Razor E100 vs E125 Electric Scooter: Updated 2022

Looking for a comparison between Razor E100 vs E125 Electric Scooter? You’ve come to the right place!

When it comes to providing presents for children, especially during special events such as Christmas or birthday celebrations, you can take electric scooters from Razor.

Electric scooters like the Razor offer a fun and easy way to travel around. If Razor electric scooters for children were to be discussed, the Razor E100 and Razor E125 scooters would be the first that comes to mind.

” In the end, the question is, which Razor scooter is better, the E100 or the E125? If you are unsure which type of scooter to buy for your children and How we can help you? “

Then you should have to keep reading to learn more about both scooters.

In order to help you decide which scooter is right for you, we have listed some features of the Razor E100 and E125.

With this Razor E100 vs E125 scooter comparison, it is easy to see which scooter offers the best value for the money. Keep an eye on us.

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Razor E100 vs E125: COMPARISON TABLE

Let’s begin by looking at the differences between the two scooters’ features.



 Razor E125 Electric Scooter

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A Razor E125 model is among the best models available for young kids aged eight and older. Because of its wonderful features, it offers your child a smooth ride while also keeping them safe. Electric scooters such as Razor E125 are suitable for beginners as well.

The scooter is a modified version of the razor E100. The first time someone sees it, they will be amazed at its elegant and beautiful object. There are three beautiful colors to choose from (silver, pink, black).

Razor E125 comes with a high-torque motor and a twist-grip throttle that enhance the riding experience. Children can run at a speed of 10 mph with this motor, which provides a smooth ride.

Powered by a brilliant and long-lasting battery, the Razor E125 can stay active for up to 40 minutes. Moreover, it can be recharged, so it becomes even more convenient and valuable.

Additionally, the price is very reasonable when compared to the other electric scooters. Finally, the unique design and special techniques of the product make it perform exceptionally well.

  • Weighing only 22 pounds.
  • The battery life is excellent.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • To provide a quiet ride.
  • Speed of 10mph.
  • 90 days warranty.
  • 40 minutes of riding time.


When Your Battery Dies, Will You Be Able To Self-Propel?

It is possible to walk a self-propelled scooter, but these vehicles are much slower than non-motorized ones. With a motor, it is also heavier to propel oneself, since it carries a lot of weight.

What Is The Razor E125’S Top Speed?

The E125 electric scooter by Razor is an excellent choice for kids ages 8 and up. Powered by an electric motor, this vehicle can reach speeds up to 10mph! With a full charge, you will be able to use the device for 40 minutes continuously.



Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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With its top speed of 10mph, Razor E100 electric scooter is suitable for kids. However, there is a new area of improvement on the E100 scooter – the front pneumatic tire. Unlike Urethane wheels, inflated tires make riding on tracks and pieces more comfortable.

While it is raining, they provide a better grip on wet surfaces. Unfortunately, you may end up living in flats.

Having a decent deck space that hides a kick-motor inside is one of the best parts of the Razor E100. In addition, the kick-start motor of this electric scooter is definitely one of the best features recommended by parents. Razor E100 is equipped with a 100W chain that runs on a durable, stable 24-volt battery.

With the Razor E100, the handlebars can be non-adjustable, but they have an excellent rubber grip and bumpers on the ends of the handle, so if your child loses their balance, they will be able to stop the scooter before falling.

The pneumatic tires present another huge advantage and can be decisive. The pneumatic tire is the appropriate option for your convenience and comfort.

  • 100-watt motor
  • Hand brake system
  • Suitable for kids age eight and up
  • Two 12v lead-acid batteries
  • Strong steel frame
  • It worked great for about six months, then the battery began to lose power



Does The E100 Electric Scooter Have A Recommended Age Range?

Yes, any child 8+ years old who looks forward to riding an electric scooter should consider the Razor E100. If you can’t think of the perfect gift, or your kids love classic scooters, this would be the perfect gift. Also, purchasing a children’s scooter for a child with siblings will ensure that there will be quarrels over who gets to use it and when!

What Is The Speed Of The Razor E100 Electric Scooter?

The E100 Electric Scooter can reach a top speed of 10 mph. Yet, it has the same speed and fun as a regular scooter. A child over the age of 8 can use this model. Scooter riders can reach new speeds if they are willing to keep advancing a little.

