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Best Electric Scooter For College – Updated (June, 2022)

Best Electric Scooter For College Students with depth information are listed below. No more waiting!

As we all know, one thing that students don’t want to miss in college is class.

Suppose you have an essential class in college, and you don’t want to miss it, but you face traffic problems on the road with your car, then what would you do?

Don’t worry; I have a solution; an Electric scooter. The best electric scooter for college is a quick way to get to college without worrying about rising petrol prices or traffic jams.

There are many scooters that are perfect for this job, but here I have collected the best for you. There are several options out there that are affordable, lightweight, and offer a great speed-to-range ratio for riding.

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking place, it becomes more and more important to take an alternative mode of transportation when you aren’t looking forward to taking public transportation, such as a subway or crowded bus.”

So let’s start;

Best Electric Scooter For College with Review

  • Xiaomi MI Electric Scooter
  • Segway Ninebot Max Electric Scooter
  • Turboant X7 Electric Scooter
  • Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Scooter


Have you ever seen an electric scooter with lightweight, easy to fold, and especially a UL2271 certificate that makes it safe to ride on? NO, then take a look at the Gotrax GXL electric scooter, which is one of the best all-around electric scooters for commuting.

Here I will tell you about the battery range, top speed, weight capacity, motor, portable design, folding feature, acceleration, tires, and charge time, etc.

Long-Range Battery

It’s important to consider the limit when you’re buying a scooter for college. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch, so invest in a good scooter. With the help of the 36V5.2AH Extended Range Lithium-Ion Battery, the GoTrax GXL can travel up to 12 miles per charge.

Charge Time 

In comparison with other scooter models, the scooter can be recharged in just 4 hours, which is much quieter than most others.

Top Speed

A 36v battery is capable of reaching the scooter at a top speed of 15.5mph. There will be plenty of time for you to arrive at lectures on time with this scooter’s top speed. City riders will be well-suited to riding at such speeds, as they can navigate congested routes and motorcycle lanes with ease.


You’ll be able to cross hills at around 14 ((8 degrees) with the GoTrax due to its moderate acceleration rate, and its 250W motor provides good power. It is not very visible, and there are scooters. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.


It’s a good choice if you’d like to do some riding off-road. Therefore, you’ll need an 8.5 pneumatic tire on their scooter because the GoTrax GXL did not have a suspension system.

Still, its 8.5 pneumatic tires allow you to experience a reasonable degree of shock absorption on a smooth city street.

Airfield tires are unusual on scooters at this cost, and this shows the thought and care that went into its design. A high-quality scooter will have this feature.

Brake System

It’s like searching for gold and finding a big chunk of gold when you find a dual-braking scooter under $300. The GoTrax GXL delivers what it promises, and you’re about to smile from ear to ear once you hear it.

You can control the scooter completely thanks to the rear disc brakes and the front regenerative electric brakes. Despite riding at peak speed, you can stop quickly if you pull the brakes to the level.

Weight Capacity

Weight recommendations are 220 lbs. It is still possible to ride it if you weigh more than 285 pounds. Although it will take time to get going, so don’t expect a racehorse.

Hill climbing

As I have experienced with many budget electric scooters, you can climb hills by paper, but in reality, they do not perform as you might expect. It is no different with the GoTrax GXL. GoTracks reports that the GXL can climb hills with a 14-degree inclination.

LED Panel

Dashboards with LEDs deliver what they promise. Would you like to review your speed? The problem is solved. Is the battery level going to drop? Isn’t riding the right way? The answer is right in front of you.

Having a minimalist design with bright lighting provides the perfect environment to keep track of everything.

By pressing the red button directly under your LED display, you are able to turn on and off your headlights and choose a ride mode.

LED Lights

A headlight and a rear reflector are included with the GXL.

When used in well-lit areas, headlights are good, but they are not strong enough to use on low-traffic streets. To ensure you can safely ride your scooter at night, I recommend purchasing some extra lights.

Taking a taillight is also recommended so that you can see behind you. I recommend riding on inner-city streets safely rather than assuming the worst. There are two other options to choose from as well, the GoTrax Apex and the XR Elite.

Cruise control

Could you imagine that a scooter that fits your bank balance and is softer could still offer you cruise control? The GXL delivers exactly that.

By holding the accelerator for 10 seconds and maintaining a constant speed, cruise control will be activated. Your only task now is to manipulate the throttle with your thumb and to enjoy your walk.

If you want to learn more about riders, it’s as easy to turn off cruise control as it is to turn it off.

When you need to operate the scooter, you can disable it by pressing the brakes sharply.

