How to Lock an Electric Scooter? (Tips & Best Lock Types)

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So, you only bought a brand-new electric scooter, and you’re all able to take it for a ride within the town. Before you allow you to understand, you’ll get to park the electric scooter outside while running your errands.

You are asking yourself, what if a thief takes it? Luckily there are security options to form sure your electric scooter is safe while you’re away.

With an easy push scooter or lightweight e-scooter, putting it in a backpack and carrying it with you is usually the most straightforward option. Once you have a more powerful scooter, this is often not an option due to the load.

A couple of options available are cable locks, scooter chain locks, and kinds of locks designed for mopeds. The most straightforward answer to determining how a wave will prevent theft is through the Sold Secure scoring system.

How to Lock an Electric Scooter & Types of Locks:

Cable Locks

Cable lock with keys on white background

Cable lock with keys on white background

Cable locks designed for bicycles are the best affordable option for securing your scooter. They’re flexible enough to wrap around different scooter pieces and may attach to anything that matches inside the cable. You’ll keep them in a backpack or store them directly on the scooter.

A significant disadvantage of this sort of lock is that they will be traverse using wire cutters for a few seconds. Due to this, most cable locks are rated as Bronze by Sold Secure.

This suggests that it’ll presumably only stop opportunist thieves and can do almost nothing to prevent anyone more prepared.

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Ring Lock

Axa Defender Ring Lock

If your scooter features a wheel with open spokes just like the Turboant X7, a hoop Lock is often used. These locks have a hardened steel ring with a cable within the center. The line is cloaked around the edge of the wheel and block it from twisting when locked.

Many of those locks have a Silver rating and supply far more protection than an easy cable lock. A couple of those options even have the plug-in capability, meaning it is often attached to a cable lock for extra security.

Scooter Chain Locks

AXA Procarat Chain Lock

Scooter Chain Locks

A chain lock may be a intensify from a cable lock and works in the same way. Rather than a cable, a series of covered chain links secure the scooter to the thing.

Chain locks can’t be cut using wire cutters and need a hacksaw or bolt cutters to defeat. Many chain locks are classified as Silver by Sealed Secure. A silver ranking means the lock may be a compromise between security and price.


AXA Newton Pro U Lock

The most secure traditional sort of lock for scooters may be a D-Lock or U-Lock. Most of the Sold Secure Gold ratings are held by this sort of lock. A D-Lock may be a hardened steel shackle attached to the scooter and a sturdy object.

To defeat them requires either strong bolt cutters or power tools.

These locks will stop all opportunistic thieves. A serious disadvantage of the D-Lock is that it’s a rigid design and isn’t as portable as a chain or cable lock.

Security designed for Mopeds

If you reside in a neighbourhood with a high rate, it’d be a far better choice to purchase a lock designed for motorcycles or mopeds. These locks are rated on a separate scale than the opposite locks on this list and are considered safer than the bicycle placed locks.

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Disc Lock

AXA Pro Block disk brake Lock

AXA Newton Pro U Lock

If you’ve got a scooter with a brake caliper just like the Macwheel MX1, a disc lock is often used. Disc locks attach to the brake caliper and stop the wheel from turning.

While no disc is rated as scooter Silver, a couple of are rated as scooter Gold. This suggests that the locks are considered safe from the typical thief by Sold Secure.


Many locks designed for mopeds and motorcycles include alarms that can offer an extra layer of security. These alarms will stop a thief in their tracks if it draws enough attention.

These alarms are often integrated with any lock on the list or are often a stand-alone unit.

The Best Policy to Lock an E-Scooter

No lock is invincible, and a determined thief will steal whatever they will. The simplest thanks to keeping your scooter safe are by making it too inconvenient for the thief. Simply locking it will prevent it from getting away and deter petty thieves.

Make sure to use the littlest D-lock, or shortest chain or cable lock you’ll to stop tools from being inserted in between the scooter and, therefore, the lock. Keep locks off the bottom to prevent them from being smashed with a hammer.

Always confirm to secure your scooter to something sturdy. The most straightforward electric scooter lock is one that’s adequately found out to discourage even experienced thieves.

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How to close a Razor Scooter?

Here, we discussed how you ought to close differing types of Razor Scooters.

1. Kick Scooter

Kick Scooter

Known as the fold-and-go process, all you’ve got to try to do is follow three easy steps to shut your kick scooter.

The first is to get rid of the grips. To do this, you must have two release buttons on your scooter’s T-tube. Press them and pull the grip out of the bar.

Next, you’re getting to got to bring the peak of the T-tube down. All Razor Kick Scooters accompany a quick-release lever on the side of the tube, which you’ll get to pull open. Once open, you’ll push the whole T-tube down into the most shaft.

The final step is to fold the whole scooter down. The most straightforward thanks to doing that are holding it the wrong way up in one hand and then pushing the discharge lever near the joint using your other hand. Gravity will do the remainder of the work; confirm your fingers aren’t near any pressure points to stop pinching and injury.

2. Razor Jr. Scooter

Razor Jr. Scooter

If you’re the Razor Jr. Scooter owner, the unfolding method is slightly different from their daily kick scooters, but it’s just as easy.

Typically located near the T-tube’s bottom, there should be a lever to tug abreast of using your hand. it’ll appear as if a loop that you can wrap your fingers around.

Once you’ve got found the lever, all you’ve got to try to do is pull it up, and therefore the scooter will collapse automatically.

An equivalent step will be followed to unfold the scooter when your kids can leave and play!

3. Electric Scooter

Folding a kick scooter from Razor seems simple enough, but it is often slightly more challenging when it involves their electric scooters as you’ll require an Allen wrench for the work.

Once assembled, these scooters aren’t meant to be folded down, but you’ll find specific models that are designed to.

Some Razor Scooters have locking knobs located on the T-tube, and your initiative is to loosen the knob together with your hand.

Electric Scooter

As soon as you’ve got loosened the locking knob, you’ll then remove the Allen key. Using the Allen wrench, begin to reduce the bolts found at the rock bottom of the T-tube, and you ought to then be ready to remove the bar entirely and put it near the deck of the scooter.

Those are the only two steps needed to scale back your scooter’s dimensions, which may be more of a hassle than the straightforward process for kick scooters.

It’s likely within the future; they’re going to implement a much more seamless folding process. How to close a razor scooter.

Other Tips

Most significantly for electric scooters, there are a few additional tips and tricks that you can use to form the method simpler, including:

Find a Storage Bag

Since the electric scooter must be partially disassembled, it’s highly recommended that you invest in a storage bag. Any bag that’s waterproof and dustproof will work because it will allow you to stay your scooter in a safe and dry place.

You’ll also want to form sure the storage bag features a small pocket for extra bolts and to store your Allen key once you’ve removed the T-tube.

Check for Debris

Many scooter owners find that folding their scooters down is comparatively impossible. that’s likely due to debris stuck either inside the T-tube or the discharge latches.

It’s highly recommended that if your scooter gets dirty after a ride, you clean it with a soft cloth to make sure the latches are always in working order. Otherwise, you’ll need to use a can of compressed gas or oil to release them.

Unfolding Properly

When it comes time to use your scooter again, you must ensure it unfolds appropriately, as you won’t want it to collapse on you once you start riding. With Razor Scooters, they typically make a clicking sound when all the pieces are restored to their upright condition. Additionally, for electric scooters, make sure you tighten the locking knob and bolts properly.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve got a grasp on the way to close a Razor Scooter, you’ll surely appreciate how convenient it’s, especially if you own a kick scooter. Although it takes a touch more effort to condense an electric scooter than dissembling the entire unit, it should still only take a couple of moments of some time.

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