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Best Scooter For 11-12 Year Old Kids – Updated 2022

Best Scooter For 11-12 Year Old Kids are listed below with detailed research. Finally, your wait is over!

A scooter ride is the best way to make your kids energetic if you are tired of watching your children play video games. There are different scooter versions available in the market according to your kid’s desires.

Here we discuss the 10 best scooter for 11 and 12 year olds kids.

Select an electric scooter for kid is not so easy. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing the right scooter for a kid.

We will make your search easy for an electric scooter by describing a single thing in detail.

Some scooters with their characteristics are given below that make your decision clear for an electric scooter for your kid.

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  • Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

An electric scooter with unique features and a reasonable price is the perfect choice for 11 and 12 year old kids. Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter is reliable and quality assured in every manner.

  • Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

The second one on our list is Glion Dolly foldable adult electric scooter. As its name implies, this electric scooter is easily foldable. This scooter is quite popular in 11 and 12 years old kids due to its high flexibility.

  • Razor E125 Electric Scooter

Razor E125 electric scooter is also for those who are beginners at scooter rides. The scooter is an altered version of the razor E100. It gives you a great performance due to its unique design and techniques.

Best Scooter For 11-12 Year Old Kids – Product Table

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter
  • 4 lbs Weight
  • 250W Motor
  • 36V Battery 5.2AH
  • 5 mph/ Speed
  • 5″ Tire size
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Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter
  • 12V, Lead-Acid Battery
  • 85W, Hub-motor
  • Up to 80 mins run time
  • 13 miles (21 km) Range
  • Hand operated, front Brakes
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Glion Dolly Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter Glion Dolly Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter
  • 15 mph Speed
  • 15 miles Range
  • 3 lbs Weight
  • 250W- Motor
  • LG Li-Ion 36V Battery
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Razor E125 Kids Electric Scooter Razor E125 Kids Electric Scooter
  • Up to 10 mph Speed
  • Up to 40 min Run time
  • Urethane Wheels
  • Twist-grip Throttle
  • Retractable Kick-stand



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Razor E325 Adult & Teen ELectric Scooter Razor E325 Adult & Teen ELectric Scooter
  • Twist-grip Throttle
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Rear controlled brake
  • 9’’ Pneumatic Tires
  • Chain-driven motor
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5 Best Scooter For 11-12 Year Old with Review

1- Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter – For Kids


Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

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  • Minimum Age:         8+
  • Max Rider Weight:  120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Max Speed:             10 MPH (16 KPH)
  • Battery:                   12V, lead-acid
  • Motor:                     85W, hub-motor
  • Run Time:                Up to 80 mins
  • Range:                     13 miles (21 km)
  • Brake:                      Hand operated, front
  • Wheels:                   Spoked urethane front, rubber rear
  • Weight:                   22 lbs (9.5 kg)

We begin our list with an electric scooter named Razor power E90 with detailed features. This scooter is for 8 to 12 years old kids who are beginners at scooter riding.

Razor power core E90 electric scooter is an electric scooter, but it can be an aspect of a kick. It is a light weighted scooter that the kid at the age of 8 or above can handle easily.

Razor power core E90 electric scooter has a dimension of only 31.7” X 12.9” X 32.9; that is why it is not a foldable scooter. Two colors are available, green and pink. You can choose the one you like.

This electric scooter is at a reasonable price; it is not costly as compared to other scooters. On vacation, you can easily carry it with you.

Some main and important features of the Razor power core E90 electric scooter are given below.

Body Material

Razor power core E90 electric scooter is well designed and well manufactured electric scooter. The body is coated with powder steel to give it long-lasting durability and cohesion.

It is a straightforward design with free maintenance without any belt and chains. An easy adjustment of the foot is made possible by the large deck of this scooter. It gives you a beautiful look and feels great.


This scooter is for eight or above kids, so the handlebars of this scooter are short that are suitable for this age kid. It has a hand-made structure at the handlebars, which gives it a firm and comfortable grip.

The throttle on the right edge of the handlebars allows the scooter to be accelerated. Press the throttle to start the scooter, or you can kick the pedal to start the scooter.

The speed at the scooter remains constant; the throttle has no adjustable option. The one minus point about this scooter is the height is not adjustable.


Razor power core E90 electric scooter’s weight is about 21.75 to 22 pounds which is undoubtedly lighter than the other scooter versions.