Water Resistance Rating

In spite of the fact that the GXL V2 isn’t totally waterproof, it has an IP54 rating, which means it can resist water spray from any angle.

My recommendation would be to avoid riding in the rain, as the guarantee will not be honored if water damage is determined to be the result of the weather.


With the GoTrax GXL you get all the benefits of a GXL Kickstand. It’s convenient, comfortable, and strong and lets you ride your scooter. Some kickstands, while they may seem obvious, can often be very long on one side of the scooter, which can make your scooter crash.

Ride Quality

GXL V2 is an interesting bike to ride. Although the tires are relatively inexpensive, they cover small potholes and uneven surfaces, providing a long and comfortable ride.

Compared with the more expensive models with suspensions, its ride quality is not as smooth as GoTrax GXL. However, it should still work well if you plan to ride on well-maintained urban roads and sidewalks. The body vibrates too much in the areas below the beaten track when you begin to wander off the beaten path


As with all my scooter reviews, I’ll review each scooter from top to bottom. Let’s take a moment to consider the handlebars.

Overall, they are pretty basic. In addition to not lacking the features I expected, they do not over-deliver either. Electric scooters on a budget must strike a balance between ergonomics and functionality.

With most budget scooters, the GXL V2 comes with a simple LED display to allow you to keep track of your speed, battery life, or riding mode. The small red button directly below the LED display allows you to operate your headlight and choose the riding mode.

For new riders who have ridden a bike before, the hand-operated brake will be second nature to use. There is also a bell that you can easily ring by using your left thumb.

On the right, the ergonomically designed thumb throttle is smooth to rotate and doesn’t get stuck like I’ve seen with cheap no-name brand scooters.


A very common quality of city crushing scooters is anti-slip rubber on the deck of the GoTrax GXL, which measures 18.6 x 6 inches. There is plenty of room to maneuver to find a comfortable position, both in terms of size and number. As an example, I wear size 10.5 shoes, and I can easily fit both feet on the deck, placed on an angle, with my left foot close to the deck.

Having a low center of gravity and low ground clearance is also one of the GXL’s best attributes. Getting off curbs or jumping up shouldn’t be a part of your daily routine.


A box contains all the things you need to collect your scooter.

90% of the scooter is assembled, and the handlebars and brake wire are still attached.

A simple process to attach the handlebars is to remove the handlebar carrying hook at the top, push the bar into the trunk, and then fasten the clip back in place with the Allen wrench.

Lastly, clip the loose brake wire into the hook firmly attached to the trunk and place the brake wire in the brake barrel. Now you’re done; you’re all set.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to fold
  • Short charging time of 3 to 4 hours
  • Certified by safety bodies
  • Powerful headlights
  • Mediocre acceleration curve
  • No rear light

2- Xiaomi MI Electric Scooter

My excitement for the new Xiaomi Mi Scooter was largely due to Xiaomi’s reputation for making the best electric scooters in the world.

A scooter rental service like Bird Scooter Rentals will be familiar with Xiaomi MI Electric Scooter. I have recently tested this electric scooter, and I have a whole bottom line for those considering buying it.

If you have rented one of the bird scooters, you know how they work, but if not, here is what I have to say.

Build Quality

Xiaomi is known for its quality, and if you are unfamiliar with it, you will be happy to know it is a company you can trust.

Scooters will inevitably malfunction at some point. Your electric scooter may cost thousands of dollars, but eventually, some parts will wear out and have to be replaced.

The beast appears in that aspect. Unfortunately, if you use a Xiaomi MI for many years, some of its moving components will likely need replacing.

If you run into any issues regarding this, you can contact customer service.

In fact, you may only need to replace the part that will be the battery on this scooter, although before reaching this point, it will prove to be a few thousand charges for you.

Thankfully, battery replacement is quite affordable, and the battery you have will last as long as possible.

It’s probably one of the best batteries I’ve ever seen in an electric scooter.


In this section, I’ll examine some of the design features of the Xiaomi Mi, but I want to start by saying this is one of my favourite scooter designs.

With regards to appearance, the Xiaomi Mi Scooter does not necessarily set new standards.

This is a scooter. In order to have a scooter, you can’t make any significant changes to the design.

Even though many people do not like the design of the Xiaomi Mi, I actually prefer it.

The handlebars on this scooter are ‘retro,’ and the scooter is extremely black. Some people find that they are less padded than others, but do they look unique to you?

As a result of its unique appearance, the Xiaomi MI is my top recommendation for an electric scooter. The scooter isn’t the only thing I suggest. It would not be wise of me to do that.