When Does The Battery Charge?

Initially, the battery takes 12 hours to charge, and then it takes 4-6 hours to recharge. Electric scooters at this price point are a major problem, and we do not understand why this happens.


The comparison section is the next point to focus on for those who skipped the introduction. Both scooters are designed for kids, and that’s what’s important to say.

Therefore, if you’re searching for some fascinating birthday presents for your kids, please read our detailed comparison of Razor E100 vs E125 electric kick scooter, choose the most appropriate gift for them.

Here, we’ll compare the Razor E100 and E125 in terms of design, riding experience, weight carrying capacity, and many more features that can impact its overall performance.

Choosing one that’s most appropriate for you will be the last step.

So, why wait? Let’s take a look at each feature, along with a comparison.


When you are purchasing an electric scooter for your kids, speed is another important factor to consider along with the design. Children love e-scooters because of the speed factor, and you can’t ignore that when choosing one.

Imagine what your kid would feel if they lost the race?

You can understand how your kid will feel when your electric scooter doesn’t make enough speed to beat the other kids in a race.

The maximum speed of both E100 and E125 is 10 mph (16 km/h). Therefore, it does not matter which scooter gives you a higher speed since both scooters are within the same speed range.


A winning product cannot have a similar speed throughout. So, we’ve got a tie!


For kids, handlebars, grips, and throttle play a significant role in improving their riding experience. Adjustable handlebars will make it a good choice for kids. However, it is also essential to have a soft and user-friendly grip.

It is also considered a perfect choice for adults and children to use twist-grip speed control.

There are no differences between handlebar heights and throttle systems. They both have handles with a height of 22 inches.

In addition, the Razor E100 and E125 electric kick scooters are also equipped with throttle acceleration control systems on their right sides.

To put it simply, handlebar height and throttle speed are the same.


Again, there is no winner or loser.


In kids, the most attractive aspect is the design of an electric scooter.

Don’t you think it’s true? If so, buy a scooter with simple looks, great power, excellent acceleration, and extended battery life.

You’ll notice that that electric scooter’s positive aspects will be lost due to its simple appearance. Therefore, we can say that electric scooters with appealing designs are more desirable than those that don’t have attractive design.

Razor E100 comes in seven different colors (Blue, Daisy, Launch Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Sweet Pea), making it equally suitable for boys and girls who desire to choose the perfect design for their scooter. On the other hand, Razor E125 comes in four colors (Pink, Blue, Silver, Black).

Therefore, you are free to pick any color you would like for your kid. Besides color, the handlebar length, deck size, and overall design are the same.


Because of its multiple colors, Razor E100 stands out as the winner.


Imagine how peaceful it would be to cross the road on your Razor electric scooter.

Both the E125 and E100 scooters feature alloy steel decks, which offer durability and stability, and both are also capable of handling heavy loads.

There can be no combination of smooth finishes to another brand. For even more epic benefits, the deck of the razor will never corrode or rust so that you can enjoy the razor in all weather conditions.

Both models have the same deck measurements. They each measure 7 inches wide by 21 inches long.


The deck dimensions and materials of both are similar. A tie resulted.


Make sure your children don’t have to ride a heavyweight electric scooter. Children may find it hard to handle heavy e-scooters. Furthermore, some kids find it challenging to lift an electric scooter, but driving a heavy scooter is much more challenging.

As a result, light electric scooters are more appealing to kids than heavy ones. By comparing the weights of both products, we find that Razor E100 is heavier than Razor E125.

There is an approximate weight of 32 lbs. (14.27 kg) for a Razor E100. As a comparison of E100, the Razor E125 weighs only 25.25 lbs. (11.45 kg).


The Razor E125 is a winner for its lightweight, and even an 8-year-old kid can ride it easily.


Your lightweight Razor electric scooter lets you go wherever you need to go in no time, whether it’s at work or home.

Based on the battery runtime analysis, the match appears to tie since both models use the same type of batteries.

Both models are powered by sealed lead-acid batteries of 12V (dual 24V batteries).

Since they use the same type of battery in the Razor E125 and E100 electric kick scooters, their battery runtime is also the same.

You can drive continuously for 40 minutes when your battery is fully charged. By doing so, they will cover 6.6 miles at a maximum speed.


