How much is a Lamborghini Hoverboard?

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As we all know, nowadays hoverboards have become more popular among teens and adults as the most fabulous trend in modern transportation. As a result, the market is full of hoverboards, but here I will describe one of the best hoverboards that come with unique features at a valuable price, the Lamborghini hoverboard.

That doesn’t seem strange if you have never heard about it. However, you might be curious to know how they function, features, and cost, despite having already heard about the Lamborghini Hoverboard before.

Here I will discuss all the details about the Lamborghini hoverboard, but first, we will talk about:

How much is a Lamborghini hoverboard?

As part of its 2019 new product launch, Lamborghini launches its own Hoverboard, inspired by its sporty and angular sports car brand.

This Hoverboard was built by Hoverboard Two Dots and licensed by Lamborghini. With Bluetooth integration, both models has an off-road wheel that is 8.5 inches or 6.5 inches. Lamborghini Hoverboards are usually available in two different models. (Lamborghini hoverboard 8.5 inche or 6.5 inche)

Lamborghini Hoverboards cost $250, but they can rise to $320, depending on availability. While the cost of the Lamborghini 6.5-inch hoverboard starts at $200 and can reach $260.

In terms of design, the Lamborghini hoverboard is very advanced and aesthetic.

The most recognizable brand on the market is the Lamborghini Hoverboard.

Now it’s time for the Lamborghini hoverboard 6.5 inche Review, so let’s start! 

Lamborghini Hoverboard TwoDots 6.5 inch

As a base model of the Lamborghini hoverboard, the TwoDots 6.5-inch model is available.

6.5-inch wheels on this Hoverboard make it easy for kids to ride as they are smaller in size, so it is the best model for kids. In addition, this Hoverboard is capable of holding 165 pounds (75KG). A long-lasting device like its top-end variant is made with high-quality materials.

Considering that this Hoverboard is equipped with Bluetooth speakers, it’s the best choice for those who enjoy riding while listening to music. A feature that makes it even more interesting is the battery, which offers 36V or 1.5AH and allows you to ride for 3.5 hours on a single charge.

In order for the Hoverboard to reach an average charging point, it needs to be charged for 2.5 hours. In the event of wet roads or inclement weather, the Hoverboard is equipped with SUV tires for excellent grip and is dustproof and waterproof to IP54 standards.

As one of the best hoverboards on the market, this is one of the best one could get. The fact that they are one of the most reputable brands in the vehicle industry makes them quite expensive, but they’re well worth their price. Those searching for a high-quality hoverboard will be satisfied by this one.

  • It comes with the latest technology
  • UL2272 certified
  • Fast charging
  • LED lights are included
  • 165 lbs weight capacity
  • The device doesn’t come with a compatible charger
  • The battery did not work properly after two weeks of use

Let start talk about the Features.

It looks like you’ve got a good idea of how the Lamborghini hoverboard works now. So how does this Lamborghini Hoverboard stand out from its competitors in terms of unique features? We’ll see what they’re about!


So first, we talk about the Lamborghini hoverboard design. For providing the best performance, the Lamborghini hoverboard comes with an ergonomic design. This gives the Hoverboard an incredible appearance, just like Lamborghini sports cars. LED lights are also installed on the Hoverboard’s body for an appealing appearance under low-light conditions.

Superior Quality

The Lamborghini hoverboard is, without a doubt, one of the best boards on the market. With their top-quality frame made of durable and sturdy material, these tables are an excellent investment. In addition, the internal motors and electrical systems on this self-balancing scooter have been chosen for their long-lasting performance and efficiency.

Kids mostly use hoverboards, so Lamborghini hoverboards feature a number of safety measures and advanced wheel sensors for a safer ride. As a result, the Lamborghini Hoverboard performed well throughout our testing period. Moreover, compared to other self-balancing scooters currently on the market, it has been of the best quality.

Wheel Diameter

The size of the wheel is the most critical issue to consider when purchasing a hoverboard. A smaller model with a smaller wheel diameter should be chosen if the Hoverboard is for your child; otherwise, a larger one is recommended. A hoverboard with a large wheel diameter can handle a lot of weight capacity.

In addition to the two models with different wheel diameters. 8.5-inch wheels are featured on the top-end model, while 6.5-inch wheels are found on the base model. Furthermore, Lamborghini hoverboards have self-balancing technology regardless of the wheel size so that they can be used safely for children of all ages.

Our top recommendation is the top-end model with an 8.5-inch wheel diameter. The grip is better with larger wheels. Also, if your wheels are larger, you can comfortably ride on a rough surface. As long as your needs are met, you can select the best model.

Weight Limits

The wheel diameter of this Hoverboard is larger than the weight limit of any hoverboard. For example, Lamborghini hoverboards can hold weight up to 265 lbs (120KG), while their 6.5-inch models are capable of supporting 165 lbs (75KG).

The Hoverboard should not be overloaded, as doing so might cause any malfunctions. The Hoverboard may also perform worse as a result. Consider your requirements before choosing a hoverboard. Choose the 6.5inch model if you’re buying a hoverboard for kids; otherwise, select the 8.5inch model.