Top Speed

There is a 15.5 MPh speed rating on this scooter instead. It’s best of all; you have a good chance of hitting this high speed, unlike other electric scooters on the market.

It will be very important for you to have a straight road ahead of you, and there must be no cars in front of you so that you do not go too slow.

Even though I have hit the top speed on this scooter several times, considering that I tend to be on the heavier side, a lighter person can likely do it just as easily. Again, the ability to target will be available.

Due to the fact that this scooter can travel as fast through the city as a motorcycle, though with a lot of transportation (although you can attach an electric scooter), I would recommend it just for that. I’ll do that.

You can burn many calories by riding a bike, but you probably won’t be thinking about losing weight while you work.


Eighteen miles is the maximum distance a scooter can cover. However, it is unlikely that you will reach this limit. You are constantly slowing down when riding your scooter, which consumes battery power.

The office is within a few miles of your home, so there is no doubt that you will be taken there and back without having to pay.

There aren’t many things it will charge. However, the charge time for this scooter is only a few hours, and the battery life is great.

My mileage on this scooter is usually 16 miles a day after riding it for a while.

The only thing it does is stop and start, and I believe that would be more than enough for most people there.

You probably won’t ride an electric scooter if you drive more than 16 miles to work.


As I said before. This scooter is not built for impressive tricks or anything like that.

Electric scooters are built to come and go, so you need one that handles well when it’s time to come. Thankfully, he does a good job in this area.

Having good handlebars on your scooter is extremely important. There is no risk of falling or anything like that on the scooter. Perhaps you want to avoid someone who has not deviated from the path on time.

As well as smooth turning, it has an excellent feel. But, unfortunately, some of the cheap electric scooters I’ve seen shook a little when I rode them. So I can safely say: this is not the happiest experience I’ve ever had.

You will inevitably slow down when riding a scooter. MI makes it as easy as possible for you. This scooter is equipped with two disc brakes of high quality.

By doing this, you will immediately slow down. Probably one of the best brakes I have ever seen on a scooter is on this scooter.

On the other hand, checking the braking system on a scooter is rare, except in an emergency.

However, I am confident that MI will slow significantly.


A number of awards have been given to the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter for its design.

The scooter’s portable function might have been a factor in these awards, although I am not certain.

Combining these two scooters is a great idea. However, due to the fact that it is an electric scooter, it isn’t as clean as the majority of kick scooters out there, but most people don’t expect it to be.

As a result of the wires hanging everywhere, separating them without breaking the scooter is impossible.

The company that makes the electric scooter is the only one out there that combines the same features as a regular scooter.

The scooter handlebars can be attached in just a few seconds, making it easy for me to dig. There is no difference in how it is done. In terms of speed, this folding electric scooter is one of the fastest available.

There might be slots under your table that will allow you to hold it under your arm for a short period of time. But, unfortunately, it isn’t strong enough to stick to the walls.

During storage, the wheels must be kept on the floor. A scooter may not be the best choice if there is not enough room in your home for this.

When you stand the scooter up, you can use the kickstand, which keeps it firmly in place.

Kickstands make it nearly impossible to knock over the scooter unless you try. Even so, I cannot imagine why you would want to set your scooter on its side!

Charging Time

I was able to travel 18.6 miles on the scooter after five hours of charging the battery. It’s nice to have a short charge time, but this scooter’s main goal is to be a reliable mid-range vehicle, not a great rod with all the best specs.

Battery life can still be charged at this time. The battery has a range of over 18 miles. To extend battery life, there is a simple energy-saving mode.

No matter how many miles you travel, make sure you charge your battery before each trip.


The Xiaomi Mi electric scooter can be folded to make it portable. The scooter should be turned off first. Next, remove the lock’s lever, then unhook it.

Then, attach the steering column loop to the rear wheel guard. The folded dimensions are 42.5 * 16.9 * 19.3 inches, and it is 42.5 * 16.9 * 44.9 inches when upright.


You don’t have to waste a lot of time assembling the scooter. You will receive a fully assembled m365 scooter when you order it,

The only thing you need to do is attach 4 patches to the hex key


A durable all-weather pneumatic and tubeless material make the 8.5-inch air tires of the Xiaomi Mijia scooter suitable for rough terrain. However, as a suspension would add weight to the scooter, the tires are not equipped.

However, in addition to being inflatable, they are also very stable. Getting replacement wheels will not be difficult because the wheels are standard in size.

Brake System

A dual-braking system is featured on the M365 scooter as well. A mechanical disc brake is mounted on the rear wheel, and an E-ABS system is installed on the front wheel.

It also has a handbrake that can be used to adjust the motor brake and disc brake.

