Razor A5 Dlx vs A6 Kick Scooter – Researched Based Comparison

If you’re trying to decide between Razor A5 DLX vs A6 kick scooter, then you’ve come to the right place.

Although many options are available regarding kids’ scooters but finding the perfect one isn’t always easy. Your main concern is your child’s safety, which is the leading cause of this confusion.

However, children want to have as much fun as possible. Therefore, you must look for a combination of safety features and modern scooter features when shopping for a scooter for kids.

However, we have simplified the process. Here I have mentioned the two best scooters, which are the Razor A5 Dlx and Razor A6.

But another question arises here, which one is the best kick scooter?

So to answer this question, here I will compare all the features of both scooters Razor A5 DLX vs A6.

So stay with us!

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 Razor A5 Dlx scooter comes with anti-rattle technology, which makes this scooter more comfortable to ride. In addition, the technology also upgrades the scooter’s performance. Due to this technology, Razor’s A5 Dlx is called the king of comfort.


The Razor A6 kick scooter has the tallest handlebar, which is perfect for all heights of kids and adults. The most important is that you can adjust the handlebar about 49 inches.

Before starting the comparison, let’s take an overview of both scooters Razor A5 Dlx and Razor A6.

Razor A5 Dlx Kick Scooter – Overview

Razor A5 Dlx Kick Scooter

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It is very comfortable to ride the Razor A5 Dlx scooter for adults and users of big heights. Furthermore, the Razor A5 Dlx kick scooter is ideal for riding on rough surfaces because the rider cannot feel bumps.

In addition to being very comfortable, the A5 Dlx scooter is easier to use in every condition than other models in the A5 line.

Aluminium is used for the frame of this scooter. It is a very strong metal that becomes stronger over time.

Scooters with these frames are also perfect for people who enjoy doing stunts and rough riding. In addition, it is incredibly light in weight and can be picked up easily with your hands.

Additionally, the scooter’s deck is made from anodized aluminum that is very strong. Since the deck is for adults, the foot size of adults is larger than that of children, so you can comfortably place your foot on it.

The wheel of this scooter is made of polyurethane. As well as being puncture-proof and absorbing bumps well, the A5 Dlx wheel has an 8-inch diameter. Thus, you can comfortably ride on rough terrain.

The hand brake on this scooter plays a crucial role in ensuring safety while riding.

When riding at high speed, brakes stop the scooter without any accidents, and also applying brakes when going downhill stops the scooter without slipping.

  • High durability
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Wide tires
  • It comes with rattle-free technology
  • Low deck

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Razor A6 Kick Scooter – Overview

Razor A6 Kick Scooter

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Razor A6 kick scooter is famous for its special features, such as a tall handlebar and extra length than others. The tall handlebar indicates that this scooter is designed for adults, and you can adjust the handlebar about 49 inches.

It provides a comfortable ride to the rider because this scooter has all the features of an excellent ride. It can be used on any surface. Therefore, you can enjoy riding on rough surfaces without being bothered.

There is a folding feature on this scooter. When you are not using it, it can be folded.

By folding, you can store this scooter in a place that takes very little space, and you can take it with you without any problem.

Additionally, the frame of this scooter is made of high-grade aluminum. Due to the aluminium frame, this scooter can withstand long-term use without losing its functionality.

The scooter does not have handbrakes, but it has rare fender brakes that can heat the tires quickly if they are used excessively.

  • A long handlebar provides better suitability for taller riders
  • Large wheels provide a smooth riding experience
  • Durable material
  • Handy
  • No handbrakes

Detailed Comparison of Razor A5 Dlx vs A6:

Now we start the depth comparison between these two scooters


Razor A5 DLX kick scooter has an adjustable and comfortable handlebar to fit both kids and adults. This scooter’s handlebar can be adjusted according to height.

In addition, the handlebars have a soft handgrip, giving you a solid grip on the handle, and you can move the handlebars freely from left to right.

Razor A6 kick scooters also have an adjustable handlebar, which can be adjusted about 49 inches. This scooter’s handlebars are designed for adults who are taller than others and wish to ride comfortably without disturbance.

Winner: Razor A6


A Razor A5 DLX scooter’s wheel is made from polyurethane material and has a diameter of 8 inches.

These wheels are suitable for use on any surface. However, unlike other scooters, this scooter’s wheel stops smoothly when you apply brakes while at high speed.

Meanwhile, the Kick scooter Razor A6 is equipped with aluminium wheels. These wheels are designed for handling all harsh surfaces.

With these wheels, you won’t feel any road bumps because they absorb them and give you a comfortable and safe ride.

Winner: Both scooters get equal marks.


Aluminum is used in the deck of the A5 DLX scooter, but it is not a wide deck like most scooters, but you can adjust it comfortably to fit your foot.

In addition, its deck is far enough from the road’s surface, so it cannot be hit by speed breakers when crossing them.

On the other hand, the A6 scooter deck is also crafted from aluminium, but it’s high-grade aluminium. There is a wide deck on this scooter so, your foot can rest comfortably on it.

The most important thing about this scooter is that its deck is durable, scratchless, and won’t break easily.

Winner: Due to the wide deck, the Razor A6 is a winner


In order to ensure safe riding, the A5 Dlx scooter has handbrakes. In addition, the brakes of this scooter are very soft, so you can apply brakes at high speed and stop without crashing or having an accident.

On the other hand, the A6 scooter does not have handbrakes. Rare fender brakes are installed on this scooter, but excessive use may cause damage to the wheels.

Using your foot to stop the scooter is also an option.

Winner: Razor A5 Dlx

Anti-Rattle Technology

There is anti-rattle technology on both scooters. Due to this technology, these scooters are more comfortable and upgraded.

Having anti-rattle technology makes these scooters the king of comfort.

This technology also prevents the handlebars and deck from rattling.

Winner: Both use the same technology, so it’s a tie!


We probably would remove the kickstands if you have the tools to do so on either model. You may find your child is more responsible when they have it on for their kick scooters in general if you leave it on.

It is possible that if you’re buying it for yourself, you won’t need the kickstand and that it becomes an annoyance.

Design and Materials

The frame of each scooter is made from anodized aluminium, which keeps it light and sturdy while remaining lightweight.

In addition, there are padded foam grips on the handlebars to make riding more comfortable and facilitate hand positioning.

Adults will benefit from the larger deck size on the A5 Dlx, which allows them to put their feet in the optimal position.

However, when changing feet, you will need to be careful if you have large feet. There is no doubt that the Razor A6 is streamlined, but if you have large feet, you should take extra caution.

A foldable frame lets you store the shoe securely.


After the detailed comparison of Razor A5 DLX vs A6, we found that both scooters have the capability to provide a comfortable ride.

But in my opinion, the Razor A6 kick scooter is the best choice because it comes with anti-rattle technology that makes the deck and handlebar rattle-free during riding. It also has a large deck and an extended handlebar.

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