Teenagers older than 15 years do not have the strength to ride on the scooter since it weighs only 120 pounds. Because of its lightweight kids can carry with them anywhere easily.

It has a steel frame, which gives it better durability along with increased torque to lift performance to a higher level.

Brake System

The razor power core E90 comes with two kinds of brake systems, a rear pressure-sensitive brake and a handbrake.

As for the rear brake, it is controlled by the feet and is located on the deck and the handbrake on the handle grip. Whenever you come to a halt, you must stop the scooter by releasing the throttle and pressing the brakes.

There is no doubt that the handbrake makes braking much safer, and it simplifies the whole process.


Because the tires on the scooter are abrasion- and cut-resistant, you need not worry about the tires puncturing whenever your child rides it.

The scooter is relatively soft on smooth roads, but on rough terrain, you will experience shocks. You can also ride safely on slippery roads after rain because the tires are anti-slip.

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter


For parking purposes, the kickstand on the scooter is retractable, so it can be easily opened at the foot.

The kickstand lets your kid stand the scooter up on their own, and the scooter will not fall off when not in use. Children will love this feature, and it looks fantastic.


Razor power core E90 electric scooter has two powerful batteries. Both batteries are 12 in volt. There is a recommendation that you charge the scooter batteries for at least 12 hours before riding the scooter.

The runtime is quite impressive at 80 minutes when the battery gets fully charged.

In a daily manner, the storm took 6 to 8 hours for charging. Plug out the charger when the battery has fully charged; otherwise, it may damage the battery.


Another essential Razor power core E90 electric scooter is the motor power. This scooter has a 90-watt hub motor which supports only 10mph. It runs on plain surfaces, not in climb in the mountains.


Safety is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a scooter.

Razor power core E90 electric scooter has a large deck, comfortable handlebars, anti-slip tires, and many more things that are necessary for safety purposes are available in this scooter.

This scooter gives complete safety to a rider.

How to assemble the scooter?

It may be necessary for you to assist your child when the scooter arrives out of the box, even though assembly is quite straightforward.

An Allen wrench measuring 5mm is included in the box when you assemble the unit. To assemble, remove the cap from the top of the deck.

Using an Allen wrench, secure the two bolts on the lower end of the handlebars, and make sure that they are straight. You should be able to assemble the unit in about ten minutes.

Razor Power Core E90

  • Weighing only 22 pounds.
  • The battery is long-lasting.
  • There is no rope and no strain on the chain.
  • For protection, a hand brake has been used.
  • Tires have more stability.
  • Because it is not foldable, it is challenging to carry.

  • A rechargeable battery upgrade can extend its running time by 80 minutes on this Razor Power Core E90 electric scooter. Electric scooters like this one have hub batteries that have high torque and take approximately 6-8 hours to charge.

2- Glion Dolly Foldable Adult Electric scooter – For Kids


Glion Dolly Foldable Electric scooter

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  • Top Speed:            15 MPH (25 km/h)
  • Range:                   15 miles (25 km)
  • Weight:                  3 lbs
  • Motor:                   250W (nominal) / 600W (peak)
  • Wheel Size:            8 inches
  • Hill Grade:              15 degrees
  • Charging Time:      5 hours
  • Battery:                   LG Li-Ion 36V, 7.8 ah
  • Dimensions:           (Folded) 37 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Dimensions:           (Upright) 38 x 45 x 16 inches
  • Maximum Load:     255 lbs (115 kg)
  • Frame:                     6061-T6 aluminum alloy

The second one on our list is Glion Dolly foldable adult electric scooter. As its name implies, this electric scooter is easily foldable. The rider fold it easily and carry with himself anywhere.

Due to this feature, the scooter stands on its own. This scooter is quite popular in 12 years old kids due to its high flexibility.

The Glion Dolly Foldable electric scooter is available in the market at an affordable price. On plain surfaces, this scooter does not run smoothly but also on bumpy tracks.

This electric scooter gives you a complete package of fun and adventure. The lightweight design makes it a great choice

The main features of the Glion Dolly Lightweight Electric Scooter are highlighted here: So stay with us!

Body Material

This scooter’s body is a design that folded quickly and carried comfortably. The body has a layer of aluminum that protects the deck from cohesion.

Due to this aluminum layer, it provides assurance and durability to the body. An aluminum layer is a 6061-T6 coated powder that provides a smooth surface.

In addition to its beautiful looks, the scooter is comfortable to ride.


