrilling, because it can put their lives at risk.

Putting on safety equipment all of the time would be a better option.

No speed adjustments are possible. Therefore, we recommend riding on smooth surfaces where traffic is low. Otherwise, the higher speeds might cause you to have a serious accident.


Due to the same top speed, the electric scooters tie!


If you need to cover short distances, the Razor E325 and E300 may be your best options.

Both electric scooters have the same range of 10 miles (16 kilometers) because of their respective batteries.

In addition, the range of this scooter is slightly longer than other electric scooters in the market, which makes it the best choice for commuters.

By doing so, you can easily get to school or work, if you’re several miles away.


Due to the same range, both electric scooters tie!

Braking System

Safety has always been Razor’s primary concern when developing electric scooters.

There is a rear braking system on both the Razor E325 and E300.

Having hand-operated rear brakes makes it incredibly easy to use. With this, you can receive an instant response and stop being harmed.

However, we think the braking system needs improvement compared to the exceptionally high speed of 15 mph.


Due to the same braking system on both electric scooters, it’s a tie!


A scooter’s weight is the first factor to consider if you will be travelling and carrying it. It’s good news that both electric scooters are light enough to be carried around easily.

With a weight of 43 lbs. (19.5 kg), the Razor E300 is quite light. To make your work easier, it can be a great choice.

The Razor E325 weighs 42.53 lbs. (19.3 kg) compared to the Razor E300, which is even lighter. There is a small difference that may matter for some customers, regardless of how small it is.

So, having a lighter frame means your ride will be more comfortable and convenient with the Razor E325 and E300. Also, adults and teenagers are capable of carrying it by hand.

Razor R325 and E300 electric scooters are still the lightest electric scooters compared to many other electric scooters on the market!


Razor E325 Electric Scooter

Weight Capacity

Both the Razor E325 and E300 can hold weights of up to 220 lbs. (100 kg). Due to their primary audience being teenagers and adults, we think this capacity is perfect.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or an adult who weighs a lot. Both scooters can be an ideal choice for you because the Razor E325 and E300 provide excellent performance and speeds and a better ride as well.


Since both scooters can carry the same amount of weight, it’s a tie!


Electric scooters depend on their frame and construction for their durability and portability.

Due to the all-steel frames of the Razor E325 and E300, they are extremely sturdy and durable.

Adding a steel frame to the electric scooters makes them incredibly strong and allows them to handle excessive wear and tear easily.

As a result, you can ride them on various terrains without worrying about damaging the frame.


Steel frames make both electric scooters a tie!

Deck Size

With a slightly larger deck than E300, the Razor E325 offers a greater level of performance. In addition, a larger deck provides easier standing room for the rider, so the ride will be more comfortable and safe.

E325 is more suitable for teens and adults since it has a larger deck size than E300.


Razor E325 Electric Scooter

Using Time

It takes approximately 40 minutes to use both the Razor E325 and E300. In most cases, you’ll be able to run the Razor E325 for 45 minutes when fully charged, and your weight falls within the recommended range.

Additionally, you can make good use of the 40 minutes by participating in a ride or running race with your neighborhood friends.

Therefore, 40 minutes are also enough for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

With this electric scooter, you’ll have the best time using it compared to others. Others only allow 15-30 minutes of usage.

Obviously, both the Razor E325 and E300 have the potential to provide you with hours of fun rides.


Due to the same usage time of both electric scooters, this is a tie.


The tires on these electric scooters are sufficiently durable to handle a variety of terrains.

Considering the size, weight, and price, the Razor E325 and Razor E300 come with robust 9-inch tires. Rubber tires with pneumatic technology are used in the tires.

Size and material make these tires ideal for smooth riding. As a result, they provide an exciting ride and can even ride uphill.


Due to their similar tires, these two electric scooters tie.


An electric scooter’s suspension is a unique feature. Razor’s E300 and E325 electric scooters are now more modern and portable due to their double suspension system.

On rough terrains, the suspension is effective in absorbing the impact. As a result, no matter how bumpy the terrain is, you will not feel it.