The best type of braking system is the rear disc brake. Front brakes are regenerative, meaning they provide extra stopping power when going fast and prevent slipping.

Using the brakes at maximum speed will not throw you off or cause you to fall even if you hit them instantly.


According to their buyer’s guide, Mi electric scooters comply with United States FCC rules (part 15) with the RSS standard of Canada’s license-exempt.

It should be noted, however, that the manual does not mention UL certification.

There are also lights up front and back of the vehicle. During the night, the headlight has a focus lens that enhances visibility with a 1.1 W LED.

The backlight is red and turns on when the headlight is on, or the brake is pressed.

In the dark, the rider can see up to six meters with the headlights and brake lights.


In addition to its beautiful design, one of the finest features of the Xiaomi M365 is its ability to connect to your smartphone via a Bluetooth app.

Using the Mi Home App Store or scanning the QR code in the manual, you can download the app.

By using this app, you can see your battery, speed, and distance covered status on your mobile device, and you won’t get lost far from home.

LED Light

On the front of the scooter is a LED headlight which is exceedingly bright. It makes the scooter ideal for night riding.

Customer Service

My experience with electric scooters spans reviews of a good number of them.

Xiaomi is by far the most customer-friendly company I have ever encountered. You can see how much fun they have interacting with their customers online.

Xiaomi appears to assist customers pretty quickly when they have a complaint. There are many reviews available on Amazon that prove this.

A business that cares for its customers is one that I really admire.

The customer service will cost a little extra (but it’s built into the price of the scooter anyway), but if there’s a problem with the scooter, you’ll be happy you spent the extra money.

Pros & Cons

  • Fantastic customer support
  • Premium quality construction
  • Stylish look
  • Amazingly responsive handlebar
  • Easily portable
  • In heavy traffic, the bell is sometimes inaudible due to its very low sound.
  • Connectivity issues with Bluetooth are common.
  • The control panel only shows battery life in dots.

3- Segway Ninebot Max Electric Scooter

Among the best electric scooters for college students, Segway’s ninenot Max is tops. However, I want to tell you something before I go into the details of this scooter’s review: this scooter is not as cheap as I mentioned above.

There are still many great features of Segway ninebot, including a significant travel distance. With a top speed of 18.6mph, this scooter is quite impressive. If you use this maximum speed, it won’t take you longer to get to campus.

The Segway ninebot max electronic scooter boasts a travel range of 40.4 miles on a single charge, which is quite extraordinary. Furthermore, the battery won’t run out as you travel to the campus because of this max range.

Now it’s time to start the depth review:


The maximum power of the device is 700 watts, which is the output of a 350-watt motor. Compared with the M365 250 watt motor and comparable scooters of the same price range, the Max has 40% more power.

It takes just 5.4 seconds for the Segway to reach 24 km/h, which is good compared to the MI scooter. However, Segways can also accelerate faster than their little brothers, the Max G30lp and the GoTrax G4, which achieve a top speed of 32.2 km/h.

There is no zero start mode on the Ninebot Max, as there are on some other scooters in the budget and mid-range categories. However, with zero-start, the motor will engage immediately after you take hold of the throttle.

Unlike most scooters, the Max requires a kickstart before it can engage its engine.

The scooter will not run away in this mode if you accidentally hit the throttle when the scooter is turned on but entirely stopped, which is a common safety feature found on shared scooters.

Even though kick-to-start is a wonderful feature for beginners, it can be a bit frustrating if you want to get up to speed at a stoplight or kick your way uphill. In addition, you will not get that instant burst of power when pressing the throttle if you’ve ridden a zero-start scooter before.

Hill Climbing

In just 16.0 seconds, the ninebot Max climbs a 60 meter 10% grade hill with a 74kg rider at an average speed of 13.7 kph. Therefore, the Max has a greater speed advantage than the M365 Pro and is significantly faster than the M365, which maintained an average speed of 13.7 kmh.

Without some practice, it may be difficult to go uphill quickly since you need to accelerate the scooter. We struggled to generate enough speed to engage the throttle on a somewhat steep hill, for example.

For smaller riders (those who are less than six feet tall), going uphill might be particularly challenging since you’ll have to kick, push, slide on the deck and then press the throttle to determine if you’re fast enough to power it.

It turns out that the ninebot Max has excellent hill-climbing capability. The steepest ones only halted some impressive hills because we maintained an average speed of about 11 kph.

Top Speed

The segway ninebot max electric scooter comes with a 350-watt powerful motor that reached this scooter at 18.6 mph ( 30 kmh ) top speed. This speed is good enough when you want to go to college on time.