Glion Dolly Foldable electric scooter has unique style handlebars. The accelerator and brake can both operate with a twist. The design is ultra-minimalist.

This scooter has the advantage of folding the handle and the scooter when you fold it. As a result, it can easily lock in its position. Hand structure rubber gives you a firm grip on the handle

Telescopic Towing Handle

Another unique feature of the Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter is the telescopic towing handle. When you fold the scooter, you used the handle as a towing.

This function performs by a button. It looks like a roll able suitcase.


Its weight is 27 to 28 pounds. Adults carry it with them for mountain climbing for a ride on bumpy tracks. The rider’s weight must be 225lbs.

Because of its foldable quality, you can carry it anywhere. A little bit of heft is present in this scooter. It is possible to increase stability by adding weight to the scooter.


Another essential and central part of this electric scooter is the battery. Glion Dolly electric scooter has 36V, 7.8ah Lithium-Ion, which gives you a 15miles driving range that is good for 12 years old kid.

The scooter takes about three to four hours to charge when you use the charger that came with it.

The battery is made of 30 LG NMC 18650 Cells that make the battery more powerful and give you a good driving time. The battery life of the Glion Dolly electric scooter is 3-5 years; when the time comes, you have an option to replace the battery.


Due to the 250Watt motor, the Glion Dolly Electric scooter has an average speed. This electric scooter has a 15min/h speed on the plane and smooth surfaces, which is safe and impressive.

Furthermore, the scooter’s system may cause damage to driving when dealing with irregular surfaces. The compact construction of an extensive, heavy engine does not work well with a folding scooter.


The next feature we are going to mention of Glion Dolly electric scooter tires. The tires are made of good material, and you need little or no maintenance.

The tires are 8 inches in diameter that make your kid driving comfortable and safe. Tires’ design is a honeycomb that makes tire grip on roads tide, and there is no risk of flat, and you don’t need to pump them.

This type of tire is also suitable for bumpy roads.

Glion Dolly Foldable Electric scooter

Dolly Wheel

Dolly wheel is another crucial feature of the Glion Dolly electric scooter. Besides being used for riding, this wheel is also used for carrying the scooter when folded.

Braking System

The braking system of this scooter is anti-lock. On a single electronic design, the braking system of the Glion Dolly electric scooter is susceptible. The brakes work on a twist-style control.

It has little strength. The best they can be described as is mediocre.


Glion Dolly electric scooter has two lights in its back and forth. In front, it has single light that is enough for dark places. When the route has not much bright, then the front light makes your vision clear.

While in the back of the scooter, there is a light reflector. Getting additional lights is a good option for those who cannot ride in a dark area.

LCD Screen

On the right side of the handlebars, there is a tiny LCD screen that keeps you updated about the charging process. It cannot give you information about the range or speed of the scooter.

The scooter can be turned on or off by pressing the red button on the right below. The LCD screen can also control the scooter lights.

Kickstand and Fenders

The fenders and kickstand are also good features. You can protect yourself from water on the road with the fenders, while the kickstand is handy.


Scooter’s light plays a vital role in the safety of the rider. Bright light makes your vision clear in dark places. It protects your irregular surfaces.

Scooter tires, a good and immediate braking system is also essential for safety purposes. Taking a helmet is at the top of the list for safety purposes.


In one look, you can understand that it is a folding electric scooter. It comes with a nice bag to put into the bag.

It has a vertical self-standing feature as well as a handle for transporting it. Its honeycomb design, military-grade, airless rubber tires, never go flat, is self-explanatory.

Glion Dolly Scooter

  • Weighing only 22 pounds.
  • Within 3 hours, the battery will be fully charged

  • Top speed 15 mph

  • Powerful 250 Watt motor

  • Monitors with LCD screens

  • A honeycomb tire that never goes flat

  • One charge only gets you 15 miles

  • more expensive

  • Brakes that rely on a single component

3- Razor E125 Electric Scooter – For 11-12 Year Kids


 Razor E125 Electric Scooter

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  • Speed:                    Up to 10 mph (16 km/h)
  • Run Time:              Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Motor:                    100-watt, kick-to-start, high-torque, chain-driven
  • Handlebar:             Height 22 (552 mm)
  • Throttle:                 Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Brake:                     Hand-operated, calliper, front
  • Frame/Fork:           Steel
  • Grips:                     Soft, rubber
  • Deck:                      Kid-sized – length 21″ (530 mm), width 7″ (180 mm)
  • Front Wheel:          Steel with 8” (200 mm), pneumatic tire
  • Rear Wheel:           Urethane
  • Kickstand:              Retractable
  • Battery:                   24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid, rechargeable
  • Includes:                 Battery charger
  • Age:                         8+
  • Max Rider Weight: 120 lb (54 kg)

For young kids at the age of eight and older, the Razor E125 is among the best models available. Due to its wonderful features, it delivers a smooth ride for your kid, as well as keeping them safe at all times.