Once again, the match ends in a tie. No one wins.


As we discussed earlier. Both E125 and E100 models are similar to each other in terms of their battery type and runtime.

Both scooters require approximately 4 to 6 hours for the battery to charge fully. Therefore, using the scooter for 40 minutes is possible after it has been fully charged.


Again, it is a tie because of the same charge-up time.


For urban commuters who need to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, Razor E125 and E100 are ideal.

Urethane is used in the solid rear tire to deliver maximum durability when riding on various terrain and obstructions.

Front pneumatic tires provide stability and comfort, and their low drag makes steering smooth.

In short, Razor offers an exceptional combination of solid rear urethane tires and an inflatable front tire that provides ultimate comfort. Beginners who are learning how to ride a Razor scooter will be pleased with both scooters.

Both scooters have front inflatable tires, while the rear tires are solid urethane. Thus, there is no difference between E125 and E100 in terms of tires.


Due to the same tires on both models, the match ties.


According to the above comparison, every feature is equally important. But the most crucial factor is the motor type and its power.

E-scooters require a motor of high quality so that they operate smoothly and quickly. Fortunately, the motors in both models are the same type, which contributes to similar output power in both scooters.

Due to similar motor power on both scooters, there shouldn’t be any confusion regarding their power. Both the Razor E125 and E100 scooters have 100-watt chain-driven motors with high torque.


There is no difference between motor power and type. The tie is on!


An electric scooter braking system plays a vital role in its overall performance.

Your safety and that of others may be compromised if your braking system isn’t functioning correctly.

Electric scooters Razor E100 and E125 have similar brake systems, capable of stopping effectively in emergencies.

The left hand operated the front caliper brake system on both scooters, providing effective security when driving fast.


Again, ties resulted from the same braking system.


First, I would like to be very honest about the hill-climbing capabilities of both under-comparison products.

Razor’s under-reviewed models are not the best choice if you are looking for an electric scooter for kids for hilly terrain that can climb as well.

They are incapable of climbing any slopes with their 100Watt motor power. Because of this, you will be disappointed that Razor E125 and E100 electric scooters are only suitable for flat surfaces.


In hill-climbing, there is no clear winner, as both perform poorly.


Playing with toys isn’t important for kids when they are too busy playing anyway. It doesn’t matter for kids how much the toy costs, and the same thing applies to electric scooters.

If they’re racing against other kids, the road doesn’t matter if it’s bumpy or muddy. Hence, an electric scooter should be sturdy enough to present a safe ride for kids.

That is why the scooter should be constructed with sturdy materials. However, an extremely strong frame can only be built from standard lightweight materials.

There is no difference since both Razor E100 and E125 scooters use the same Alloy Steel frame material. As a result, both are strong and lightweight, which gives your children a pleasant and comfortable ride.


It appears to be a tie because both use the same material.


Toys like the Razor E100 or E125 electric scooters are perfect additions to any child’s collection.

The scooter is more portable when it has a foldable mechanism.

We can see from comparing both models of Razor that the E125 comes with foldable handlebars that turn it into a portable scooter. As a result, it requires little space for storage when it isn’t in use.

Moreover, an opposing point of the Razor E100 is that there is no folding mechanism.

Besides being foldable, another feature that makes an e-scooter portable is its lightweight. As mentioned previously, the E125 weighs less than the E100.


Due to its foldable handlebars, Razor E125 wins the battle.


If your kid is smart enough, you will not need to consider this aspect when buying an e-scooter. However, when purchasing an electric scooter for a heavy child, look at its weight carrying capacity.

In this case, Both Razor E125 and E100 have a weight capacity of 120 pounds, almost the same as 54 kg. In other words, if your kid is more than 54kg, other options may be more appropriate.


Because the riders’ weight capacity is equal, the match ties here.


The majority of the features of two compared products are similar.

However, there are a few exceptions. For example, when comparing the design, the Razor E100 is a clear winner. It is available in a variety of colors.

Alternatively, the Razor E125 electric scooter is a winner due to its foldable handlebars and portable design, making it easy to operate for children.

As a result of a long discussion, we can conclude that Razor E125 is the overall winner for its lightweight and foldable handlebars, which makes it perfect than Razor E100.

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