Segways are still faster even if we consider other scooters with speeds of 24 km/h. There are different state and regional regulations for electric scooters, so these are good general averages for legal travel within the United States.


According to the manufacturer, the ninebot scooter can cover 40.4 miles (65 km), which is an acceptable distance for its price.


The braking system of the ninebot Max is too good, but not its lighter weight brother the max G30lb. Nevertheless, the ninebot Max scooter comes with strong braking with a short distance of 3.4 meters. For context, brake distances less than 4 meters are best.

The Max has one handle brake, which controls by hand, and a rear electronic brake. Together, they give you a better braking system when you are at their top speed.

One thing that impresses me is that the front brake wants zero maintenance. So instead, a complete brake system is integrated into the wheel, protecting it from the environment and accidental damage.

The brake cable is short and draws relatively little resistance since it is routed straight up the lever from the wheel. The result is a smoother braking experience that requires less effort on the rider’s part.

We adjusted the tensioning screw on the front drum brake to set it where we preferred the model we received. With minimal maintenance over time, the brakes on the Ninebot Max provide plenty of stopping power even on the maximum force.

Some riders are concerned with having a drum brake on the front wheel and whether or not that could cause you to topple over the handlebars when braking.

During our testing, this didn’t happen to us — even when braking hard. However, we generally recommend that you crouch and shift your weight toward the rear wheel for more stability when braking in an emergency.

Ride Quality 

This scooter lacks suspension, but 25.4 centimeter, large tiers, and sturdy frame give Max a better ride than other scooters with dual suspension. Although the ninebot gets a good workout on the worst roads, it handles well on most terrain.

Ninebot Max is an actual commuting machine, and it feels like a simple commuting machine rather than a toy compared to other kick scooters.

Despite its super durable frame and well-built construction, the ride is slower and less thrilling than it could be. However, there’s no need to carve the roads crazy on the Max.

As you maintain a reasonable speed using the thumb throttle, you can putter leisurely between bicyclists and motorists.

Ultimately, Ninebot Max is an excellent commuter if you want to cover long distances with comfort and deck space.


With 19kgs, this scooter may be a little heavy but still manageable. However, I believe a scooter should not be considered portable if it weighs more than 20kg.

We don’t want to carry the item for more than a few blocks or up and downstairs. In a matter of seconds, the stem and fender latch together, and the bike folds down.

The ninebot Max folding dimension is 117 cm long by 48 cm wide by 53 cm tall. The Max is a bit taller and longer than most scooters, making it a bit difficult to fit into your trunk. Despite having a large trunk, it fit pretty well in the box of a Honda Accord.

A latch on the Max folds the top of the stem, holding a lever that keeps it upright, keeping the stem rock solid. Also included are safety collars that lock the lever into place when it is folded. Max G30LP utilizes the exact same folding mechanism like this one.

Compared to the Max G30LP, it has handlebars that are 6.4 cm shorter and a deck that is 6.4 cm shorter, and with a 1.5 kg weight difference, both Maxes are pretty portable.


The ninebot Max electric scooter comes with a great cockpit with a bright LED display that shows all the basic information like battery, speed, power, and ride mode.

The interesting thing is, the centered LED display is bright enough to read in the sunlight and automatically dim at night when you turn on the front light.

You can easily control all the features like light, speed, and ride mode with a single button below the display. But you can also download the mobile App (segway-ninebot) to control the features.

As a whole, the handlebar’s adornments are made of high-quality materials, like the simple LED display, rubber-covered thumb throttle, brake lever, twist bell, and textured grips.

Pedestrians can hear the bell, but cars will not be deterred by it. There is a rubber handle on the thumb throttle that keeps your trigger thumb in contact with it. Neither the electronic nor drum brakes are activated separately by the brake lever, but they are activated together by the lever.


One of the most distinguishing features of the Ninebot Max is its high-mounted front LED light. It’s an ideal place to put a headlight since it provides a broader beam of light for you to see where you’re going. Moreover, it has a small rear red LED brake light located on the rear fender.

Our guide on extra lights to improve visibility can help you if you regularly ride at night. The lights are sufficient for some visibility, however.


There are two pneumatic tubeless tires on the ninebot Max that work well at dampening road vibration.

The air-field tires from Segway are “self-healing.” This means that the tires’ slime comes pre-field. As more scooters come with pre-slimed tires for convenience and comfort, especially in budget and midrange commuter classes, tire slime increases tire resistance to flats.

In an attempt to give riders a more convenient (read: flat-resistant) experience, manufacturers offer pre-slimed air-filled tires without adding suspension, resulting in fewer flats as the slime repairs puncture as they occur.