Razor E125 electric scooter is also for those who are beginners at scooter rides.

The scooter is an altered version of the razor E100. For the first time, a person who sees it will be amazed at how beautiful and classy it appears. It is available in three beautiful colors (silver, pink, black).

Plus, the point about this scooter is cheap as compared to the other electric scooters. It gives you a great performance due to its unique design and techniques.

The main features of the Razor E125 electric scooter are listed below;

Body Material

The body material of the Razor E125 electric scooter is made of fine alloy steel. It has brought a deck that makes your kid ride comfortable and gives a safe grip.

On deck, the black grip tape makes your kid steady at the deck, and the logo of Razor gives it a classy look. The frame quality is brilliant that offers you a long-lasting period.

Taking your child on this ride will provide them with a safe and enjoyable experience.


The next feature of Razor E125 is handlebars. Razor E125 electric scooter has an adjustable handlebar; you can adjust handlebars according to your kid’s height. The height of the handle is 34.76 inches.

You can adapt this scooter’s handlebars, which have dimensions of 13.5 X 19.25 X 34.75 inches.

The unique feature of its adjustable handlebars makes it suitable for a wide range of children ages eight and older.


With the Razor E125, you can accelerate with twist-grip throttles, and you can also control the front brake with a hand lever. Start the vehicle by applying the throttle at a speed of 2 to 3 mph.

Upon pushing the scooter, you need to accelerate the throttle to 3 miles per hour on your own before activating the motor.

You can control the brake and use it immediately due to twist-grip throttle at bumpy and irregular surfaces. This feature gives the rider the best riding experience.


Now we describe the Razor E125’s battery. Every electric scooter relies on a battery as its main component.  The Razor E125 comes with a 24V lead-acid rechargeable battery; the battery took 8 to12 hours to charge.

It is a long-life rechargeable battery that gives you 40 min riding average for the kids for eight or above. A scooter charger is available, but chargers on the market inflate the battery’s lifetime.

A battery replacement option is also found. Keep in mind to charge the battery when charging getting low to make battery cells in good condition.


This electric scooter has a strong motor for having fun. It is powered by a 125-watt variable speed motor and can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour.

The main difference between E100 and E125 is Razor E125 has high torque chain-driven motor while E100 has a belt-driven motor.

 Razor E125 Electric Scooter


Speed pf Razor E125 electric scooter is 10 mph that is enough and convenient for the kids. Accelerator twist-grips allow you to control the speed.


Unlike most electric scooters, the Razor E125 has a maximum weight limit of 120 pounds. However, with its high weight capacity, it can also be ridden by teenagers over 12.

It is a lightweight electric scooter, but it is slightly heavier for eight-year-old kids, but it’s manageable.


This electric scooter has two tires. The front tire is 8inches made of pneumatic, and the rare wheel is made of polyurethane which measures 125mm. The front type of tire is suitable for ride on bumpy tracks.

The front tire needs regular air pressure check while the back tire needs no maintenance and does not need to pump regularly, but it can be changed when it comes to an end.

Smooth and bounce-free rides are possible due to these tires.


Another important feature of Razor E125 is the kick. The kick start model allows you to start the scooter when the motor has stopped.

To kick-start the engine, you need to go 3 miles per hour before the throttle turns on. So one of the easiest ways to start an electric scooter is by kicking it.


For the complete safety of your kid, you need to use safety tools like helmets, knees, and elbow pads.

Moreover, a hand braking system, good tires, a wide deck, and many more features are found in this scooter that gives your child a safe and comfortable ride.

It is fast but not so fast that it could not be safe for children.


Now we talk about some downsides of this scooter.

First of all, we talk about its warranty. If the scooter has some battery fault, wiring fault, or other things, you have only 90 days’ warranty.

Secondly, avoid riding after rain. It is not suitable for a scooter to ride on the water; it can damage the scooter motor so that you can replace the motor.

