Razor A5 LUX vs A5 DLX – Experts Comparison 2023

Searching for a comparison between Razor A5 LUX vs A5 DLX? Here’s where you should be.

Scooters are become very popular among children because of their safe and comfortable ride, and it is also a little package of adventure for beginners. Scooters save their time to reach early in their destination and provide the fun of life.

An in-depth comparison between Razor A5 DLX and A5 LUX has been provided here, and it shows which one is superior in terms of its features or if they are tied.

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Quick Guide:

Razor A5 LUX is also the best scooter for beginners for the eight-plus kids. It has high durability made of anodized aluminium that makes it long-lasting for riding.


On the other hand, if you are looking for a scooter with a vast deck, then Razor A5 DLX is the best option because it has an expansive deck of 20.9 inches for a sturdy stand and gives you a proper balance on the scooter. In addition, it comes with high-quality polyurethane tires in which have no fear of puncture and low air pressure.


Comparing Their Features Reveals The Differences Between The Two Scooters.

We’ll begin with a brief overview of both products, then move on to the comparison;

Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter – (Short Review)

Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter

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Razor A5 DLX is a kickstand scooter that has a dimension of 34.65 X 16.85 X 38.5b inches. It is made of high-quality material anodized aluminum. It has a wide deck of 20.9 inches for a sturdy stand and gives you a proper balance on the scooter.

It comes with high-quality polyurethane tires in which have no fear of puncture and low air pressure.

It is a lightweight scooter, and it carries almost 220 pounds. This scooter is for beginners for eight years or above ages.

This scooter is made for safety and safety-conscious users, so your kid can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride, and parents are free from the concern about their child’s safety.

Razor A5 DLX scooter has adjustable handlebars that adjust the scooter’s height according to the kid’s length. In addition, it is a pre-assemble scooter. Therefore, you won’t regret purchasing it, as it’s the most suitable scooter for beginners.

  • High Durability
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Comes with Anti-Rattle Technology
  • Wide tires
  • Low deck

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Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter – (Short Review)

 Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter

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Razor A5 LUX is also the best scooter for beginners for the eight-plus kids. It has high durability made of anodized aluminium that makes it long-lasting for riding.

In addition, it comes with adjustable handlebars with a height of 29 to 38 inches. Despite its lightweight, this scooter weighs 6 pounds and can carry over 220 pounds, and it is easy to get to a nearby park.

It has a wide deck with 4.5 inches that gives you a comfortable stand and is easy to balance.

Eight diameter large wheels give a smooth ride on bumpy roads. In addition, the scooter brake on the A5 LUX can be engaged by pressing down on the rear wheel fender.

Generally, kick scooters are easy to fold so that they can be stored compactly. An additional benefit of the A5 is a kickstand that allows more efficient undisturbed parking.

  • Large eight diameter wheels
  • High durability
  • Wide and comfortable deck
  • A little bit noisy

Detailed Comparison of Razor A5 DLX and A5 LUX:

Check out the in-depth comparison below to find out which scooter is right for your children.

So let’s start.


Anodized aluminium material makes up the Razor A5 DLX, which is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Silver sporty and black finish on the deck and tires makes it eye-catching and classy.

After delivery, you do not worry about assembling parts because they are already assembled in the box. In addition, it is a foldable scooter, and it has the benefit of folding after a ride to fix its specific space.

At the same time, the Razor A5 LUX‘s stem and body are also made of high-quality anodized aluminium. It comes in blue and silver, and you can choose as you like. Both scooters are for eight or above-aged kids.


Due to their similar designs, Both scooters are getting equal marks.


There are 20.9 inches wide of deck space made of aircraft-grade materials, making the Razor A5 DLX highly maneuverable.

In addition, aluminum is corrosion-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your deck getting damaged by rust.

In contrast, Razor A5 LUX has 4.5 inches wide enough for a kid of age eight. Furthermore, the Razor A5 Lux has a foot space of 13 inches, which makes it even easier to fit kids’ and adults’ feet.

