Razor A3 vs A5 Lux – Expert’s Comparison 2022

Razor A3 vs A5 kick scooter comparison searching? Is there anything that confuses you about? 

Children and adults can use kick scooters as a convenient mode of transportation. The Razor is the perfect way to take the kids to the park and have fun.

Furthermore, because of the high level of excitement, Razor kick scooters make a great gift for kids and even those a little older.

Starting to ride the bike will give you an overwhelming impression. However, the model will transform your biking experience thanks to its sturdy and durability, in particular. First, let’s compare the Razor A3 with the Razor A5 Kick Scooter.

There is a wide range of uses for the Razor A3 and A5. However, although both of these models appear quite similar at first glance, there is a significant difference between them.

So which of the two is better? This comparison of Razor A3 vs A5 scooters shows the model that provides the best value for the money.

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Quick Guide:

The overall size of the Razor A3 is more suitable and comfortable for children under eight years old. On the other hand, the Razor A5 would be better suited for older users since it has better durability and larger wheels.


Let’s begin by looking at the differences between the two scooters’ features.



They both fold down into a small, compact package to make transportation and storage simple.

Braking System:

Rear Fender Brakes are a convenient and safe feature on both the Razor A3 and A5.

Weather Conditions Recommendation:

Both kick scooters are unsuitable for weather conditions that are wet or snowy.


There is a 6-month warranty on Razor A3 and A5.


Age Range:

Children 5 years of age and older are recommended for the Razor A3, while kids 8 years of age and older are recommended for the Razor A5.

Item Weights:

At 7.02 lbs (3 kg), the Razor A3 is lighter than the A5, which weighs 8.38 lbs (3.8 kg).

Weight Capacity:

143 lbs (64 kg) is the maximum load limit for the Razor A3, while 220 lbs (100 kg) is the maximum load limit for the A5.

Wheel Sizes:

Razor A3 wheels have a diameter of 5″ (125 mm), while A5 wheels have a diameter of 8″ (200 mm).

Color Options:

The A3 can be ordered in one of four colors: Blue, Clear, Green, or Red, while the A5 can be ordered in Black, Blue, Red, or Pink.

Design and Features:

Razor A3’s aluminium frame, deck, and wheelie bar make it sturdy and durable. A foam grip and spring-less suspension wheels are also included.

With an aluminium frame, urethane wheels, spongy handle grips, and a retractable kickstand, the A5 offers a comfortable and stylish ride.

Let’s take a closer look at Razor A3 and Razor A5, before we compare them in depth. Let’s get started:

Razor A3 Kick Scooter Review:


 Razor A3 Kick Scooter

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The versatility of kick scooters has been a major asset to their popularity. If we talk about kick scooters, Razor is the first thing that comes to mind, and its A3 scooter is ideal for both adults and children.

The A3 scooter is comfortable and easy to maneuver, in addition to providing a comfortable ride. This scooter will ride easily, no matter what surfaces are present, including bumpy streets and hilly streets.

Aluminum is the material that is used to build the scooter’s frame. Therefore, the structure and endurance of the scooter are strengthened by this scooter.

Furthermore, the lightweight nature of the Razor A3 kick scooter makes this an attractive choice. Red, blue, or green are the colors available for this scooter.

Featuring two larger wheels, Razor A3 scooters provide their riders with a stable and comfortable ride.

These two oversized wheels are necessary for various functions, such as accelerating rapidly, absorbing shocks from the road, and providing driver control.

This scooter has a foldable feature. Folding the scooter takes up minimal storage space when stored. If you don’t need the scooter, you can swap it out on site. Folding it makes it easy to carry in your hand. It is also very lightweight.

Approximately 27.5″ in length, 12.25″ wide, and 35.5 inches wide is the scooter. There is a weight of 7.02 lbs (3 kg) of this scooter. Accordingly, it can hold up to 143 lbs (64 kg) of weight.

  • The structure and material are solid and durable.
  • Adjustable handlebar. It is also easy to disassemble the handlebar.
  • With its lightweight design, it is able to carry a substantial amount of weight.
  • Good flexibility
  • This scooter is not long-lasting.
  • Most of the time, the Hands slip from the grip.
  • Brakes can wear down ended time

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Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter Review:


 Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter

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One of the best ways of traveling for kids to go to school is a scooter of every kind. Weather, it’s an electric scooter or kicks scooter. Razor company offers you many different types of the scooter which is best for traveling. Now we discuss the Razor A5 Lux kick scooter.

This scooter is very best for traveling due to its safety and others properties. Razor A5 scooter is the upgraded version of A4, which comes out with upgraded features and properties then A4. The Razor A5 Lux kick scooter is recommended for 8+ years, old kids.

The frame of this scooter is made with solid steel, which gives you a safe and comfortable ride without any problem or hesitation.

In addition, this scooter has the feature of aircraft and is made with pure, genuine aluminum. Aluminum helps to prevent the scooter from rusting and stands the scooter for long-lasting.

Moreover, the handlebar of this scooter is very comfortable and adjustable. You can adjust the handlebar according to your height. For example, you can adjust the handlebar from 29″ to 38″ from the floor.

The deck of this scooter is more comprehensive so that you can place your foot on it comfortably. The width of the deck of this scooter is 13″, which is very best for kids and adults to keep foot with balancing.

Moreover, this scooter is available in two amazing colors, which are blue and red.

The Razor A5 kick scooter is lightweight. The weight of this scooter is 8.38 lbs (3.8 kg) which is not heavy; you can pick this scooter very easily. The weight capacity of the scooter is about 220 pounds. This scooter has the feature of folding; you can fold it when you are not using it. After folding the scooter, it takes a little bit of space.