In addition, there are small stones plRazor E125 Kids Electric Scootered across the terrain, which is bad for motor mechanisms.

Finally, slippery places are not good for kid safety. The last thing is the back tire is only allowed to ride on flat surfaces, and it can be changed when it comes to an end.

Razor E125 Electric Scooter

  • Weighing only 22 pounds.
  • The battery life is excellent.

  • Adjustable handlebars.

  • to provide a quiet ride.

  • Speed of 10mph.

  • 90 days warranty.

  • 40 minutes of riding time.

4- Razor E325 Electric Scooter – For Kids


Razor E325 Electric Scooter

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  • Dimensions:           41’’ x 17’’ x 42’’
  • Scooter’s weight:   53pounds
  • Top speed:             15MPH
  • Maximum Load:     220pounds
  • Mile-Range:            9 miles (45 minutes of continuous use)
  • Charging-Time:      12
  • Throttle:                 Twist-grip throttle
  • Kickstand:              Retractable kickstand
  • Brakes:                   Rear hand-controlled brake
  • Wheel:                    9’’ wide pneumatic
  • Motor:                    250-watt chain-driven motor
  • Battery:                  24V (2 x 12V) battery
  • Age:                        Suitable for kids older than 12 years old
  • Other:                     Assembly toolkit included

Razor E325 Electric scooter is another brilliant and most demanding model in the market. However, it is mainly meant for kids aged 12 and up, not for kids older than 12. It is mostly resemblance to Razor E300 Electric Scooter.

The vehicle’s design makes it more attractive, and due to its unique features, it provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

Razor E325 electric scooter is easy to ride, and your kid needs no more effort to depend on it. Its dimension is 41’’ X 17’’ X 42.

It is popular in kids as compared to other electric scooters. With its exceptional features, this scooter slightly boosts the interest of kids in riding.

Features of Razor E325 Electric Scooter is listed below;


This scooter has an expansive deck that makes your kid’s foot grip strong and provides a safe ride.

In addition, it has a stocky structure. A-frame like this one is made from good quality materials so that a teenager can use it comfortably.

Furthermore, an extra-wide deck provides proper balance to the rider. However, its dimension is not suitable for lengthy kids.


Razor E325 Electric Scooter’s has not adjustable handlebars. Instead, it has a rubber hand grip that makes the grip strong in handlebars.

A firm grip on handlebars can make the ride smooth and joyful.

In addition, handlebars perform two main functions; once you can accelerate the scooter with your right hand and your left hand, you can control the brakes. Finally, like Razor E300, you can get on and off this scooter through handlebars.


Electric scooters usually have a twist-grip throttle that lets you adjust the speed as needed.

However, the razor E325 electric scooter’s throttle pleases the motor and makes the scooter’s engine energetic. The twist-grip throttle allows the rider to increase and decrease speed.


Razor E325 Electric Scooter’s tires are wide and 10 inches pneumatic, puncturing-proof, and require a little attention. These tires are large that handle all shocks on bumpy roads.

The pneumatic tires want some maintenance like check air pressure and changing when its life comes to and. These tires give you higher speed as compared to polyurethane tires.

This feature of the Scooter provides the rider with a safe and joyful experience of the ride.


Another decent feature of this Scooter is a kickstand that gives the Scooter adequate support against lying down on the ground.

The Scooter’s design with kickstand gives it a classy look and attractive. You can stand the Scooter on the kickstand while the Scooter is on charge.

Razor E325 is not a foldable Scooter, so the kickstand is useful for the kids to stand the Scooter easily.

Battery and its Range

This electric scooter comes with two powerful batteries of 12Volts. These batteries give you 9miles and 40 minutes to ride.

Of course, this range depends on possible when the surface is smooth, your kid’s weight, and the speed of your Scooter. This range is not so satisfactory. These batteries took 12hours to charge properly.

Ensure the charger is unplugged after the batteries have completely charged; otherwise, the battery may fail. You have an option to replace the battery that can be affordable.

Razor E325 Electric Scooter


Razor E325 has a 250-300Watt chain-driven motor that gives 15mph speed that is enough for 12 years old kid. In addition, this motor is noise-free and provides unlimited power to the battery.

The motor provides enough power to the battery to ride for 40 to 45 minutes of riding.


15mph speed is faster than walking and quicker than the kick scooter. This Electric scooter’s top speed is15mph, and it’s perfect for a safe and comfortable ride for 12 years old kid.

