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Glion Dolly Electric Scooter Review-Updated 2023

So we are here again for the depth review of the Glion Dolly Electric Scooter. This scooter has some special features that increase the popularity of the scooter among riders. The Glion Dolly is a robust, non-falling, compact machine. It is one of the most portable electric scooters available in the market today.

First, we want to share our performance test result with you, which may be different from the manufacturer.

Tech Specs

  • Tested top speed: 25.4 kmh
  • Tested range: 23.5 km
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Max rider weight: 110 kg
  • Water resistance: None

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  • Wheels and handle let you roll like luggage
  • Built like a tank
  • One of the most portable scooters
  • Harsh ride quality
  • Poor braking

Expert Choice

GLION DOLLY Electric Scooter

Foldable Lightweight Adult Scooter

The Glion Dolly has a 250-watt motor and is a bit slow. During our test, the scooter took 9.4 seconds to reach a speed of 24 kilometers per hour.

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The Gillian Dolly is an ideal scooter for those who bring it in large numbers to public transport. The scooter is designed around this concept. If it meets your needs, then the purchase decision is brilliant. If you do not need this capability, then consider some other options.


The Glion Dolly has a 250-watt motor and is a bit slow. During our test, the scooter took 9.4 seconds to reach a speed of 24 kilometers per hour.

Hill climb 

Dolly has a decent mountain climbing ability and reached the top of our mountain climbing test (60m, 10 grade, 74kg rider) in 17.9 seconds with an average speed of 12.2km/h.

It actually outperformed the M365, which took 20.8 seconds to reach the top with an average speed of 10.6 kmph.

Dolly will take you to the small hills, but it is by no means a hill-climbing machine. It is expected to slow down a bit, even on steep hills. On steep slopes, you have to get out of the scooter and walk.

Top Speed

We reach a 25.4 kmh top speed in our test on a flat surface. This speed is enough for an electric scooter with a 250-watt motor.

But if you compare this scooter’s speed with Swagtron Swagger 5, then it’s a little bit less.

Anything over 24 km will suffice for most urban travel. The next motor makes a lot of noise at high speed.


This scooter comes with a 238-watt lithium-ion battery pack. According to our range test’s result, this scooter shows a 23.5 kmh range with a single charge.


We tested intervals of 24km to 0km per hour during our review, and Dolly took 12.2m to stop. This is the result of the braking we have achieved so far.

Glion Dolly relies entirely on the same rear electronic brakes to slow you down. A twist control triggers the break. The brakes work in a binary manner, which does not allow them to adjust their power. By this, we mean that the brakes are either fully active or off.

At high speeds, you have to be careful to make sure you keep steady and move your weight towards the back of the scooter. Turning on the brakes will slow you down abruptly. If you are not expecting this, this could be a good situation.

Overall, our review shows that there is a very slight break between the Gloucester. They are reasonably strong at first, which can lead to sudden frustration. However, they quickly lose their strength, and the braking distances are longer.

Other scooters with two brake systems or mechanical ones have a distance of 24 km from 5 km to 6 m.

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Ride Quality 

Glion has no suspension. Both front and rear tires are solid and do not provide any cushions.

If you are riding on smooth roads, the quality of riding on a dolly is acceptable. On scary roads (part of our test track), expect a punishing experience that will leave your joints and brain in pain.

Low ride quality is one of Dolly’s most important shortcomings. Unfortunately, none of the scooters, such as “ultra” portable (US Cotter Booster V or Unagi Model One), have the perfect quality to ride on bad roads. This is a somewhat hereditary trade.


It is no exaggeration to say that the Gillian Dolly is the last portable electric scooter. The whole scooter is designed with this concept in mind.

This scooter comes with some fantastic features, which make it a more portable scooter.

  • Telescoping stem
  • Folding stem
  • Folding handlebars
  • Dolly wheels
  • Telescoping towing handle

But the big story here is the dolly wheel with the distance scope handle that comes out of the platform. It works exceptionally well. If you are travelling on a crowded bus/train, it is worth the second performance and standard commercial facilities.

You can easily roll the dolly wheels. And when it comes time to get stuck in a bus/train like a sardine, this thing stands vertically, taking up very little space. It also has a nylon wrap in the middle of the handlebars, resting on the floor. This makes the area safer in contact with the ground.

The Glion Dolly is named for the dolly-style wheel that extends from the tail of the scooter. Like the ones you find on luggage, the wheels allow it to rotate smoothly when the joints align.

The Glion also includes a telescopic handle that is secured to the deck. Like the handle of a roll ball suitcase, it is positioned with a simple push of a button and allows the scooter to rotate easily on its dolly wheels.