By this comparison, the Razor A5 DLX’s deck is longer and wider than the Razor A5 Lux.


Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter


The handlebars of the Razor A5 DLX are adjustable; you can adjust the handle according to your length. Despite the soft rubber grip on the handlebars, the scooter can be controlled tightly by its spongy grip.

It’s more convenient to speed down with the spongy grips, but some people find it annoying, but you have an option to getting off.

While the handlebars of Razor A5 LUX are 29 to 38 inches in height and 17 inches in width. It is also an adjustable handlebar. The grip on the handlebars is firm during riding.


Both scooters have adjustable handlebars, so it’s a tie.


Razor A5 DLX comes with large polyurethane of 8 diameters tires that provide a comfy and pleasant ride on the road. No matter if you ride on bumpy or uneven surfaces, you enjoy the ride.

Furthermore, since the tires are made of high-quality material, you do not need to worry about a puncture.

However, the Razor A5 LUX also comes with a large diameter of 8-inch urethane wheels that provide a smooth ride, even when bumpy.

Thus, there is a difference in stability and endurance for the riders when riding large wheels.


It is a tie because both scooters’ tires have the same diameter. 

Braking System

A pretended rare fender brake comes with the Razor A5 DLX. As a result, taller riders don’t suffer from sudden hand braking when using highly effective quick-response brakes.

Furthermore, if you are riding on the downhill side, the brakes work smoothly without disturbance.

On the other hand, the A5 LUX comes with a brake that’s operated via foot pressure on the rear wheel fender.


It’s a tie because their differences aren’t great.


Despite its lightweight design, the Razor A5 DLX can carry only 220 pounds. Its weight is 8.8 pounds. You can carry it quickly to a nearby park.

At the same time, Razor A5 LUX is also a lightweight scooter, and it also carries 220 pounds, and its weight is 8.6lbs.


Both scooters have the same weight, so both are considered equal.


The scooter must have a specific stand you can stand it on, not hold it on your hand, if you need to do work while riding, like talking to anyone or seeing a view. Then, with the help of the kickstand, the scooter can stand as you want.

Razor company gives their buyers such a fantastic benefit in their products. That is why Razor A5 DLX and A5 LUX both have kickstands to park the scooter anywhere easily.


Both scooters are winners.

Anti-Rattle Technology

Last but not least, this feature is only found in the Razor A5 DLX scooter.

This technique makes the handlebar and deck vibration-free during rides, which is the most noteworthy improvement from the company that brought in the A5 DLX. As a result, the ride is smooth and comfortable in every way. However, the A5 LUX lacks this feature.


Razor A5 DLX is a Winner.


In this article Razor A5 LUX vs A5 DLX, we try to keep your decision clear to give you a detailed comparison between these two scooters. The price of the A5 DLX and A5 Lux is similar to each other. There are two significant differences between the two devices: the addition of “anti-rattling technology” and a more neutral color scheme.

Both scooters are suitable if you buy Razor A5 DLX is good enough for adults, and Razor A5 LUX is best for beginners and learners.

As you know, the accurate comparison between these two scooters up there we recommended you Razor A5 DLX because it is better than Razor A5 LUX due to its unique features. So you will not regret buying Razor A5 DLX.


Is The Razor A5 Scooter For Adults?

Fold the Kick scooter with ease, and it’s ready to roll immediately. You do not need to assemble it. A rider can weigh up to 220 pounds on this bike, and it is recommended for ages 8 and up.

What Is The Diameter Of The Wheels? 

My wheel has a diameter of about eight inches, according to my measurement. However, The picture misleads the viewer if they are trying to estimate the size of the wheels.

In addition, it isn’t easy to judge the scooter in the photograph because it’s taller than a standard Razor scooter. Upon receiving my scooter, I was surprised at the size of the wheels; they matched the length of my hands from wrist to fingertip.

How Wide Is The Deck?

There are some differences between it and a scooter, but it is much smaller than a skateboard. However, the scooter is still perfect.

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