However, if you plan to upon the small hills with this scooter, then a little struggle is needed because the scooter’s speed becomes low in this case.


The brake feature is very important for safety purposes. This scooter has a single rare brake that can handle on the left side of the handlebar.

Normally, 12-year-olds don’t need two brakes since the scooter’s speed isn’t that high. A single brake is enough for a quick stop.


Razor E325 is a lightweight scooter. Its weight is 42.53 pounds, and it holds a maximum of 220 pounds. This scooter is convenient for all purposes.

How to Assemble The scooter?

To assemble the scooter is an easy and quick process. Then you can invite your kid to complete the scooter. The scooter delivers in a box with 50 pounds of weight.

During assembly, the deck will attach to the tires, and the handlebars are to be attached to the deck. There is also a brake lever attached to the handlebars; you only need to connect the wire that links at the rare wheel.

The whole process is simple except for checking the air pressure on tires; it is probably difficult to assemble the scooter. You just need a pump to maintain air pressure in tires.


Scooter’s charger and some other important tools for the scooter are included in the package. Battery replacement options at affordable prices are also found.


Now have some downsides of the Razor E325 Electric Scooter are mention here:

  • This scooter is not foldable. An easy-to-carry scooter is perfect for 12-year-olds with a foldable design. It is easy to load into cars or other vehicles to take on picnics.
  • Its handlebars are not adjustable. If handlebars are adjusted, then it is to adjust handlebars according to the height of a kid.
  • Its range is not so impressive. with two powerful batteries of 12 Volts, it has only 9miles of coverage and gives only 40-45mins of riding time.
  • The scooter’s dimensions are 41 x 17 x 42 inches, making it unsuitable for taller kids.

Razor E325 Electric Scooter

  • Weighing only 22 pounds.
  • 15mph speed

  • Two powerful batteries with12Volts

  • Wide and pneumatic tires

  • Noise-free motor

  • Only 9miles of range

  • Not suitable for taller ones

5- Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter – For Kids


Gotrax GXL V2 commuting Electric Scooter

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  • Dimension:           3*16.7*44 inches
  • Unit Weight:         4 lbs
  • Motor Watt:          250W
  • Battery:                 36V Battery 5.2AH
  • Riding Distance:   9-12 Miles/Depending on riding habits and terrain
  • Max Speed;           5 MPH/Depending on riding habits and terrain
  • Tire Size:               5″
  • Braking System:   EABS + Disc Braking
  • LED Light:             Ultra-bright Headlight
  • Frame:                   Material Aluminum Alloy

Another best electric scooter on our list is Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter. An electric scooter with unique features and a reasonable price is the perfect choice for 12-year-old kids.

Moreover, the safe and comfortable riding of this scooter makes it ideal for beginners.

This scooter is the new upgrade version of the Gotrax GXL V1 Commuting electric scooter. It is a foldable scooter.

Not only affordable, many things like its range, body material, and many more that we discuss later make it prevalent in teenagers.

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter is reliable and quality assured in every manner.

Features of Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter are mention here;


Gotrax GXL V2 commuting electric scooter is a minimal design that enhances every single feature of the scooter. This scooter folds up quickly and is easy to carry anywhere.

Moreover, it can lock into a bunched size by 99 cm 43 cm 36 cm. Therefore, there is no more effort involved from unfolding to fold.

It comes in three colors: black, silver, and white, making it more attractive and giving a beautiful look.


Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter has a durable and reliable frame that gives a smooth ride and make rider safe to loose balance from irregular terrain.

The manufacturers use aerospace-grade aluminum alloy to design a structure that makes the frame strong and secure for the rider. In addition, the Gotrax logo on the handlebar looks beautiful and elegant.

You have an option in color choice, but black color is more attractive.


It has an 18.5X6 inches deck that has enough space for a 12-year-old kid’s grip on it. In addition, the deck is covered with anti-slip rubber that makes the rider’s grip steady and robust.

The rider needs to place his left foot in forwarding motion and the right foot in parallel motion to balance. Gotrax GXL V2 has 10 cm in-ground penetration.


This electric scooter has comfortable handlebars that make the scooter perfect for a rider. The height of the handlebars is 94 centimetres.

Like other electric scooter’s it handlebars also perform two main functions; once to accelerate the scooter and second to operate hand brake system.

On the left side of the handlebars, there a bel button that rings very well.  In addition to being able to change gears, it also features a small LED headlight.