You only need one hand to remove the raise tool to increase/decrease the handlebar because it is so smooth. It locks in place and doesn’t stay.


You can easily fold and unfold this scooter with a large folding lever. Glion Dolly has a minimal cockpit/handlebar area that includes:

  • Twist-style accelerator/brakes
  • Power button
  • LCD Display
  • Mechanical bell

Overall, the cockpit for modern electric scooters is a little behind the curves. Dolly, for example, uses twist-style throttle and brake controls that are somewhat complex. Only the battery level is visible in the LED display.

A somewhat unique motorcycle-style twist throttle controls speed. While this may seem ideal, it is a bit strange to try to control the throttle subtly. However, because the scooter has very little volume, we’ve put it on full throttle – a relatively ergonomic position.

A small LED display on the handlebar’s right side lets you study battery life, but no other information.

Below the LED display is a large red button used to drive the scooter and control the light. If you quickly toggle the button when riding a scooter, the front light will turn on/off.

The single mode of braking – and the electronic brake – overcomes another twist mode that supports minimal braking modulation. Once you turn around, you’ll encounter a forced break, which is surprising if you don’t expect it.

On the Glion, it’s not possible to break lightly – control is everything or nothing. We’re not big fans of it, but it’s manageable once you get used to it.


Glion has a single, low-mounted front light and only a passive, red reflector in the rear.

Although the front light is useful in an emergency where you find yourself after dark, it is not something you should rely on. In our opinion, it has very little power to ride safely at night.


There are 20.3 cm solid tires in the front and rear of the Glion. Brake tires ensure zero maintenance and no risk to flats. However, the road performance on trade is low.

These solid tires will not hold pneumatic (air-filled) objects and will not attract rough roads. That’s one of the reasons Dolly doesn’t have such a ride standard.


The deck offers 45.7 cm to 14.3 cm of the standing room – this is the small side for a compact scooter, but not too small. Ground clearance is 8.2 cm. The handlebar distance from the deck is adjusted between 75.6 cm and 96.6 cm.


Glion Dolly has a 12 month or 1,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first.

Build Quality

Gillian Dolly does not have an official IP (water resistance) rating. Although most scooters can withstand some exposure to rain, the manufacturer is not recommended and may void your warranty.

When you ride a scooter hard on rough roads, the scooter is a little noisy. The various components of the scooter rattle and the motor are specified under heavy acceleration.


  • Ultra folding system
  • Light-weighted
  • Powerful motor


  • Hard rubber tires
  • Loss suspension


  • What is the battery lifespan?

Such scooters use premium Li-ion batteries and, to date, have not sold a single replacement battery. We have a thousand plus charge cycles. An alternative battery would be around 200.

  • With these tough tires are there any shock absorbent springs that make it easy to ride on a collision floor?

No spring shock is absorbent. The tires are made of rubber with an umbrella interior. The interior of the honey cake provides shock absorption like a pneumatic tire.

Glon Dolly tires are maintenance-free / never-flat tires. However, these are not hard plastic tires. In our opinion, the real driver of a smooth ride was the wheel. The larger the frame, the smoother the ride.

  • Will this scooter work the same way in rain and cold weather?

The cold is fine, but make sure you dress for it and find the snow. Operating in cold temperatures will reduce the battery limit. We ask that you do not store your Glion electric scooter in temperatures above 23 degrees Fahrenheit or 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Glion Dolly electric scooter is waterproof, not waterproof. Our hand controls can stand up to a little moisture, and the elements seal our battery compartment.

However, we encourage you not to ride in wet conditions as the roads get slippery when damp, and the scooter may fall under you. If water enters the battery compartment, it will be potentially fatal to the battery/controller and expensive to replace.

Final Words

Gillian Dolly will not win any awards for performance, ride quality, or even more looks. Our review shows that scooters are below average in many of these categories. It’s not particularly fast, nor does it have great range or perfect brakes.

However, this scooter is unusual if you are the right person.

If you have a trip where you need to bring a scooter on public transport, this is the scooter for you. Dolly is easy to connect and roll with you on public transport. Having a small piece of luggage is no worse than that, and you don’t let a crowded train or bus collide with other people.

Our Alternative –  Swagger 5 High-Speed Scooter

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Swagger Scooter

5 High-Speed Electric Scooter

The aluminum alloy frame was engineered for maximum flexibility and is durable enough to support riders up to 320 pounds.

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  • 300-watt motor
  • Single-click to fold 
  • Rear brake system 

The aluminum alloy frame was engineered for maximum flexibility and is durable enough to support riders up to 320 pounds. 8.5” tires can handle daily grinding, maintenance-free tires that will never flatten.


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