These two scooters provide an enjoyable ride on both sidewalks and streets, so you could say that they are smooth to ride on.


With the dual suspension, both electric scooters tie!


Razor’s E325 and E300 both use lead-acid batteries, which are common in most of its electric scooters.

However, lead-acid batteries require maintenance and are less expensive. Buying these electric scooters only makes sense if you have the skills to maintain them. Otherwise, A battery replacement will be necessary.


Due to the lead-acid batteries in both electric scooters, there’s a tie!

Folding Technology

Unfortunately, the Razor E325 and E300 cannot be folded as well. They are very lightweight electric scooters, but we think they should be able to fold to make things more convenient.

If you are looking for a foldable electric scooter that fits into small spaces, these might not fulfill your needs.


Due to the lack of folding technology in both electric scooters, it’s a tie.

Retractable Kickstand

In order to make them more convenient, the Razor E325 and Razor E300 have retractable kickstands. Due to this, they can be parked without any assistance in a garage or small space.


The kickstands on both electric scooters are retractable, so it’s a tie!


Both the Razor E300 and E325 come with the same warranty. Approximately one year of the manufacturer’s warranty is included on both scooters.


Due to the same warranty, both electric scooters tie!


Razor E325 Electric Scooter (Winner)

 Razor E325 Electric Scooter

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We found no significant differences between the Razor E325 vs E300 after a detailed comparison.

Due to the slight difference in weight, we believe Razor E325 is the winner!

But as you know, the Razor E300 has a removable seat. For a child who needs a scooter, the Razor E300 is the best option because the seat is removable and it is easy to transport.

All other features are the same except for the removable speed and weight. Therefore, you can select any of the electric scooters based on your needs. I’m pretty sure now you’ve got a pretty good idea about both of them.


Razor E325 Vs. Razor E300: What’s The Difference?

Their differences lie in their weights and sizes. While E300 has a width of 20.5-inches, E325 has a wider width of 40-inches.

A larger deck size is the reason for E325’s difference. Approximately 19 lbs. is the weight of E300, while over 43 kg is the weight of E325.

Is It Possible To Make My Razor E300 Faster?

With various methods, you can speed up your Razor E300. Remove the speed limiter of the Razor E300 is one of them.

Is The Razor E325 Equipped With A Seat?

Unfortunately, the Razor E325 lacks a seat, but the E300 does.

What Is The Size Of The Razor E300 And E325 Decks?

These Razor scooters have a super-sized deck on both the E300 and E325. The deck width is 8 inches, which makes it suitable for adults.

Can Anyone Ride The Razor E300 Or E325?

Teenagers and adults can use the Razor E300 and E325. A minimum age of 13 years and older is recommended.

What Do You Think Of The Razor E300?

Due to its thick pneumatic tires, the Razor E300 has a comfortable and stable ride, and its low price makes it a good buy.

Unfortunately, the E300’s hardware is extremely basic, even lacking an indicator for the battery charge. In addition, a chain drivetrain makes noise, and the accelerator is difficult to modulate.

Can Adults Use The Razor E300?

The E300’s weight capacity is 220 pounds, and it is recommended for children 13 and older.

The Razor E100, E200, and E300 are electric scooters made for ages eight to adult (check your age and weight to find out which model fits you best).

Is The Razor E325 Foldable?

It’s not foldable, and it’s rather heavy (42 pounds), which is difficult for children. The retractable kickstand is a particularly useful feature in this respect.

Whenever you aren’t using it, and also when it is charging, you can leave the electric scooter standing.

When It Comes To Speed, How Fast Is The Razor E325?

The Razor E325 has a top speed of 15 mph. However, the condition of the tires can affect the speed.

Is The Razor E300 Capable Of Climbing Hills?

Yes, Razor E300 electric scooter can definitely go uphill… However, lighter scooters require less power, which means less work for the motor.

So, before you purchase your electric scooter, you should check its maximum weight capacity. Furthermore, heavier scooters usually have a larger weight capacity.

What Is The Battery Life Of The Razor E325?

Using 250 watts of high torque, it hits speeds up to 15 mph (24 km/h). Continuous use lasts up to 40 minutes.

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