A raised rubber surface, ample standing space, and a grippy make the ninebot Max’s deck great for college students. The deck length is 50.3 cm, and the wideness is 17.4 cm.

In addition to being able to stand with both feet end-to-end in a snowboard or skateboard style position, the deck space is large enough for comfortable riding positions.

The deck has a ground clearance of 7.6 cm. Therefore, there is a height of 102.1 cm between the handlebars and the deck.

Build Quality

The main reason that increases this scooter’s popularity is build quality. With its incredibly strong construction, the scooter moves like a spinning machine in its class.

The scooter shows the presence of a single piece of metal with clean, rounded lines, a solid feel, and a firmly straight frame, especially when you can feel confident that it is folded or upright very securely owing to the zero-wobble safety collar locking mechanism.

An IPX5 water resistance rating and along with a slip-proof rubberized deck, make this scooter more valuable, which means that it can tolerate splashes but not full submersion.

Normally I don’t recommend riding the scooter in the rain, but in the ninebot Max scooter case, I want to tell you that this scooter performs well on the wet road. So you can go home with the help of this scooter when to get caught in the rain.

Charging Port 

You can charge this scooter with any cable because this scooter has a built-in DC converter with a standard IEC 320 C5 “Mickey mouse ears” power connector.

In addition, the charger can be connected directly to the included conventional DC port.

You can then use an inexpensive and standard cord to charge on the go, which will save you the trouble of taking a heavy charging pack around.

Pros & Cons

  • Pretty much a larger version
  • Pneumatic tubeless tires
  • 40 miles range
  • Solid construction
  • 350-watt motor, 700-watt max power rating
  • No suspension
  • Heavy for its dimension

4- Turboant X7 Electric Scooter

College students are becoming more and more familiar with this scooter because the features it offers are excellent.

The scooter is strong enough and has some features I like, including three brake systems, flat-resistance, tubeless pneumatic tires, and the ability to remove the battery pack.

Motorized scooters powered by 350-watt motors can reach speeds up to 20 mph. The speed, I think, is sufficient when it comes to reaching college on time.

Now, here we will explain all the features of this scooter that will tell you how good it is.


The Turboant X7 electric scooter comes with a 36V 6.4AH, 230.4 Wh lithium-ion battery. A single charge of this battery gives you the ability to travel up to 15.5 miles.

In addition, the most interesting feature of the scooter is that the battery can be removed from the stem at any time.

Of course, this feature gives you some advantages as:

  • For example, when you don’t want to take your dirty scooter into your living room, you can easily remove the battery and charge the detachable battery alone.
  • Another option you have is to purchase another battery and bring it along with you on the go to cover the long distance.

The scooter’s ability to do this makes it more useful for weekend trips beyond the city center, allowing you to avoid public transportation, which is likely to be difficult in the current economic climate.


When it comes to motor and battery specifications, the Turboant X7 offers some decent specs. The entire unit is powered by a 36V 350W motor located in the front wheel and a detachable 36V 6.4 Ah, 230.4 Wh lithium-ion battery.

Powered by a 350W motor, the 350W motor can reach a maximum speed of 20 mph, and the battery can last 15.5 miles on a single charge.


An electric motor of 350 watts powers the Turboant X7, offering reasonable acceleration and top speed, as well as hill-climbing ability.

Turboant has a moderate speed and a zero-start feature, and it really moves in a noticeable interval before you launch. When the motor is running at high speeds or with high torque, it is extremely quiet.

Top Speed

Turboant’s 350-watt motor is powered by its most powerful battery, which is capable of reaching 20 mph top speed. Compared to the GXL V2, this scooter has a higher speed, but it isn’t so fast that you can’t ride it across campus safely.


One of the best features of this scooter is that it can travel for up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. You will benefit from this if you are a busy student who needs to travel between classes over a considerable distance.

Braking System

As you know, when you are at top speed on your scooter, then you need a solid braking system to slow down your scooter, which type of braking system can save you from any kind of serious injury.

The Turboant X7 electric scooter comes with three braking systems, electronic brake, disc brake, and foot brake.

A hand lever allows you to control the electronic and disc brake at the same time. If you pull down on the lever, you’ll notice that it has some slop and that the brake cable drags a bit.

It takes about½ seconds for the brakes to respond electronically. However, our disc brake was loose and making rubbing noises out of the box, so we tightened it up.

Safety reasons make redundancy a welcome addition. This scooter has a similar braking distance to other scooters in its price range.

Charging Time

You can also charge it in your home or the office with the detachable battery. Then you’re good to go again in between 4 and 6 hours with just a plug.