Bluetooth Speakers

Lamborghini Hoverboards include a Bluetooth speaker built right into the boards. So your device can be connected to your Hoverboard and played while on it. Lamborghini Hoverboard is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 speakers of the best quality that run on the latest technology. Therefore, their sounds are crystal clear.

Max Speed

There are numerous factors that determine how fast hoverboards can go. Among these are wheel size, motor, built-in safety limits, and, most importantly, the rider’s weight. There is usually a maximum speed limit on hoverboards.

Considering the all-terrain capability for a Lamborghini hoverboard, it can attain speeds up to 16mph. However, we found that the hoverboards with an 8.5-inch diameter achieved an average speed of 12-14mph during our tests.


Lamborghini Hoverboards are known for their excellent performance. Lamborghini hoverboards perform the same function. Their performance is top-notch no matter what the situation is. This machine can ride and climb steep slopes because it has a powerful motor. The hoverboards are two times more potent than any other top model on the market.

During the week we used the Hoverboard, we did not experience any performance issues. Additionally, we used it to climb steep slopes and to run at maximum speed. As a result, it performs better than we have ever imagined it would in every case.

Self-balancing technology helps us maintain stability even on rough surfaces because it has been tuned very intelligently. On the whole, the Hoverboard delivers the great performance you’d expect from a premium product.

Battery and Charging Time

A hoverboard’s battery backup should also be taken into consideration before purchasing. The longer your ride can be enjoyed, the more battery power you’ll have. Lamborghini hoverboards hold up better than you thought they would. When fully charged, we were able to ride for 3.5 hours on the 8.5-inch model.

Lamborghini hoverboards, including the 8.5-inch model, require approximately 2 hours 40 minutes to charge. In both models, the Li-ion 36V/1.5Ah battery offers the same charging time. Both of these boards might have varying battery life based on how they are used.

Safety Measure

The common law of thumb when buying a hoverboard is to examine the UL2272 certification. This official model of the safety of the electric drive train and charger system.

Never buy a product without this mark, especially if you are buying your children. Over the years, we’ve seen many episodes where these devices light up while riding, endangering the lives of consumers.

Accordingly, children under the age of 12 should never be allowed on board without supervision. And of course, it is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

The UL2272 certification is available for all Lamborghini hoverboards. UL2272 requires hoverboard companies to verify the whole Hoverboard from every aspect in order to obtain the certification. Therefore, in comparison with certified hoverboards, those without certification are less safe.

In conclusion, you should only purchase hoverboards that are UL2272-certified. With Lamborghini hoverboards, UL2272 certification will not be an issue since they all come with it. The result is a hoverboard of the highest quality from all angles.

Are Lamborghini Hoverboards good?

The ride will be smooth, and you will appreciate the off-road experience. Essentially, hoverboards are the luxury sports cars of the world. The Lamborghini design may make it even better than an electric scooter or skateboard if you love Lamborghini. Recent tests have found it to be among the better performers.

How does a Lamborghini hoverboard get charged?

To charge the vehicle, insert the charging adapter into the charging port (located on the back, see page 02) and connect the wire to the power socket. You should charge your Hoverboard battery completely before you use it for the first time (in a dry and clean area). This process may take up to 3 hours.

How much is a Lamborghini hoverboard

Some Important Things Make This Scooter More Safe And Stable.

Combined with smart body sensors, the 8.5-inch, all-terrain wheels give the board the right sense of your body’s natural balance and enough stability to easily turn in any region.

These boards also use a unified design for greater stability, as they bend less and sit down on the ground. This means smooth speed, turning, and stopping.

How this Hoverboard Renew on other models?

  • Certificate

The UL2272 certification means that the board has passed thousands of tests for its electrical, mechanical, and environmental safety. You won’t have as many safety concerns as cheap boards.

  • Battery timing

Most other batteries last only 60 minutes. It comes with four hours of battery timing. Note: More battery means longer charging. To give you ahead!

  • LED light system

The Lambo lights also work as a blinker to warn walkers!

Some Necessary Safety Gears

Although hoverboards are very popular with both children and teenagers, they have received some bad press.

This is because some unreliable manufacturers produce low-quality products and sell them at low prices. But as long as you buy quality products, you are guaranteed a safe journey.

If you don’t think you need protective clothing when you travel on the streets, you may want to reconsider your decision. Let’s take a look at some important care gear.

  • Helmet
  • knee Guard
  • Butt and Tailbone Protector

The Lamborghini Hoverboard is best for you if….

  • You want to speed. This board is available for 10mph, which is 120mph in a sports car. The company claims that the board has up to 2x more power than its competitors.
  • You want an easy ride. Most reviews say it takes less than 10 minutes to get on. We felt good in less than 5 minutes.
  • Safety is the first priority. It is the only UL 2272 (National Safety Standards) certified board in the market. We never felt like we were going to go far beyond 10mph.


So here’s my guide to Lamborghini Hoverboard, and I hope it cleared up all your doubts and well known about how to use this hoverboard.

As you’ve seen in the hoverboard review above, it offers premium performance and quality. The choice is yours if you’re looking for a premium hoverboard based on your personal preferences.

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