Let’s talk about its cockpit. In Gotrax GXL V2 electric scooter’s cockpit promote many things. Like the LED screen shows the battery and speed of the scooter.

To on and off the scooter and control the gear, a red button is found in the center of the handlebar. The throttle is also a part of the cockpit that accelerates the motor.


To start the scooter, you must kick start it for three kilometres and then accelerate the motor. Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter has a 250 Watt brushless DC motor that gives enough power to the scooter.

The throttle works smoothly and does not stick compared to other cheap electric scooters.

Battery and its Range

This scooter comes with a bigger 36V lithium-ion battery that gives you a good riding time.

However, it took 4-5 hours to charge for 100% charging. This powerful battery gives you 7miles in one charge.

If you can ride on smooth surfaces, then battery power is used in low conditions, but more energy is used during riding when you ride on irregular surfaces.

Lithium-ion batteries give you an average life span of almost three years.

Top Speed

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter’s 250Watt motor gives a maximum speed of 26km. This scooter has two-speed modes; maximum and lower mode.

You can control speed through gare. If the rider’s weight is about 75kg, then the top speed of this scooter is 21.7 km. Moreover, 26 kmh top speed is ideal for city streets, and this speed is suitable than the other cheap electric scooters available in the market.

Therefore, it is sufficient to commute within the city.

Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter


Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter is a lightweight scooter. It comes with 12kg. All the scooters that are designed in Gotrax prefer rider’s weight about 220lbs.

Young teenagers at the age of 16 must prefer scooters suitable according to their age and use this scooter after parental permission. However, this scooter is not recommended for them.

Due to its lightweight ability, the kids can be carried with them anywhere easily.


This electric scooter comes with 8-5inch air-filled, pneumatic tires. Many scooters come with solid tires. Pneumatic tires are better than solid tires.

Pneumatic tires are bounce smoothly and absorb shocks to give a smooth, comfortable ride to the rider. Pneumatic tires give good performance in wet conditions instead of solid tires.

Solid tires become slippery in wet conditions that are not safe, especially for beginners at scooter riding.

Moreover, one downside about the pneumatic tire is essential to discuss here; this tire will flat when it comes to an end. Therefore, checking air pressure is necessary before riding.


Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter has two types of brakes. The scooter at a reasonable price with two brakes is amazing. This scooter comes with rare disc and front regenerative brakes.

You can control the disc brake with the help of a hand lever found on the left side of the handlebar. Regenerative brakes are noble. They work together, so you can easily control the scooter at high speeds.

Due to its outstanding braking system, you can ride safely.


Another feature in Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter is the kickstand. The kickstand makes your scooter steady and safe from falling on the floor.

It protects from scratches while lying down on the ground. You can stand this scooter easily anywhere on the ground.


This scooter has front LED lights that are suitable for bright areas. But this light Is not so good for those areas that have a lack of brightness. So extra light is recommended for better results.

Ride Quality

Due to its unique features, this scooter riding is a package of fun, adventure, and joyful experience. Its wonderful tires give shock less ride and safe on irregular surfaces. Immediate brakes make it more comfortable to ride on it.

To ride on a smooth surface is good for both rider and scooter because the ride on bumpy surfaces may cause produce vibrations on hands and leg that is not safe for the rider during riding.


As everyone knows, safety helmets, elbow, and knees pads are necessary for safety purposes. Additionally, this scooter comes with a complete safety package. Its tires, quick brake system, wide deck, high-quality body material, every feature in this scooter gives a safe, smooth and comfortable ride. In addition, a strong frame has an ability for safety.

Gotrax GXL V2 Scooter

  • Weighing only 22 pounds.
  • Dual braking system

  • Pneumatic tires

  • Locks for convenient locking.

  • Comfortable ride quality

  • No rear light

  • Poor ride on rough terrain


Now it’s time for a conclusion after the detailed reviews of best electric scooter for kids.

Every scooter is best in this article, but if you want the best, safe and comfortable scooter for your kid, then Gotrax GXL V2 Electric ScooterGlion Dolly Electric Scooter, and Razor E125 Electric Scooter are recommended.

These scooters have high battery power, and the range is suitable for 12 years old kids, the best safety regulations, and lightweight scooters.

Furthermore, these scooters are available at a reasonable price. The first two scooters are foldable and easy to carry. So, these three scooters are highly recommended and very popular among teenagers.

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