Hill Climbing

The X7 performed about as well as scooters whose motors ranged from 250 watts to 350 watts on a steep 10% grade hill. When you are going up a steep hill or if there are more sustained hills, you may need to kick the scooter to keep going.

Ride Quality

I noticed that this scooter’s ride quality is better than other scooters due to its large pneumatic tires. However, despite some dampening provided by the Turboant on rough roads, there will still be some noticeable road vibrations.

Weight Capacity

Although the Turboant X7 electric scooter weighs 27 pounds, it can bear a maximum weight of 275 pounds. There are no lightest or heaviest scooters on the market. It will serve you well if you need to carry this scooter for short periods.


With a weight of 27lbs, the Turboant is comparable to other 350-watt electric scooters. It is a little more difficult to carry the scooter because of the thick stem and the weight of the battery.

Approximately the same as other compact scooters, the folded size is 42″ by 17″. A person should be able to carry this into a building and onto public transportation easily.

In order to prevent bumping into objects, you need to pay attention to the handlebars.

This scooter has a very strong stem folding mechanism, making it more interesting. In comparison to other quick folding mechanisms, it is considerably thicker and stronger.

When locked into place, the handlebars have nearly no play, and the steering feels good.

Folded with plastic twist collars (to add extra safety) and a standard metal latch, the folder features the following mechanism:

Folding is done by twisting the safety collar and pulling down the latch. The latch can be quite hefty, so you will have to pull very hard in order to remove it. Due to the stiffness of the stem, there is no room for movement.

When folded, the scooter has a lockable hook on the neck that grabs the rear fender to prevent it from rolling away.


The cockpit has a bright center LED display with simple control of mode, lights, power, and changing the p-settings.

There are integrated power and mode buttons on the rubberized throttle. There is also a cruise control feature integrated into the throttle, which is by default enabled.

You may not notice it at first, but once you do, the beep will catch you off guard (even though the beep is audible).

There is a textured rubber coating on the handlebars, which is one of the few things you have to install. If you are riding, you may have to retighten them as they tend to come loose.

Turboant X7 P-Setting

There are the following P-settings that can be changed on the X7 console. A speed unit, cruise control, and kick (zero) start feature is available.

  • P0: Mph / Kmh
  • P1: Cruise Control On / Off
  • P2: Kick Start Required On / Off


In comparison with other models, the Turboant X7 uses an LED headlight, which places it in the middle.

As a result, it can be used in virtually any urban area – for instance, on streets with enough lights already in place. When riding through dark streets, it isn’t recommended that you rely on it.

Because the headlights have a downward angle, you will not blind anyone coming from the opposite direction.


8.5-inch tubeless pneumatic tires are a great addition to the Turboant.

The benefits of tubeless tires are the same as pneumatic tires; however, they have stronger sidewalls and are flatter-resistant.

This means you won’t have to deal with pinch flats (where your inner tube becomes pinched and punctures). Our success rate in repairing tubeless tires with tire slime is also higher.


On the Turboant’s deck, there is a standing room of 18 inches by 5.8 inches. The deck provides four inches of ground clearance. There is a height difference of 3.3 inches between the deck and handlebars.

There is a texturized rubber coating on the deck, making it easy to grip, even in the rain.

Build Quality

It has an IP rating of IP54 (water resistance). A splash of water will not harm it, but being submerged will.

TurboAnt X7 riders can weigh up to 275 pounds, which is higher than Levy riders, who can lift 230 pounds.

X7’s stem and folding mechanism are fairly solid, and the build quality is good. There are a few quirky touches, such as the plastic handlebars and other pieces. Smoothness and quietness are the hallmarks of this scooter.

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is IP54-rated for the Turboant X7. This means that it is protected from water splashes from every angle, even from low-pressure jets from any angle.

X7 electric scooter’s deck is made of grippy material to be ridden in the rain. However, as with most scooters, it’s safer to avoid wet conditions when possible.

Pros & Cons

  • Detachable battery pack with an extra charging port
  • 8.5 pneumatic tubeless tires
  • 350-watt powerful motor
  • Triple braking system
  • Ultra-bright LED headlight
  • It is very easy for batteries to deteriorate quickly

5- Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Scooter

As you know, many other scooters out there, and they all want to grab attention. 

According to Segway Ninebot, their electric scooters are superior to those made by other brands. Is this true? We will explore Segway’s best features, performance, and limitations to verify their claim.

Unlike other low-quality, high-volume scooters, the Segway-powered Ninebot ES1L features a variety of innovative features.

One of the growing numbers of electric scooters designed for private use is the Ninebot Kick scooter ES1L.