The wheel of this scooter is made with urethane which is never punctured and gives you a smooth ride on bumpy roads; wheels absorb bumps and never slipped when you suddenly apply breaks at high speed. The diameter of the wheels is 8″.

  • Zero maintenance
  • Good braking system
  • As affordable as it gets
  • Handle is adjustable
  • Noisy riding over cracks in pavement
  • Not for wet surface

Razor A3 vs A5 Depth Feature Comparison:

Now it’s time for the depth comparison that will be helpful to understand which one is the best scooter for your kids.

So let’s start


The handlebar of the Razor A5 kick scooter is very adjustable and comfortable for kids and adults. The height of the A5 handlebar is 29″ to 38″. You can adjust their handlebar according to your height.

The width of the A5 handlebar is 17″. With the help of a handlebar, you can ride on a narrow street without any problem because the handlebar moves freely.

On the other hand, the handlebar of the Razor A3 kick scooter is convenient and satisfying. Its handlebar is adjustable; you can adjust it according to the height of the user.

The handlebar moves freely left and right without any jerking and problem. The handlebar wheels and deck of A3 are available in different colors.

Weight and Capacity:

The Razor A3 scooter is very lightweight. Approximately the weight of this scooter is 7.02 lbs (3 kg). Accordingly, it can hold up to 143lbs (64kg) of weight.

This scooter is very lightest than other scooters. If you want to buy this scooter for your kids, it is very best due to its lightweight and stability.

The deck of this scooter is expansive and stable; you can place your feet with balancing and comfortably. All those properties show the stability of this scooter.

On the other hand, the Razor A5 Lux scooter is also lightweight. Approximately the weight of the A5 scooter is 8.38 lbs (3.8 kg) which is very feasible and easy to pick for kids 8+.

The facility of pick weight of the scooter is about 220 lbs (100kg). Moreover, the width of the deck of the A5 scooter is very adjustable user can ride on it and place both feet on the deck comfortably.


The frame of the Razor A3 scooter Is made with aluminium. Aluminium helps to keep things stronger.

Kids mostly use this type of scooter, and you know that kids never care about things. Therefore, sturdy makes the scooter long-lasting.

On the other hand, the Razor A5 is also made with genuine aluminium. The dimension of this scooter is 33.9″ x 18″ x 38.6″. This scooter also has the possibility of an aircraft-grade aluminium t-tube.


There is enough room on the footplate for most adults to fit one foot at a time. However, riding will be easier for experienced riders who can switch feet while riding.

In addition, you can place your non-pushing foot on the deck slightly while you cruise.

The footplate of the Razor A5 may seem too narrow to some people, especially if they have big feet.

While hurrying, it’s worth remembering that kicking a foot can have an easier time catching on the footplate due to the larger deck size, which can be very irritating and painful!

Razor A3 kick scooters have a stable and spacious deck, so your feet will be placed with some balance and comfort. This scooter has all those properties that show its stability.


The Razor A5 Lux’s 8-inch diameter urethane wheels smooth out more bumps in the road and provide an increased range of movement.

Children will not be riding the A5 over long distances, but older riders will truly appreciate the larger wheels that offer comfort and stamina.

Wheels on the Razor A3 Scooter have a diameter of 125mm, which provides strong traction on various types of surfaces.

With smooth wheels, this scooter can go a long distance with fewer pushes while also moving at a faster speed.


Both models come with rear fender brakes that are subject to patent. A fender brake like this has a simple operation.

The scooter can be slowed down or stopped by simply stepping on its rear. Additionally, both models come with urethane wheels that are tough and durable. There is almost no terrain that the wheels cannot handle.


Kick scooters can be folded into a compact package for easy storage in general.

Although folding scooters is usually more of a hassle than just keeping them on the go, it can come in handy if you need to take your child on the school bus or in someone else’s car. With the A5, you can park more upright, organized, and logically with the kickstand.

Furthermore, the A3 and A5’s handlebars can be folded down to a more compact size.

However, if the handlebars are folded down, they will not be held in place like higher-end Micro kick-scooters. The Razor’s handlebars sort of dangle there, so that’s a bit awkward, and I’m not sure I’d use that feature.


Have you noticed anything? There is not a big difference between both scooters. But in my opinion, the Razor A5 Lux kick scooter is an excellent choice for a smooth ride and a stylish look.


Is it secure to ride an adult on the Razor scooter?

Razor provides many types of kick scooters. For kid’s children, razor A2 and razor A3 are best. You can ride on it if you weigh less than 144 pounds. Razor create kick scooter only for adults which lift much heavier’s weight.

What are the differences between Razor A2 and Razor A3 scooters?

It replaces the razor A2, so the A3 is made with more advanced materials than the A2. For example, aluminum aircraft is made of A2 with red headlights, while A3 is also made from aluminum.

The A2 has 98mm wheels with a spring-less shocking absorbing system, while A3 has 125mm wheels with a springless shock enduring system.

Can the height be adjusted?

The height of the T handlebars can be adjusted up and down. In addition, there is a clamp that can be loosened by hand that will release the pressure around the down tube, letting the handlebar tube slide up and down. That is the only thing that can be adjusted.

Is this for 18-year-olds?

Yes, It’s big enough for other adults and me. I am 5’7″, 135lb.

How to lock a kick scooter?

It is not difficult to lock a kick scooter. To lock the scooter, you need to manage the locking cable and find a low stationary object such as a railing, pole, etc.

Next, put the lock cable through the spokes of the scooter’s front wheel and then pass the cord through the stationary thing. Finally, seal the lock with the stationary thing.

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