An easy-to-use lever is located at the base of the stem, making folding and storing the steering wheel quick and easy.

In the showroom and at the design stage of the ES1L, the scooter looks like it was engineered with city commuters in mind. This is because electric scooters are expected to meet certain expectations of urban commuters. 

In what ways does the Segway Ninebot ES1L electric scooter meets these needs and wants? 

Let’s get to the point!

Design and Portability

Despite having some features in common with other electric scooter brands, the Segway Ninebot ES1L provides some unique features as well.

Starting with the weight, the MX1 weighs 24.9 lbs, slightly lighter than most other scooters currently available. However, when you fold and carry your bike, the weight difference might not be obvious during the ride.

E-scooters are easy to ride, but they can also be challenging to carry. This is why we do not recommend this scooter for people under 12 or older than 65 for safety reasons.

Its maximum weight capacity is a testament to its durability and construction. A weight limit of 100 kg (220 lb) is common for other brands.

However, despite its lightweight, the Segway Ninebot ES1L electric scooter has a significantly higher weight limit of 116 kg (256 lbs).

Range And Speed

Powered by a 250-watt hub motor, the Segway Ninebot ES1L is capable of running on flat surfaces. Power like this allows you to reach speeds up to 12.4 mph, and the hill grade is 14 degrees.

Battery management and motor efficiency were top priorities in the development of the lithium-ion battery, so you get an 12.4-mile range per charge. Charging the battery takes 6 hours and has a high capacity.

Segway Ninebot ES1L is one of the best electric commuter scooters on the market, thanks to its specs. Depending on terrain and rider weight, you will obviously get different ranges and speeds, but this is still a powerful battery and motor.

Battery Life

It may not be a “high capacity long-range battery,” but 12.4 miles is a substantial increase over the average range of the battery.

Moreover, it is capable of reaching those miles after just four hours of charging. Still, 50 miles is far away from the NanRobot D5+’s range, but it is still an impressive technology in its own right.

Brake System

It is common for users to neglect to check the brake system on their electric scooter. While speeding at 25 kph is fun, an e-scooter needs reliable braking in order to keep you safe.

Two brakes come with Segway Ninebot ES1L electric scooters: E-ABS (electric) at the front and a foot brake at the rear.

Both front and rear brakes are engaged by the brake on the handlebar, allowing the scooter to come to a peaceful stop. There is enough power in the brake system to permit emergency stops as well.


Power button controls on the handlebar are used to operate the Segway Ninebot ES1L. The headlights can be turned on or off by pressing the button twice.

In addition, the scooter can be switched between three different speed modes by pressing once quickly.

A battery level indicator is also mounted on the handlebar. Last but not least, look at your speedometer to determine your speed.

Certification And Safety

Featuring high-quality electric and battery systems, the Segway Ninebot ES1L is a sturdy e-scooter. Unfortunately, the company seems to follow few safety standards and certifications.

For example, overcharging or overusing the battery can lead to overheating of the battery, the company says. There are also powerful headlights and rear lights in the ES1L.

Riding Experience

The smooth ride of the Segway Ninebot ES1L is a result of the scooter’s design, including the grip on the handlebar, which is comfortable and secure. Acceleration and headlights are controlled from the power button.

The speed mode can also be toggled quickly by pressing the button. While riding, the speedometer and battery indicator are easily accessible on the handlebars.

Its top speed is 20 kph (12.4 mph), and its 14-degree grade allows it to handle steeper roads than other scooters – but it gets less efficient on steep hills (keep this in mind if you live in an area with a lot of hills).

The spring in the front shock absorber is designed to cushion the rider from bumps and dips. Solid rubber tires ensure a smooth ride even on slightly uneven surfaces.

If you move this e-scooter off-road, you will not expect peak performance. However, the Segway Ninebot ES1L is made for urban environments and smooth surfaces, including asphalt, footpaths, and paved roads.


Up to one year after receipt of invoice, Segway Ninebot ES1L’s limited warranty covers the workmanship and material defects.

The product will be repaired or replaced free of charge by Segway Ninebot ES1L. The warranty covers only the original purchaser.

Get in touch with customer support with the order number to redeem the warranty. In addition, if you have any other questions, you can contact customer support. They will contact you within 24 hours.

Pros & Cons

  • Nearly 12.4 miles on a single charge
  • Solid rubber tires
  • Solid starter choice
  • High hill grade
  • Dual braking system
  • Power full motor
  • Short deck size
  • No Bluetooth or App
  • Cannot be driven in rain
  • Only reaches a max speed of 12.4 mph in ideal condition
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